joker's birthday

twitter short story (2011)

It's good to know that Joker has been antagonizing Sonoda from the very beginning. :D

november 22

Joker: Did you know today is my birthday? If you want, you can entertain me by telling me happy birthday in 140 characters. If you amused me, I'll respond later.
Chiba: Happy birthday, Joker-sama. Since celebrating with words is not my strong point, I will bang the taiko handed down in the Chiba family.
Yuki: Happy birthday. Then, I'll give you the ga*gari-kun I won as a present! I'm confident I chose the one that will definitely give you wins.
Joker: Somehow, the way you two are slightly off is adorable instead.
Sonoda: Oh, Kiyo, it's not fair you're the only one getting congratulations. You completely ignored my birthday at the beginning of the month!
Joker: But Eiji, when I said let's celebrate your birthday a month ago, you said you'd get stuck cooking for your own party, so you didn't want one.
Sonoda: That was just a figure of speech. Even though I was saying I refused, you're actually supposed to celebrate it!
Joker: You really are so annoying. I got it already. Then, everyone seeing this, celebrate Sonoda Eiji's birthday that was on 11/2 along with mine.
Sonoda: That feels kind of like a defeat... It's annoying, but after all, I'll bake my own cake.

november 23

Joker: I'll accept birthday tweets until tomorrow. We'll definitely reply, so send me or Eiji comments. I'll send a DM later to those who entertained me.

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