chiba's birthday

twitter short story (2012)

A cute story about Chiba's food preferences. :D

happy birthday, chiba!

Joker: Happy birthday, Hayato. Today, I got your favorite, a broiled eel box. I had Eiji make it with eel I caught in the ocean this morning and koshihikari rice he's been secretly using at the school for a year.
Chiba: Joker-sama... Thank you. You did this all for myself...
Sonoda: Hayato. You shouldn't believe Kiyo's random lies again. The rice I used isn't what you should care about. My present to you is a cake made with special plums.
Joker: Eiji, don't reveal it right away. I thought we'd enjoy cute Hayato being moved a little more... By the way, your real present is that teacup in front of you.
Chiba: This is for myself? I'm touched... I'll treasure it!
Yuki: Hello. I heard today is Chiba-san's birthday, so I brought some onigiri I made. After all, I thought an athlete would be hungry.
Yuki: Oooh! Chiba-san, you're eating a broiled eel box! That looks so good... wait, that's not it!! I brought you some pickled plum onigiri I made... But they shouldn't be eaten together, should they...? [note!]There's a traditional superstition that eating eel and pickled plums together causes an upset stomach.
Chiba: Eating eel and onigiri together never killed anyone. Thank you.
Yuki: Here you go! Is it good?
Chiba: It's sour and delicious.
Sonoda: Wow, after all, it doesn't bother you to eat eel and pickled plum together. You're weirdly old-fashioned, so I made a bet with Kiyo about whether a plum cake would bother you or not.
Chiba: Those plums aren't pickled so they don't count.
Sonoda: Huh? That's what counts?
Joker: Which means I win the bet. Then, why don't we all eat the cake?
Yuki: Yay, lucky!

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