kuya's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

This is a very sweet story for Kuya's birthday. And Takato is cute here too. :D

happy birthday, Kuya!

Yuki: Happy birthday, Kuya-san! Sorry it took me so long to prepare!

Kuya: No, I just finished up my preparations too! I put in too many things, so my suitcase is nearly bursting.

Yuki: But is it okay? Going to stay at my house as a present, even though it's your birthday?

Kuya: Of course it's okay! Going to hang out at the house you grew up in on the day I was born is the best present!

Yuki: Hehe... I'm happy you think so. My dad baked a birthday cake for your birthday. When we get to the house, let's have your birthday party with my dad's bread and cake, and my mom's cooking.

Kuya: Yeah......!

Yuki: W, what's the matter, Kuya-san? You're suddenly crying.

Kuya: Thank you, Yuki. I'm really, truly, truly, really happy right now.

Yuki: If you start crying now, your eyes will fall out by the time we arrive at my house. Come on, let's go! Then please let my family and I congratulate you lots!

Yuki: I love you, Kuya-san. Let's do lots of fun things and be really, really happy next year too.

Kuya: Thanks, Yuki! I love you too......!

Takato: Happy birthday, Kuya. I know you're happy, but please don't do that sort of thing right in front of the school gate, go sneak off where you can be alone instead. It's an eyesore.

Yuki: S, sorry, we just! Then, Takato-san, take care of the student council! We'll be back on Monday morning.

Kuya: Thanks for the scarf this year, Masatsugu! I'm sorry to leave you behind, but I'll buy you a souvenir, so forgive me!

Takato: They finally set off, so troublesome.......

Takato: ......My two dear friends, please may they always be happy. Happy birthday, Kuya.

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