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Arata route translation

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June 19

(Yuki: It's been six days since the end of the second round...)
(Yuki: Tomorrow is the final round that will test my luck.)
(Yuki: Even though it's such a tough time right now for Arata-san, who's heading into a competition, he encourages me every day.)
(Yuki: It's okay, it's okay, he says.)
(Yuki: When I hear those words, I feel stronger.)
*email beep*
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: It's an email from Arata-san.)
sender: Arata-san
subject: Corpse pose
text: Tomorrow is the final round. Are you nervous? I recommend the yoga corpse pose.
Lie face up and close your eyes, with the palms of your hands facing up. Relax your body and let your face go slack.
Don't think about anything tonight and please have a good rest.
Yuki: Arata-san...
(Yuki: Don't think about anything and have a good rest... huh.)
(Yuki: Just by saying that, I feel really relieved.)
(Yuki: Thank you, Arata-san.)

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