moon viewing

twitter short story (2014)

A cute little story posted on September 8, 2014!

moon viewing

Yuki: Dumplings♪ Dumplings♪ Even though the moon's not visible, moon viewing dumplings♪

Sonoda: Alright, this should be plenty of dumplings to make.

Kuya: Yuki, Masatsugu! Let's have a moon viewing!

Takato: Unfortunately, the moon will not be out tonight.

Yuki: That's right. Oh, but I have moon viewing dumplings. They're the dumplings that Sonoda-san was selling at the cafeteria.

Kuya: Heh heh. Just meet in the student council room! I'll be waiting!

Yuki: Kuya-san, I'm here. Wait, what is this big plate?

Takato: It's filled with water.

Kuya: Hey, turn off the the lights.

Yuki: Whoa, it really is moon-like!

Takato: Oh... this is pretty elegant for you, Kuya.

Kuya: Isn't it! Then, we can have moon viewing dumplings while gazing at this....
(note: read more about moon viewing, or Tsukimi, on Wikipedia)

Joker: Yuki-kun, what are you doing?

Yuki: Oh, right now, we're having a moon viewing in the student council room....

Joker: Even though the moon's not out? Instead, why not join my event? We're holding an eating contest with the dumplings Eiji made♪

Yuki: An eating contest!!

Sonoda: I've prepared dumplings with slight differences such as the ratio of glutinous rice and rice flour, and using fresh honey or red bean paste. You have to guess which ones are the same, doesn't that sound interesting?

Sonoda: And the participation fee is a mere 100 yen. The person who comes out on top gets a participation fee refund, prize money, and enough dumplings for a week.

Joker: Well, I can't participate though.

Yuki: Enough dumplings for a week!!! I'll do it! I'll participate!!

Joker: Are you going to participate too, Hayato?

Kuya: That sounds like fun!! I'll participate too!

Hayato: Of course, Joker-sama! Since I'm participating, I'll aim for the victory. I won't lose to those student council guys...!

Takato: ... You're all going...? I thought at least Kuya could stay... you all have no taste.

Takato: They always leave such beauty without any qualms.

Takato: Well, fine. It's not bad to have a moon viewing alone like this. I'll stay here a little longer.

Chiba: ... They're all good.

Yuki: They're all delicious!! But I can't tell anything other than that they're delicious. I'll just choose by intuition.

Sakaki: When it comes to rice, I'm picky about the flavor.

Kuya: Aratan! Aratan, won't you be in the dumpling eating contest with us?

Arata: O-Sagi-san, sorry. I'm still in practice.

Kuya: I see.... Do your best in practice! Then, what about you Yagami-kun? Yuki's here too!

Tomo: zzzz.... Crap, I napped too long. I'm kind of hungry. Huh? Aren't there awfully few people at the dorm?

Yagami: I've got practice too. Sorry, even though you asked me.

Tomo: Rather than awfully few, there's no one in the dorm, is there?

Tomo: Is this something like the world getting destroyed while I was sleeping? ...... No way, Okaken wouldn't do that.

Tomo: Alright, I'll go back to sleep.

Kuya: (to Arata and Yagami) No, it's my fault for interrupting all of a sudden! If you don't mind, call me after practice is over!

Chiba: (to Yuki) I see...! Intuition.

Yuki: Oh, I forgot to call Tomo. Oh well, I'll bring him some dumplings later as presents.

Joker: And so, the winner is Ace-kun!! Congratulations. Just as I'd expect, you got it right by randomly choosing.

Yuki: Woohoo! Now I can eat even more dumplings!!

Sakaki: It's already curfew, so all of you hurry back to the dorm.

Yuki: Riiight!

Chiba: I lost.... I'm sorry, Joker-sama...!

Joker: Don't worry about it. That was pretty fun. Besides, we accomplished the original goal, right Eiji?

Sonoda: Thanks to you. I was able to use up the rice flour that was nearing its expiration date, and even subtracting the cost of ingredients, we made a lot of profit just with the participation fee. It was two birds with one stone♪

Kuya: Masatsugu, are you here!? Oh, you put the dish away. Thank you!

Takato: No. Are you alone? What about Asahina?

Kuya: He went on ahead to give dumplings to Tomo-kun as presents! But he had a brilliant win in the eating contest. That's our Yuki! Besides, it was really a lot of fun.

Takato: I'm glad. Then, let's go home too. We have student council tomorrow too.

Kuya: That's right! How can we have fun tomorrow... after all, roasted sweet potatoes, or....

Takato: Please do some work, vice president.

Yuki: Arata-san, Yagami, good job practicing until so late! I got a lot of dumplings, so won't you eat them with me?

Arata: Thank youuu. In return, I brought a moon. Here.

Yuki: Wait, a tennis ball?? Well, it is yellow and round though.

Arata: Maro found it on the track and brought it. Since, after yesterday, everyone in the athletic clubs has been excited about tennis.

Yagami: Our tennis club has always been strong. I guess they've gotten motivation. Rather, what are you doing with so many dumplings?

Yuki: They'll all be gone soon if we eat them together! It kind of makes me want to play tennis too. Maybe I'll try it tomorrow!

Yagami: Yeah. Work off the ones you ate. Then, see you tomorrow.

Yuki: Yeah, see you tomorrow. Good night!

Tomo: I woke up because I thought I was having a weird dream, but there were dried out dumplings and a tennis ball by my pillow. What's this supposed to mean?

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