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Okay, I'm gonna be honest and say that for now, this is all a bunch of links to artwork on Pixiv, and my (Rahenna's) fanfiction. I'll add recommendations for other stories and fanart as I find things that I like. :3

pixiv links

For now, let me link you to a few different searches and tags on Pixiv. Note that you can click the links along the top (overall, illustrations, manga, etc) to access different types of content. Some characters have very few illustrations, but there is "a lot" of fanfiction in comparison to the amount of art. *cough*Sakaki*cough*

general link description
学園ヘヴン Gakuen Heaven - search (will find untagged works)
学園ヘヴン Gakuen Heaven - tag
学園ヘヴン2 Gakuen Heaven 2 - tag
gh2 characters
朝比奈勇気 Asahina Yuki 鷺森空也 Sagimori Kuya 高東政嗣 Takato Masatsugu
城河清匡 Jokawa Kiyotada 園田瑛士 Sonoda Eiji 千葉隼人 Chiba Hayato
水無瀬新 Minase Arata 笠原智友 Kasahara Tomo 八神礼音 Yagami Reon
榊宗司朗 Sakaki Sojiro 岡崎研 Okazaki Ken 鈴菱尚央 Suzubishi Nao

fanfiction (by rahenna)

I'm active on AO3 and post all of my GH/GH2 fiction there. I also maintain a small Sakaki info site, and all of my Sakaki-centric fic is crossposted there. The choice is yours - head to AO3 for a complete list of works, or to my Sakaki site for a more curated selection of writing and general fangirling. :3