arata's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

A cute story posted on March 12, 2015. :D

happy birthday, Arata!

Yuki: Good morning! Arata-san! Happy birthday!

Arata: Morning, Yuki. Thanks for the email you sent me yesterday... or rather today at midnight. ...It made me happy.

Yuki: Hehe! Well, I wanted to congratulate you first! Well, this isn't much of a present, but will you accept it?

Arata: An album? It's full of cat pictures.

Yuki: Arata-san, you're always cleaning the cat litter. So I thought it would be nice to have something to remember them by... but it's hard to take pictures of cats. They ended up running away and I couldn't take any pictures.

Arata: ... Thanks. Teehee, it's true. There's ones in here where you only got a picture of their tails.

Yuki: Besides, when I thought about it, I realized that with you here, the cats would come closer.

Arata: Then, do you want to take a picture of all of us together?

Yuki: I do, I do!! How about in the courtyard this evening!?

Arata: Yeah, then see you after school.

Yuki: Arata-saaan, over here, over here!

Arata: Hey.

Kuya: Aratan, today is your birthday? Happy birthday!

Takato: Happy birthday.

Arata: This is a surprise. What's everyone doing?

Yuki: Sorry, while I was looking for someone to take the picture, everyone thought it sounded like fun and just came along....

Chiba: I heard Minase was going to summon the cats again.

Kuya: So you're going to take a picture with the cats, right? That sounds kind of fun!

Takato: Sorry, Minase. If we're going to be in your way, we could stop....

Arata: I don't mind. Then, let's all take a picture.

Chiba: ......!!

Yuki: Right! Since we're here, let's all be in the picture!

Takato: Then I'll take the picture.

Kuya: Next, we'll alternate and I'll take it!

Arata: Every cat, come on out! *whistle* ♪

Yuki: Alright, everyone's gathered!

Kuya: Hey, kitties! Today is Aratan's birthday. So you celebrate it too.

Yuki: Arata-san, today you're the lead, so get in the middle! Hey, hold up Wakasama.

Arata: Eh, ummm, if Wakasama's in the middle....

Kuya: Chiba-sempai, you hold one too. Look, this one is docile!

Chiba: Y, yeah.... ...... So cute.

Takato: Then, is everyone ready?

Yuki: Yes!

Chiba: Cheese!

Kuya: Cheese!

Takato: Cheese.

Arata: Cheese!

Yuki: Cheese!

Yuki: Arata-san, it's a bit late, but this is a birthday present from me!

Arata: Oh, you didn't have to do that. For me, the picture is plently.

Yuki: But I want to give it to you! Here, open it.

Arata: Mm..., thanks. ...... It's a bath towel with a hood.

Yuki: And it's got bear ears! There were cat and rabbit ones, but these were the ones closest to Maro's ears. Please use it after your club activities.

Arata: I can't use this in the club.

Yuki: Huh! It's no good!? But it's so cute! A boy with a hood on!

Arata: Absolutely not. But, since I have it... I'll use it my room.

Yuki: Then, you're saying that I'm the only one who'll see when you use it?

Arata: You're the only one who comes to my room in the time after I take a bath....

Yuki: Hehe, maybe I'll buy a matching one ♪

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