gakuen heaven

the story of the mvp

Ito Keita, a young man with no special skills save for good luck, was invited to attend Bell Liberty, a legendary high school for elite students. Even more strangely, he was invited to transfer after the school year already started. On his way to school, his bus got into a serious accident, but he miraculously survived. What else will happen at Bell Liberty?

On August 2, 2002, the original adult only (18+) version of Gakuen Heaven was released for PC. In 2003, a somewhat sanitized PS2 port was released, and in 2009, there was an expanded PSP version that added several new characters and (I think) a bit of an extended story. (Sorry, I've only played the PC version / seen the anime, so I'm not 100% sure when the Matsuoka/virus stuff was added to the canon.)

Finally, on September 26, 2014, on the heels of the brand new Gakuen Heaven 2 which had been released only two months earlier, a new, definitive version of Gakuen Heaven was released for PC. This version is called Gakuen Heaven Mixed Edition, and it combines the original 18+ PC game with the extra story and CGs from the PSP version.

Unfortunately, Mixed Edition is a budget edition of the game and does not include any voice acting. However, if you're a little bit clever, you can get around this and enjoy an almost fully-voiced version of the game!

getting voice in mixed edition

It's pretty easy to get voice "into" Mixed Edition, and you don't have to hack anything or know how to do fancy computer stuff. Just get yourself a PSP emulator and the PSP GH rom. Open up Mixed Edition and the PSP version at the same time, but go into the options on the PSP version and turn off all the sounds EXCEPT for the voice, as shown below:

larger version with notes HERE

Once that's done, start the PSP version, then start Mixed Edition. The voice matches up perfectly! Just be sure to click the button to advance the text in both games at the same time. Be especially careful during exposition scenes or character thoughts, since those aren't voiced - try not to get misaligned.

After you set this up once, it's easy to continue - just use save states in the emulator and pick up right where you left off. I guess you could save normally too, if you wanted.

Using this method, we can play fullscreen on our massive TV with full voice, and it is GLORIOUS. :D

please note: The PSP version does not have the adult scenes; instead, there are different romance/friendship scenes with the characters. In other words, the porn won't be voiced, but hey... you'll get to see the different ending types without having to fully play both versions, so it works out. :p

The summary is currently under construction, sorry!