yuki's birthday

twitter short long story (2014)

Ahhh, this is such a cute story for Yuki's birthday! Includes all the characters for some fun times at the beach!

happy birthday, Yuki!

August 1

Sonoda: Hey, Yuki-kun, do you want to work tomorrow?

Yuki: Work?

Sonoda: Yeah. An acquaintance of mine who has a beach house, it seems his staff have all caught summer colds. He's looking for temp staff.

Sonoda: I've asked the people who stayed at the dorm who seem like they had nothing to do, but won't you do it too? I'll throw in my meals, and as much playing in the ocean as you want, and as much flirting as you want.

Yuki: I don't care about the flirting, but if I can eat your food, I'll go!!


August 2

Yuki: Today I'm going to work at a beach house as Sonoda-san's helper!

Yuki: We're going in this minibus...?

Chiba: Leave any watermelon splitting to me.

Kuya: Good morning, Yuki! We were waiting for you to arrive. Let's a have a fun day today!

Takato: You're helping Sonoda, aren't you? We can't just make Asahina work by himself, we're helping too.

Joker: I look forward to seeing Ace-kun in a swimsuit♪

Sonoda: Yuki-kun, thank you for coming today. I'll let you eat as much food as you work for.

Arata: If Yuki and everyone is going, I guess I can enjoy the ocean.

Tomo: Yuki, did you bring a swimsuit?

Yagami: Asahina, you hurting for money too? The band ate my savings, so I have to earn something here or I'm screwed.

Yuki: Wow! Everyone's here. Oh, even Professor Sakaki!

Sakaki: You're all underage, so I'm here as your guardian. I'll be guarding against you all getting out of control, and being anything other than model students.

Kuya: By the way, Yuki. What is the swimsuit Joker was talking about before?

Yuki: Sonoda-san said wearing a swimsuit is basic when you're working at a beach house. Huh? You don't have one, Kuya-san?

Kuya: Mine is a Hawaiian shirt!

Chiba: Mine is a Hawaiian shirt too.

Kuya: We match!

Chiba: ... If my clothes match with you, I'd rather be naked.

Yuki: Naked would be bad, Chiba-san! Isn't Hawaiian okay? It has a summery, ocean feel!

Chiba: I see. If you say so....

Joker: No. Hayato, I'm confiscating your Hawaiian one. Here, wear this.

Yuki: Joker-san, why is it no good?

Joker: Well, look at this Hawaiian shirt. It's in the worst taste.

Yuki: Ugh.... This is... a bit unusual... I guess....

Kuya: What an original pattern!

Chiba: Is it that weird?

Joker: Yeah. A bit. Well, if you're going to train, Hayato, a swimsuit is better.

Chiba: Yes....

Yuki: Arata-san, do you have your usual swimsuit?

Arata: Since I'm not swimming in the ocean, I brought a hoodie and shorts. With a hoodie, Maro can be comfy too. (kuku!)

Yuki: Maro's with you too. Let's have fun today!

Yuki: We're here! The ocean! Ocean!

Takato: It's good weather.

Yagami: Too hot. How many years has it been since I was at a beach? If it wasn't today, I never would've come.

Kuya: Masatsugu!? What's with those sunglasses? They don't suit you!

Takato: Leave it alone, please. It's too bright.

Sonoda: Then, I'll divide the work. To attract customers, Kiyo, please flirt with the customers and bring them here.

Joker: Okay♪ Leave the flirting to me. I'll bring so many bikini babes there won't be room for them all.

Kuya: Flirting! That sounds fun! Then, I'll leave the sexy babes to Joker, and I'll bring couples. Rather than one by one, I'll gather two times the customers!

Arata: Since I can't be with Maro inside the restaurant, I guess I'll attract customers on the beach. Since the goal is to attract customers, I'll try calling out to families.

Chiba: Myself will....

Joker: Hayato, flirting is impossible for you. Oh, why don't you attract customers by shaving ice with a Japanese sword?

Chiba: Understood.

Sonoda: Hayato, you're in charge of selling shaved ice and drinks. Then, the one who will help me with the cooking is...

Yuki: I think Tomo would be good!

Tomo: Why me?

Yuki: Well, you're surprisingly skillful. If you go off somewhere, you'll goof off.

Sonoda: Is that ok? You're not very likely to flirt in here. And so, you too Professor Sakaki. If I don't make you work, you'll just drink the whole time.

Sakaki: Sonoda, what do think I am?

Takato: Then, Yagami and I will be in charge of the remaining hall.

Yagami: Yeah. I can carry plates. Leave it to me.

Yuki: What should I do?

Sonoda: For now, help where it seems busy. First, do the cooking prep for me.

Yuki: Suuure!

Sonoda: Well, from here on, this will be a battlefield, so psych yourselves up. Professor Sakaki, you grill. Kasahara, you prep the shrimp. Yuki-kun, you wash all the vegetables here.

Yuki: Got it! ... Wait. Th, there's this many?

Tomo: Uwah, my shrimp is a huge pile.... Isn't this an Asian food restaurant? Aren't there too many types of dishes for a beach house?

Sonoda: In these times, it seems you can't sell just yakisoba. I've heard if a restaurant doesn't set itself apart, it won't survive.

Yuki: Besides, Tomo, I'm surprised you took this job.

Tomo: That's, well... I had time, and I heard you were joining, so....

Takato: I have an order. Green Curry, Ga-Prao, Pad Thai, Loco Moco, Yum Woon Sen, Mochiko Chicken, one each.

Sonoda: Roger. Here, Shanghai Yakisoba, Vietnam Fried Rice, ready.

Yuki: Wow, I don't even know what kind of foods those are, but they seem delicious. Besides, Sonoda-san, your cooking speed is amazing.

Sonoda: Yuki-kun, on top of drooling, your hands have stopped. If you have time to stare, get to work! When you're done with those, next is washing dishes!

Yuki: R, right! Sonoda-san, you're harsh. I don't even have time to stare at the food....

Tomo: (Sonoda-san is more mobile than he usually is in the school cafeteria. In that case, he could manage without at least me....)

Yuki: Tomo, were you just thinking that since Sonoda-san is working so hard, that you could goof off?

Tomo: I, I wasn't... thinking that.... (How did he find out?)

Sakaki: Kasahara, you should follow Sonoda's example.

Sonoda: Kasahara~~. In this situation, how dare you even think of taking it easy? I'm adding a hundred potatoes to peel.

Yuki: My condolences, Tomo.

Tomo: Oh no.

Sakaki: Hehe, that Sonoda, he's even more of a slave-driver than I am.

Sonoda: You're one to talk, Professor Sakaki. What is that you have in your hand that you're drinking?

Sakaki: Lao Jiu wine. It's pretty good.

Sonoda: You corrupt teacher.... You even added a peeled slice of green papaya that was for the Som Tam.

Yuki: It's better working diligently... but I can't stand the smell of the food Sonoda is making. It's been hours and hours and I've gotten hungry.

Tomo: Hm? What's that sound? It doesn't seem like the sound of Sonoda-san cooking.

Sakaki: Is it some creature's cry?

Yuki: It's, my stomach.... Smelling this scent made me hungry, and no matter how much I try to endure it, I can't stop it....

Sonoda: Oh, come to think of it, I promised you meals. You can eat this. It's my special Tom Yam Kung and Poo Pad Pong Curry!

Yuki: Thank you! Let's eat!! Fwaaah!! It's so delicious! The miraculous flavor of these spices blows away the heat! I could get used to the refreshing soup of this Tom Yam Kung. I'm so happy~.

Sonoda: I'm glad you like it. We seem to have enough people here, so won't you go see how the hall is doing?

Takato: Yagami, two Nasi Goreng, two Mi Goreng, for two tables please.

Yagami: Nasigo... argh, these all have annoying names! Two fried rice, two yakisoba, coming up!

Yuki: Welcome! Wah! Amazing, we're full!?

Yuki: Takato-san, Yagami, I've come to help.

Takato: Well then, I'm taking the orders, so Asahina, follow my directions along with Yagami, and please carry the food.

Yagami: That Secretary, he remembers it perfectly without taking notes. If you follow his directions, you won't make a mistake.

Yuki: Just what I'd expect of you, Takato-san!

Yuki: Alright! I wonder if could do it without mistakes....

Takato: Hmm. Asahina, you don't look bad in that apron with only a swimsuit on underneath. You look especially nice from the back.

Yuki: I knew it, Takato-san...

Yagami: I withdraw my praise from before.

Takato: I'm laboring diligently, surrounded by couples. Allow me the enjoyment of feasting my eyes.

Yuki: If you're okay with this, then feast to your heart's content. Well, let's do our best for the lunch rush and get through this!

Yuki: ... Oh, putting this and this on the tray, it's heavy.... You can really hold a lot, Yagami.

Yagami: Because playing an instrument builds up muscle in your arms. Look, my bicep.

Yuki: Your arm looks like a chicken drumette baked golden brown.... I want to take a bite out of it... *drool*

Yagami: ... I'm not food! Hurry and carry these!

Yuki: Riiight! Ok, I'll do my best!

Yuki: Phew, finally a pause.

Yagami: Those guys attracting customers got too carried away. Think about my capacity!

Takato: Since it seems we're running low on ingredients, it's time to refrain from attracting more.

Yuki: Then I'll go tell the group attracting customers!

Yuki: Everyone! How is attracting customers coming along?

Arata: Mm, I guess with that family I just guided before, that's 22 people. Since I have Maro, they all call out to me. (Kuku!)

Kuya: Amazing, Aratan! I finally got 10 people.

Joker: Well, Sagimori-sempai, since you were giving people directions and helping lost kids find their parents, you didn't attract any customers at all. Like this, I'll win the match with room to spare.

Yuki: Match? Are you competing? Yagami says to drop your pace a little.

Arata: That's right. It's bad to make customers line up too much. Maybe you should stop competing.

Kuya: But since Yuki is here, how about Yuki joins too and we have one final match? I aim to pull off an upset win!

Joker: Then, I'll give you a handicap. Yuki-kun, you'll start at +15. I'm in first place with 23, so if you can get just 10 people, you'll be at the top. There's something nice if you get first place, so do your best★

Yuki: Um, somehow I've ended up participating in a contest to attract customers? Oh well. Joker-san said there's something nice if I get first place and... oh. I found a group of tourists! Excuse me! There's a beach house with really delicious food, how about it?

Arata: Time's up. Well then, I'll announce the results! 2nd place Joker, 3rd place Arata. At the bottom with a decisive lead, O-Sagi-san. And impressively in 1st place is Yuki! Congratulations. ... This many in just under ten minutes, you're amazing after all, Yuki. You have a charm that draws people in.

Yuki: Haha, it's because the first group of tourists I called out to by chance said ok, so it was just good luck.

Joker: Then as promised, the person in first place gets treated by the person in last.

Kuya: Yeah, I'll treat you to anything! Tell me what you want to eat. Hotdogs? Roasted corn? Soft serve ice cream?

Yuki: Then, shaved ice. I've been hot for a while.

Joker: In that case, make it Hayato's shaved ice. He's been working hard by himself over there since before. Also, Sagimori-sempai, if you want to make an erotic overture, you'll have to do it better or it won't get through.

Kuya: Hm!? But Masatsugu said that swimsuit-clad cuties eating cylindrical things at a summer beach is the basics of eros in midsummer. Is that wrong?

Yuki: I want to eat those even more now....

Arata: Yuki, if you're going to eat shaved ice, can I come too? I had a plastic bottle of ice I was using to keep Maro cool, but it melted. (Kuu~)

Yuki: Then let's go over to the shaved ice. Chiba-san! How is it going over there... oh, there's so many people gathered around!

Kuya: Just what I'd expect from Chiba-sempai! He really is shaving ice with a Japanese sword!

Chiba: Asahina. You're here.

Joker: Hayato, a shaved ice for Yuki-kun. Oh, Sagimori-sempai will be paying.

Chiba: Alright. Watch from there. ... Huff! ... Done. What flavor do you want?

Yuki: Then, make it blue hawaii. Let's eat.... It's delicious! Chiba-san, you're amazing. This ice melts like fine snow in my mouth!!

Joker: Wow, really? Then, I'd like a bite of yours too, Yuki-kun.

Yuki: Alright. Here, say ah.

Kuya: That's not fair, Joker! Yuki, me too....

Arata: Somehow, O-Sagi-san, you're awfully greedy today. Did the heat get to you...?

Yagami: You jerks, don't be goofing off here!

Arata: Oh, Reo-Reo. Good work. Is managing the restaurant going ok?

Joker: Since we attracted that many people, it's like you should be grateful for a full house.

Yagami: You've got to be kidding me. We're over capacity. Asahina, you didn't forget you were supposed to tell them to stop attracting customers, did you? Just before, a group of over 20 tourists barged in. The Secretary is losing his temper, Sonoda's about to freak out, and the inside of the restaurant is a picture of Hell.

Yuki: Oh, sorry. I'm the one who summoned that group of tourists.

Kuya: We're sorry, Yagami-kun! Well then, let's quit attracting customers and help in the restaurant!


Yuki: Phew, somehow it's at an end.

Sonoda: We're almost sold out on ingredients for the restaurant, and we've met our sales target, so go play in the ocean.

Joker: But if we're going to do that, I want some sort of prize. I know! How about the right to play alone with Yuki-kun on the beach?

Yuki: Huh, what's that supposed to be!?

Joker: Then, why don't we all play beach volleyball?

Kuya: That's a great idea!

Takato: Oh, that's not bad.

Joker: Hayato. You're on my team.

Chiba: Understood.

Arata: That's nice.... In that case, maybe I'll try to win.

Yagami: Then, will you be on my team? I don't really get the point of the prize, but I won't lose a match.

Yuki: Um, what about what I want...?

Tomo: Give it up. When Joker-san is enjoying himself like that, there's no stopping him.

Joker: True, maybe we should stop. Take a look at the ocean.

Yuki: Hm? W, what's that!? That's a huge wave... and is that a shark by it? Uh-uh, a giant squid?

Joker: An unknown creature? Oka-chan would enjoy it. Let's try catching it.

Yuki: Uwaaaah! It's coming this way!!

Chiba: Leave this to me, get back, Asahina!

Kuya: It's really big, but it's moving slowly. It doesn't seem that dangerous, does it?

Chiba: Perfect, there's a sword here. Then, I'll cut it...!

Yuki: What should we do? "Run?" "Fight?" "Catch?" I'll ask everyone watching on Twitter. What should I do?

Takato: I agree with "run." It's said a wise man keeps away from danger, isn't it?

Chiba: "Fight" of course...!

Kuya: I put in one vote for "catch." It's possible it might be a nice animal, right?

Yuki: Alright, then "catch" it is!

Tomo: Seriously?

Kuya: Roger!

Joker: Hayato, help catch it!

Chiba: Understood! Huh!? Asahina, don't plunge in alone! ... Sagimori, you go in from the left. Myself will go around from the right.

Kuya: Alright! Let's both back up Yuki! Don't let down your guard, Chiba-sempai!

Yuki: Caaaught yooou! ... Oh, huh? This isn't a squid. It's a giant squid-shaped kite. Man, and I wanted to eat it if it was a giant squid.... So disappointing. (note: Yuki is not just talking about a large squid, he is referring to the giant squid, genus Architeuthis.)

Chiba: ... It wasn't an enemy?

Arata: Is everyone ok? Is it okay for Maro to get close? (Kyuu...)

Kuya: Too bad! It can't be our friend like this.

Yagami: It wasn't worth all the fuss.

Sakaki: It looks like you don't have to be so disappointed. There's a lot of fish stuck in the fabric of that kite.

Yuki: You're right! Over here and over there, there's lots of fish! Are these edible?

Takato: It appears so. Squid, mackerel, flounder, turban snails, and there's even spiny lobster, it seems.

Sonoda: Then, shall we have a barbecue with these ingredients?

Yuki: Woohoo. Seafood barbecue!!

Kuya: Nice, barbecue! I couldn't agree more!

Chiba: Seafood barbecue, huh. Sounds delicious.

Takato: Then let's all help Sonoda. It would be terrible to leave it all to him alone.

Yuki: Riiight!


Yuki: Phwaaah, I'm so full, and so happy. Now that I'm full, I've gotten kind of sleepy. The evening salt breeze feels nice and listening to sound of waves is kind of... zzzz

Joker: Oh, Yuki-kun is asleep. Such a cute sleeping face. He's so cute, I want to carry him back like this★

Tomo: What's cute about him drooling and half smiling? That Yuki, he's dreaming about eating something for sure.

Sonoda: He worked hard, so let him sleep for a while. We also have preparations to make.

Sakaki: Anyway, someone carry him to where he won't get swept away by the tide.

Yagami: Geez, can't be helped. Hey, Chiba. You get his legs. ... Whoops, he's heavier than he looks, isn't he?

Chiba: You're just carrying him wrong. Give him here. You'd be likely to drop him on his head.

Kuya: No, no, Chiba-sempai. Leave this to me! Carrying Yuki alone will be a piece of cake! ... Why aren't you moving away?

Arata: Both of you, if you keep talking like that, Ace-kun will wake up.

Takato: Good grief. You should both carry him. Look, there's a bench in the shade right over there, so please let him sleep there.

Chiba: ... Alright. Don't drop him, Sagimori.

Kuya: Of course. Then, try not to shake him....


Yuki: Hm...? Ah! Shoot! Did I fall asleep? And it's already pitch black outside!!

Chiba: Asahina Yuki, happy birthday!

Kuya: Happy birthday, Yuki!

Takato: Asahina, happy birthday.

Joker: Ace-kun, s dnyom rozhdeniya!! (happy birthday in Russian)

Sonoda: Yuki-kun, happy birthday!

Arata: Happy birthday, Yuki.

Tomo: Yuki, happy birthday!

Yagami: Happy birthday.

Sakaki: Asahina, happy birthday.

Yuki: Huh? What?

Joker: Well then, let's have it★

Yuki: youtu.be/E0cd_8sjg6Y (fireworks)

Yuki: Uwaaah! It's skyrockets! Pretty!

Kuya: It's a birthday present from us to you!

Yuki: Oh, but the skyrockets are going really high...

Sonoda: So, that's why everyone worked hard all day to earn the money to buy the skyrockets with the sales at the beach house. It was perfect that the beach house was short on help.

Takato: The skyrockets were Joker's idea, but it wasn't a bad plan, so we all went along with it.

Yuki: Oh, so that's why even people who wouldn't normally participate came to work too.

Tomo: Yeah, I guess. I was a bit impatient for you to suspect.

Yagami: I didn't have any money on hand. If not, a touristy beach like this......

Arata: But the ocean was fun. I'm glad we celebrated Yuki's birthday here.

Chiba: Yeah. ... How was it, Asahina? Did you like it?

Yuki: Of course! I really had a lot of fun today. And the fireworks were beautiful.

Sakaki: The fee for arranging for a pyrotechnician and the launch was funded by my meager salary. Be grateful.

Joker: Actually I wanted even more impressive fireworks that would spell out a birthday message for you in the night sky, but it was over budget. But they were plenty pretty.

Yuki: Yes! I'll never forget it for the rest of my life. It was a wonderful birthday!!

Yuki: Kuya-san, Takato-san, Joker-san, Sonoda-san, Chiba-san, Arata-san, Tomo, Yagami, Professor Sakaki, thank you! And thank you everyone celebrating on Twitter!!

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