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Here's an interesting bit of information hidden in an unlikely source - Keita's full class schedule is printed on an insert in a box of GH trading cards! It's a bit of a novelty, but also helps us get an idea of what kinds of classes the students of BL School are taking. :3


First Year - Ito Keita (all regular classes)
Note: Sunday is a full day off.

time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8:45-9:30 English Arts Social Studies English Japanese Science
9:35-10:20 Math Arts English Math English Science
10:40-11:25 Science PE Japanese Comp Sci Math Social Studies
11:30-12:15 Science English Math Comp Sci Social Studies Japanese
12:15-1:15 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch
1:15-2:00 Japanese Social Studies Moral Ed Japanese PE off
2:05-2:50 Health/PE Math off Social Studies PE off
2:50-3:00 homeroom homeroom off homeroom homeroom off


Here are the additional notes printed with the schedule, providing more detail about each type of general class:

Also, Keita's schedule doesn't mention morning homeroom. By the time of GH2, there is a brief daily morning homeroom session - it's mentioned very early in the common route.

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