rajendra ranjit pachauri


Eat curry and please cheer up.
Rajendra - or Dora-chan, as he's known by the students - is the dorm RA and in charge of the dorm cafeteria. He's friendly, cheerful, and always has a kind word for anyone who's feeling depressed. He's also a researcher at the lab on the school island, a genius specializing in biochemistry.

basic information
name Rajendra Ranjit Pachauri
birthplace India - Vadovara in Kerala State (tr note: Vadovara is actually far to the north in Gujarat State)
birthdate & age May 12, 1989 (29 years old)
zodiac Taurus
blood type O
height 185cm (6ft 1in)
personal pronoun 私 (watashi)
stats (scale of 0-5) luck 2 / intelligence 5 / popularity 3 / special ability 2 / physical strength 2 / influence 3
voice actor Shingaki Tarusuke (新垣樽助) ~ other roles
fitting in at Bell Liberty
special skill making curry
role/affiliation Bell Labs researcher, dorm RA
best subject biochemistry
closest friend Takato
favorites & other personal info
family father, stepmother, two older brothers, younger stepbrother
interests discovering new spice combinations, shopping
favorite things ninjas
favorite food chai, spicy foods
dislikes pushing oneself too hard, arranged dates/marriage

story intro

Dora-chan is a side character who isn't part of the main plot, but he does show up in every character route. He's the RA of the school dorm and in charge of the dorm cafeteria, which serves curry for every meal. Haha.

The real reason he's at Bell Liberty is for his main job as head of the research team for Suzubishi's new drug. He's also worked for Suzubishi in America and recently came to Japan to work at the main lab.

If you want to know more about Dora-chan, play Takato's route. :3


Dora-chan is a relaxed, happy person who goes at his own pace. He cares about the students and will do his best to cheer up anyone who's unhappy by offering encouragement or tasty food.

He seems like a bit of a ditz because his Japanese isn't great and he has a weird obsession with ninjas and other ~super Japanese things~ but he's actually a genius who finished college early. He's considered to be an excellent researcher and skilled in biochemistry.


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Takato Masatsugu - stepbrother
Takato's mother married Dora-chan's father a few years before the start of the game, and the stepbrothers happened to meet at the school by chance. Part of the reason why Dora-chan became the RA of the school dorm was to have an excuse to spend extra time with his new stepbrother. He worries about Takato's busy schedule and encourages him to relax more and spend time with his friends instead of working all the time.

character data sheet

The following information is a translation of the character data sheet that was provided on the preorder bonus CD. These character sheets are more like lists of random notes than a detailed character profile, so don't expect this to be terribly coherent. :3

Please be aware that these are early development notes and information may differ slightly from the finished game.


strong point: good at making curry (but it's pretty spicy), gentle, patient
weak point: stubborn

Dislikes fighting. Treats people without regard to whether they are friend or foe. Gives charity (curry) to everyone. But rather than being out of kindness, it's his principle of radical non-violence. Always goes at his own pace. Pays no mind to others.

special remarks

An Indian who does research at the Suzubishi Research Lab in addition to being the supervisor of the dorm. He loves Japan and to have Japanese people understand Indian culture, he serves Indian food (mainly curry) every day.

He's always smiling and friendly. Full of curiousity and relatively kind. But, at the drop of a hat, curry. When happy, curry. When depressed, curry. In a pinch, or at an opportunity, curry. Therefore, the students are fed up with curry.

personal history

He is an able researcher who worked at the Suzubishi Group's research lab in America after graduating from graduate school. Because he took advantage of the grade skip system when graduating college, he already has a nearly 10 year career as a researcher.

additional information (revealed in-game)

- He is step-siblings with Takato.
- He is the main researcher on the new drug development team, but goes at his own pace.
- His principle is to not do what he hates.
- He has been one of Professor Umino's coworkers.

additional information (not revealed in-game)

The third son of a very wealthy family. Since his mother died when he was young, he was raised very pampered by his father out of pity.

Apart from college, he didn't go to school, and he became very interested in BL School which he heard about from Professor Umino, so he became the RA. He finds all the students, who are over ten years younger, to be very cute (even Joker). He has an uncommon interest in dashi stock.