halloween party

twitter short story (2014)

For Halloween, a long story was posted with Yuki and all the boys, and all their Twitter headers and icons were temporarily replaced with special Halloween versions! They reverted back almost right away after Halloween, but I've saved them all so they're not gone forever. It might be a good idea to at least take a peek at the different costumes since this story will make a bit more sense if you do. :p

click here to download all the icons/headers (zip format)


Yuki: Trick or Treat!
Kuya: Yuki, you're a little early!
Yuki: You're one to talk, Kuya-san, you're already in your costume. That pumpkin hat suits you.
Kuya: Yeah! But you're cute in that pointy hat. It's perfect with the cape!
Yuki: Well, this is like a dream day where I can chant a spell and get candy. I'm fired up.
Takato: Asahina, we're sponsoring this year's party, so there is not just candy. If you don't pace yourself, you'll be sorry.
Kuya: And since it's Halloween, we've asked everyone to come in costume.
Yuki: Understood. After all, since it's a party, everyone has to have fun. Oh, I already distributed the costumes to everyone.
Takato: Good job, both of you. Well, I hope everyone participates.
Yuki: It'll be fine. Anyway, it's Halloween! Now that we've set up for tomorrow, let's go to bed. Good night!

Yuki: Well then, I wonder if everyone will come in costume. Oh, hello, Chiba-san!
Chiba: Yeah. It's early.
Yuki: Oh, you're in costume!
Chiba: ... You brought the costume, so. Well... how is it?
Yuki: I, I think it suits you! It's cool! ...By the way, Chiba-san. Did you meet Joker-san this morning?
Chiba: Yeah. I passed him in the hall before. Joker-sama praised me by saying it really suited me.
Yuki: R, really...? I knew it.... Um, Chiba-san. I think it's better if you don't look in a mirror today.
Chiba: Mirror? I don't see one here.
Yuki: Then, it's fine! Yeah! T, then, Chiba-san, let's go eat together.
Chiba: Sorry. I already ate. I'm going to practice now.
Yuki: In that outfit!?
Chiba: Yeah. Bye.
Yuki: Okay, see you after class! ... Besides, that ghost on his head, it has to be a trick Joker-san played on him... I hope Chiba-san doesn't notice.

Joker: Hey, Eiji. Make something like this. (recipe for jelly eyeballs)
Sonoda: No. You're going to tease Hayato again. Last year, when you gave him the cake with fingers sticking out of it, I felt bad for Hayato.
Joker: Ah, that worked really well. And when you cut into it, lots of red jam flowed out.
Sonoda: If you do the same thing to Yuki-kun, he may never come near Durak again.
Joker: Really. Mmm, then, how shall I scare him? *sing-song*

Yuki: Yagami, trick or treat!
Yagami: *loud strum on guitar*!!!!
Yuki: Uwah! Wh, what was that explosive sound!? Your guitar!?
Yagami: Yeah, Asahina. Are you coming to our live Halloween concert too?
Yuki: I thought you were pretty enthusiastic with your makeup. So it's a live concert. It's been a long time since I've heard you play the guitar, I'd like to go!
Yagami: Then, here, eat this.
Yuki: Beef jerky! Thank you!

Yuki: Arata-san, you're in costume! Cat ears! *pet pet*
Arata: Oh, yeah.
Yuki: *pet pet pet pet*
Arata: ... That's enough, stop with the petting.
Yuki: Hey, hey, Arata-san, trying saying meow.
Arata: Idiot, I'm not going to say that.
Yuki: Then, Arata-san, I'll cast a spell on you. Halloween Halloween Magical Power! There, I cast a spell!
Arata: Huh, oh..., i, if you don't give me candy, I'll play a trick on you, meow.
Arata: *gasp*! Just what did I....
Yuki: Hehe, well done! Here's a fortune cookie. Say ah.
Arata: I got taken in by Yuki again.... *munch*

Yuki: Trick or Treat! Tomooo, give me candy.
Tomo: I'm not going to be intimidated by your candy-lust.
Yuki: Ehehe, but I wanted one of your candies.
Tomo: ... Geez, it can't be helped. Then, I'll give you a special one today. Here.
Yuki: Mmgh. Idiot, don't suddenly shove it in my mouth!
Yuki: ... Mm, this is... uwah, gross!
Tomo: Hehehe, they're 100% salty licorice. They're bad from beginning to end. Now you can get a taste of how I always feel.
Yuki: ... That's mean, that's mean, Tomo. You're a devil.
Tomo: This outfit's not a devil, it's more like Death.
Yuki: Come to think of it, I'm surprised you're in costume since you always find everything too annoying.
Tomo: Oh, this. I'm just wearing it because with the hood on, I can sleep in class without anyone knowing.
Yuki: That's just like you. But I'm glad you're participating, Tomo. Be sure to come to the other parties too.
Tomo: Right, right, I've got it.

Yuki: Well then, next is Joker-san's place. I wonder if Sonoda-san is making delicous candy! *sing-song*
Yuki: Hello. Trick or...!!!!!!!!!!!! E, excuse me!!!!!
Yuki: *pant pant* Durak's room is incredible.... I unconsciously closed the door and ran, but I won't be able to get candy like that!!
Yuki: Umm, but, I'm courageous enough to go in there one more time. Do your best, Yuki, for the sake of candy!
Yuki: H, hello.
Joker: Hey, Yuki-kun.
Sonoda: Oh, you're back. Welcome back.
Yuki: Um, just what is this incredible room supposed to be?
Joker: Since I'm dressed as a pirate, I set it up to look like a pirate ship being swallowed in the belly of an alien.
Yuki: A, ah....
Sonoda: Look, Kiyo. Yuki-kun is backing away. I told you not to do it.
Joker: You're one to talk, Eiji. By the end, you got into it. Oh, and, Yuki-kun, the alien's organs are all edible. *sing-song*
Sonoda: Since I made the ingredients, however unappetizing it looks, I guarantee it tastes good.
Yuki: It may be delicious, but, ummm, this is... a bit... well... I kind of want to pass....
Joker: Huh, you're not going to eat? Then, since you don't need candy, does this mean I can play a trick on you?
Sonoda: Oh, that's not fair if it's just you, Kiyo. Of course, it's ok if I'm part of that trick too, right?
Joker: Naturally. Let's tease this cute magician. *sing-song*
Yuki: Oh, huh? Joker-san? Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: It's been a while since I've put my skills to use. How shall I deal with him?
Yuki: W, wait a minute. Just what are you going to do to me..., aah~~~~~~~...
Yuki: They made me eat alien guts until I was full.... It was delicious, it was really delicious!!! But I feel like I lost something important....
Yuki: Well then, I have to pull myself together and go to the cafeteria to prepare for the party.

Kuya: The Halloween party starts now!
Yuki: Happy Halloween! Thank you everyone for coming in costume!
Yuki: The party sweets were prepared by Sonoda-san, so everyone eat as much as you like!
Sonoda: Oh, of course, there's a fee. For unlimited helpings of Halloween sweets, it's 1,500 yen.
Yuki: I'd like pumpkin pie, pumpkin mont blanc, and pumpkin flan please!!
Sonoda: That's incredible, even though you ate so much already, you're still going to eat more.
Yuki: Ehehe, but they look so delicious.
Chiba: Pumpkin is delicious.
Sonoda: Kiyo, do you want something?
Joker: I'm fine. I was satisfied with Yuki-kun before.
Takato: It's very good that everyone is excited, but be careful of your surroundings please. ... Oops. *thud!*
Yagami: Ow! You hit me on the head with your staff, Secretary!
Takato: Or you'll be in trouble like this.
Arata: Okay!
Tomo: I can't tell who is who because of the costumes. Well, it's nice to not stand out.
Yuki: Then, now that everyone is excited, let's bob for apples!
Kuya: It's a staple of Halloween party games!
Takato: We've put some apples in plastic pool filled with water. Please pick up the apples without using your hands. The person who picks up the most is the winner.
Arata: Huh, we're supposed to bite into these big apples?
Yuki: Each one is like a large ball weighing 300-400g, but they're really juicy, high quality apples, so they're delicious.
Kuya: It's ok to grasp it with your teeth by the stem! Any part you grab is fine as long as you take them out individually.
Joker: So you should use only your mouth and not your hands. It might be an interesting contest with that technique.
Chiba: Just like Joker-sama, to be so relaxed about having both hands bound. Myself will also attempt the challege!
Yagami: If it's going to be a competition, I'm not gonna lose. I'm in too.
Arata: Do your best! I'll be supporting you with Maro!
Tomo: I'll pass. The water looks cold.
Kuya: Alright! So the participants are me, Yuki, Joker, Chiba-senpai, and Yagami-kun?
Yuki: Let's get lots of high quality apples!
Takato: Then, get ready, start!
Yuki: *holding breath!*
Yagami: Here I go! *splash!*
Kuya: *splash!*
Chiba: Kwaah!
Yagami: ... Damn!
Joker: Mm...
Yuki: Mghhhhhhh, after all, they're big and hard to bite into!
Yuki: Oh, if I turn the apple so the stem is up, that might make it easier. Mgh! Good, I got one more!
Arata: Do your best! ... The picture of everyone with their heads in the plastic pool is really surreal.
Sonoda: Watching from the sidelines like this, it looks subdued.
Chiba: Mm!
Yagami: Tch! I dropped it... These damn apples are surprisingly hard to pick up.
Yuki: This one's also stem-up! Lucky! Got my 3rd!
Joker: Hehe! *sing-song*
Takato: Time's up. Please stop and count how many apples you have.
Yuki: Phew, I guess I got a lot. Um, it's 6 in all!
Kuya: I have three! If I hadn't dropped my pumpkin hat into the pool, I would have gotten more!
Chiba: Myself has one. I'm mortified. From now on, I must train with both arms bound!
Joker: I have four. Whether I win or lose, I had fun seeing Yuki-kun's sexy face.
Arata: (to Chiba) Hayaya, is there any point to practicing kendo like that...?
Yagami: (to Takato) Dammit. I didn't even get one.
Tomo: Yagami, your make-up is running, it's getting bad.
Arata: It's a slit mouthed ghost!
Chiba: Ghost...!?
Takato: The winner is Asahina Yuki. Congratulations.
Takato: The prize is all the remaining apples.
Yuki: Alright! Lots of apples! *munch* So sweet!
Sonoda: Yuki-kun, can I have a bite?
Yuki: Here you go!
Sonoda: *munch* Yeah, delicious. It's juicy and has just the right balance of tartness and sweetness.
Joker: I'll also take a little bite. *munch*
Kuya: Yuki, give me a bite too!
Yuki: Kuya-san, you got three didn't you? Whichever you eat, it'll be delicious.
Tomo: Is it that delicious?
Yuki: I have a lot, so you can have one too, Tomo.
Tomo: Thanks. Mm, it's good.
Yagami: *munch* Mm, it's really sweet.
Yuki: Arata-san, here's some for you too.
Arata: Ahhn. Mm, it's delicious.
Kuya: Oh! There's nothing but the stem left!
Takato: Well then, we have to clean up the rest.
Sonoda: If you give me the apples, I'll make apple pies tomorrow for a low price.
Takato: Then, the student council will take one whole one, please.
Sonoda: Thanks and come again.

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