sonoda's birthday

twitter short story (2014)

It seems like all the characters might get something special for their birthdays, at least on Twitter! Here is Sonoda's mini birthday story from 2014.

happy birthday, sonoda!

Sonoda: Yuki-kun, it's November now.
Yuki: Oh, come to think of it, it seems today is weasel day. Arata-san told me before. Soon, it's going to be Christmas season. Ah, I'm looking forward to it!
Sonoda: Y, yeah. That's right. I'll make a stollen.

Yuki: Sonoda-san, Happy Birthday!
Yuki: I made you eggbegnect? as a present! I wasn't able to make your favorite shrimp something-or-other, or a proper cake...
Sonoda: It's eggs benedict... but that doesn't matter. Yuki-kun... Can I give you a hug right now?
Yuki: Ok.
Sonoda: Can I smell you?
Yuki: Ok.
Sonoda: You smell nice, like flour and cornmeal.
Yuki: I knocked it over while I was making it and got covered in flour.
Sonoda: From now on, can I make you enough sweets to kill you?
Yuki: Then, doesn't that make it like you're congratulating me?
Sonoda: But I'm extremely happy just that you remembered my birthday and congratulated me.
Yuki: I couldn't forget your birthday. I was really excited yesterday wondering if you'd find out.
Yuki: Anyway, hurry and eat it. My dad and Dora-chan taught me how to make it, and I tasted it and I thought it's not bad.
Sonoda: What to do, it's a shame but I can't eat it. I want to preserve it just like this.
Yuki: What are you talking about? If you eat it, I can make you another one.
Sonoda: Then let's eat it together. But anyway, let me stay like this a little longer.
Yuki: Ok.
Sonoda: And then after, in my room, you can let me eat you too.
Yuki: Ok...
Sonoda: Ah, I may be the happiest person!

Joker: Huh? I thought I'd come to congratulate Eiji on his birthday, but there seems to be an obstacle.
Joker: And I even came to get him because I made arrangements with Professor Sakaki to treat us to yakiniku so that Eiji doesn't have to cook today.
Joker: Hey, Professor Sakaki, since it seems like Eiji is in the middle of something, why don't the rest of us still go to eat yakiniku?
Sakaki: Hey, Jokawa, what is this? Weren't we going to bring along Sonoda and Asahina?
Joker: Hayato, Professor Sakaki said he'll treat us to yakiniku, want to come along?
Chiba: Yes.
Joker: (to Sakaki) It's fine, it's fine. Adults shouldn't mind such trifles. Hayato can eat their share.
Joker: Not interrupting them today will be our present. You better appreciate it, Eiji.

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