kuya's birthday

twitter short story (2011)

A cute story with the student council and Arata!

happy birthday, kuya!

Takato: Today is your birthday, isn't it? Happy birthday. Since we're already third year students, I'd like you have a little bit of the composure that comes with years, but that's a useless expectation. I hope we will continue to enjoy each other's company.
Yuki: Huh!? So today is your birthday. Happy birthday!
Kuya: Oh! So today is my birthday! Happy birthday, me!
Arata: Nyahaha. That's just like you, O-Sagi-san. Congrats!
Kuya: Thank you too, Aratan! Alright, let's have a party today in the student council room after this!
Yuki: A party! Let's do it! But I haven't prepared anything.
Kuya: I haven't prepared anything either!
Arata: That's no good.
Takato: I can't be helped. I thought this might happen, so I got a cake. Here you are. (see the cake!)
Kuya: Ooooh! Thank you! I'm touched!
Yuki: It looks delicious....
Kuya: Then, everyone, let's meet in the student council room in five minutes!
Yuki: Got it. I'll bring something to drink.
Arata: Arata will bring candy too.
Takato: I'll go on ahead and get things ready for you, so don't be too late.
Yuki: Riiight.

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