Colorful Miracle

GH2 ending song

Here's the full version of the GH2 ending song, Colorful Miracle! The song is definitely from Yuki's point of view and I like how it doesn't shy away from the fact that he makes mistakes in his developing relationships.

Colorful Miracle Colorful Miracle
長く伸びる影 滲む輪郭を
踏みしめて叫ぶ 君に背を向けて
行き場の無きまま 見上げた世界は
Your lengthening shadow has a blurred outline
I step into it shouting, turning my back to you
Nowhere to go, I look up and the world
Is all dyed orange
着信履歴を 何度も眺めて
ため息ばかりが ついて出たけれど
伝えたい事が たくさんあるなら
何もしないまま じゃ変えられない
I look at the call history over and over
Even though all I do is sigh
If there are a lot of things I want to say
Nothing will change if I don't do anything
ただ君の心を 救いたい と思ってるんだ
I didn't really want to say those things to you
I just wanted to heal your heart
ずっと失くしてた パズルのピースは
探さなくても 僕らの元に 初めからあったんだ
The puzzle piece that had always been lost
We didn't have to look for it, it was with us from the beginning
手を伸ばせ 君の手に届け
願うよ try again カラフルな明日
The overflowing emotions that were locked away
Believe what I'm telling you
I reach out my hand toward yours
I wish we'd try again, a colorful tomorrow
初めて出会った あの日の風景
何色だったのか 覚えているかい
宝石みたいに 鮮やかな色が
眩しく焼き付いて 放れないよ
The scene that day when we first met
Do you remember what color it was?
A vivid color, like a jewel
The brilliance is burned into my memory and won't leave
今なら君の事 何処へでも 連れ出せるから
ずっと言えなかった 大切な言葉を
拾い集めて 届けに来たよ 君に伝えるために
Your SOS reached me
Now, I'll take you with me anywhere
The precious words I never told you
I've gathered them up and have come to tell them to you
もう大丈夫 これからはずっと
独りじゃない 僕がいるから
It's okay now. From now on
You won't be alone, I'll be with you
君となら 変われるよ強く
抱きしめ close to you ミラクルな明日
With you, I can change
I'll embrace you tightly, close to you, a miracle tomorrow
ストーリーにエンドは 必ず来るけど
そう ここからは新たなプロローグ始まるぜ
The end of the story will have to come, but
Yes, now a new prologue is beginning
多分気付いてた 僕らの未来を
切り開くのは信じることさ それだけでいいんだ
手をつないだら 勇気が湧いてくる
磁力みたいに 引き合う僕ら
Maybe you realized it, our future
Will be forged by faith, that's enough
When we hold hands, I feel courage
We're drawn together as if magnetically
響く鼓動 刻むビートに乗せて
誓うよ it's all good カラフルな明日
On our echoing heartbeats, rhythmically beating
I swear it's all good, a colorful tomorrow

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