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hello from rahenna & marfisa

Just a little hello from the two people who created this site. :3


Hi, I'm Rahenna! I'm in charge of maintaining the site and being the world's top Sakaki fangirl! :D



  • GH chara: Kazuki, Matsuoka
  • GH route: Shunsuke, Kazuki
  • Okawari route: Kazuki, Shinomiya
  • GH2 chara: Sakaki, Sonoda, Nao
  • GH2 route: Sakaki, Sonoda, Tomo


Hello, I'm Marfisa. I do all my work behind the scenes, but it's the most important job: translation!


  • sign: Cancer
  • height: even shorter :(
  • hobbies: knitting, baking
  • personality: calm, patient, methodical


  • GH chara: Kazuki, Omi
  • GH route: Omi/Saionji, Kazuki
  • Okawari route: Kazuki, Shinomiya
  • GH2 chara: Kuya, Arata
  • GH2 route: Kuya, Sonoda, Tomo

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