sonoda's birthday

twitter short story (2012)

I wonder if they posted Sonoda's birthday story late on purpose, or did someone actually forget and then there was a scramble to get something up? Haha.

happy birthday, sonoda!

Sonoda: I'm kind of really getting a sense of deja-vu... But if I dare say anything, I'll probably get called annoying.
Joker: Then, I'll go ahead and say it. You're so annoying. If you want to celebrate your birthday, then plan your own party and invite everyone. That's what I always do.
Chiba: Oh, so it was Sonoda's birthday. I didn't notice.
Sonoda: I celebrated you guys' birthdays. Why was mine the only one you forgot?
Sonoda: I can't make a profit making my own food for my birthday!
Joker: Because I enjoy seeing you pout.
Chiba: Or would you rather be called annoying?
Sonoda: ...I've had enough. It's already two days past. I just wanted someone to tell me happy birthday normally, what is this?
Yuki: You guys in Durak have kind of a mysterious relationship. Anyway, Sonoda-san, happy birthday!

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