twitter short story (2012)

Several brief winter Tweets. :)
And yes, Joker did post about the new year three weeks late for some reason!

january 22

Tomo: It's cold! I thought I would freeze to death while napping.
Yuki: It's cold! On a day like this you need a steamed meat bun. A steamed bean paste bun would be nice too. And I can't really leave out a steamed pizza bun. Oh, oden is good too.

january 23

Joker: С Новым годом! New Year in Japan is so boring I could die. And I can't eat Eiji's cooking. I guess I should come up with some new game.[note!]This doesn't really make sense, so we think this was supposed to say 'in Russia,' especially because it's later established that Joker spends the winter holidays visiting his grandfather in Russia.

january 31

Joker: Everyone's so weak, getting cold in this temperature. I've been bored lately, I guess I'll think up some event.

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