twitter short story (2011)

The student council and Durak celebrate Christmas together. :D

merry christmas!

Sonoda: Merry Christmas! It's worth displaying my skill today. How much should I charge for each chicken drumstick that I stocked up five days ago?♪
Yuki: I love Christmas because I get to eat lots of food! I wish every day was Christmas.
Joker: Merry Christmas. Did you know that in Russia, it's not Santa who comes at Christmas, but an old man wearing a blue cloak, and his granddaughter?
Tomo: Isn't Santa Claus the old woman in the red outfit?
Chiba: Myself is going to bed now. It's time for Santa Claus to come.
Chiba: Santa Claus doesn't visit you? You poor thing.
Chiba: But this dorm doesn't have a chimney. How is Santa Claus going to get in?
Chiba: Joker-sama gave me a stocking. He's always so prepared.
Chiba: It's best that only Santa and myself know what my present is.
Tomo: I just have the impression of Christmas being annoying...
Kuya: Ladies and gentlemen, Merry Christmas! I'm actually Santa! I'm going to be a bit busy today!
Takato: Merry Christmas. If you discover our student council vice president committing trespass, please notify me immediately.
Kuya: Merry Christmas, Yuki! What, he's already asleep!? How boring!
Kuya: The reindeer is asleep so Christmas is cancelled this year! Too bad!
Kuya: I at least put on the horns and nose I got! Yeah!
Kuya: I'm going to sleep! Good night, gentlemen!
Yuki: Who was it? Who put this weird nose on me while I was sleeping!? Was it Tomo!?
Yuki: Phew... I finally got it off. Oh, good morning! Merry Christmas!
Sonoda: If you have leftovers of the cake from your party, try making a healthy yogurt trifle. If you put mouthful size cubes of cake and yogurt in a deep glass, and make it decorative by filling it alternating with fruit or pureed fruit, you can enjoy it as a different dessert.
Sonoda: For leftover chicken, if it's roasted chicken, chop it finely and add it to chicken broth along with aromatics like onion, herbs, or pine nuts. Try simmering it with cold or fresh rice for chicken ginseng soup (samgyetang) style rice soup, it's delicious. If you have fried chicken, I recommend making chicken rice. Cook the chicken with a tomato-based rice pilaf.

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