yuki's early tweets

twitter short story (2011)

These are the very first posts from the GH2 Twitter account! They're not really an event or a story, so the first few days of posts are all presented here as one document.

Please note that some of the early posts were announcements from Spray and not done in character as Yuki. We have not translated these, but they are noted below.

july 25, 2011

*announcement from Spray*

august 3, 2011

*announcement from Spray*
Yuki: Now that I've made the announcement, I'm hungry...
Yuki: The cheapest ones are anpan for 90 yen and a yakisoba bun for 140 yen... which should I have?
Yuki: Yeah, after all, the yakisoba bun!

august 23, 2011

Yuki: Did you notice the picture on the teaser site changed a little?

september 7, 2011

*2 announcements from Spray*

september 20, 2011

*announcement from Spray*

october 7, 2011

*announcement from Spray*

october 27, 2011

Yuki: Getting things ready...

october 29, 2011

Yuki: The Gakuen Heaven 2 home page is officially open!

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