joker's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

This was one of the longest and most detailed Twitter events of 2015... and it's kind of hilarious. :3

happy birthday, Joker!

Midnight Nov 21/22

Joker: С Днем рождения!! (Happy birthday in Russian)
Yuki-kun, I came for you to congratulate me on my birthday♪

Yuki: Huh! Wha! Joker-san, what are you doing in my room!? What about knocking? What about the lock?

Joker: Hehe.
I wanted you to congratulate me, so I ended up coming to you★

Yuki: Wah, you can't come into my room yet! Please do it tomorrow!!

Joker: Why?

Yuki: No means no! Please wait until I go get you!!

Joker: Well, it's my birthday after midnight, so today is a day I can do whatever I want. So I thought I'd spend 24 hours with my beloved Yuki-kun.

Yuki: No, that makes me happy, and I always want to be with you too, but I'm telling you, you can't yet!
Please wait until morning!

Joker: Umm.
Yuki-kun chased me out of his room....

Joker: It's annoying to go to bed like this.... Hayato's already asleep too.
I'll try asking everyone what I should do.

Joker: What do you think I should do now?
The result will be decided 15 minutes from now.
- Make Eiji celebrate (33%)
- Harass Eiji (67%)

Sonoda: I got kind of a chill...

Yuki: *sigh* It was really sudden so I accidentally kicked Joker-san out. What will I do if he got mad...? But I didn't want to show him this yet. I have to hang in there a little longer.

Joker: I knew it☆
>Harass Eiji

Joker: Eiiijiii, I've come to harass youuu!

Sonoda: Huuuh? What is that, coming so late at night?
Besides, if your goal is to harass me, you should hide it a little more. Well, it is routine, so I'm used to it though....

Joker: It's because 64% of society told me to harass you♪

Sonoda: In the first place, why did you come see me? If you wanted attention, you should go see Yuki-kun.

Joker: Well, Yuki-kun wouldn't keep me company.

Sonoda: Probably, he was making preparations to celebrate, wasn't he? Wait patiently. Even I'll make you food in the morning.

Joker: I know that. But it's not like me to wait patiently without doing anything. Besides, I'm thinking I want to give Yuki-kun a royal welcome when he comes to congratulate me. So, will you help me?

Sonoda: Wait a minute, Kiyo. What are doing pointing a gun at someone you're asking for a favor!?

Joker: I told you, didn't I? I came to harass you☆

Joker: Well then, everyone watching this timeline, thanks for voting. We'll continue after the sun comes up.


10:30am, Nov 22

Yuki: *yaaawn*
I was so satisfied with finishing, I accidentally fell asleep.

Yuki: I've wrapped it tightly, so good, I'll go see Joker-san!

Yuki: Joker-saaan. Huh? He's not here.

Yuki: ...There's a notice.
"Come to Eiji's room☆"

Yuki: Hello. *door opening*

Joker: Welcome, Yuki-kun!

Yuki: *cough*!!
It's all red in front of me!?
What is this, powder?

Joker: It's a colored powder party. Flashy, isn't it!
I wanted to try it once♪

Yuki: Oh, I've kind of seen that in foreign movies!
This is like chalk powder, but it's safe even if it goes in your mouth?

Sonoda: It's just starch colored with red food coloring, so it's pretty much safe.

Sonoda: More importantly, if you wanted to do it, you should do it in your room. Why are you doing it in my room!!

Joker: Well, it's hard to clean up afterward. If I did it in the cafeteria, you'd get even madder.
So, Yuki-kun, have fun!

Yuki: Uwaha!!
This is fun, isn't it!

Chiba: Today is Joker-sama's birthday. This year, I'll give him this present... hm? Joker-sama is not in his room... where did he go....

Joker: Yuki-kun, get it on Eiji too!

Yuki: You have fun too, Sonoda-san. There!

Sonoda: Wait, no!

Chiba: Hey, Sonoda. Do you know where Joker-sama... *gasp!* Who!!

Sonoda: *cough*...

Joker: Oh, Hayato. That's Eiji.

Yuki: Wah! Chiba-san got Sonoda-san!

Chiba: Joker-sama? And is that Asahina there? That mysterious colored object is Sonoda...?

Joker: Yeah, it's fun so you join too, Hayato. There!

Chiba: Huh? Oh, aah... achoo! Achoo! Achoo!

Yuki: Chiba-san!? Are you okay? That's a lot of sneezing....

Chiba: I... achoo... I can overcome... achoo! this ordeal... achoo! Achoo!

Yuki: Chiba-san, you're sobbing!?

Joker: Oh, come to think of it, Hayato, you get hay fever, don't you? Sorry, I forgot.

Chiba: No... I'm fine... achoo-achoo-achoo!!!! Myself, achoo... wants to celebrate... achoo... your birthday... achoo... Jokers-sama... achoo-achoo-achoo-achoo!

Joker: Thanks, Hayato. I appreciate the sentiments. We just wanted to have fun. Go back to your room and come back after you've taken a shower.

Chiba: You're so kind...! Achoo!!! Happy birthday... achoo-achoo... then... take this....

Joker: Thanks, Hayato.

Yuki: Joker-san, what did he give you?

Joker: Um, there's a note. "I won a hand towel fabled to give you the strength of a hundred men if you wear it. Please accept it. Hayato," it says.

Yuki: Won it, what does that mean? Or rather, from who??

Joker: Who knows? But, it's perfect. I'll use this polka dotted cloth as a dust mask.
There's still a lot of powder left, so let's restart the party!!

Sonoda: Huh, you're still going to continue?

Yuki: Woohoo!

Sonoda: (It's not my imagination that Yuki-kun's mood is starting to resemble Kiyo's...)

Sonoda: In that case, I'll counterattack too!

Joker: Ah, that was fun♪

Yuki: It was!
Even though at the end, I couldn't tell what color I ended up becoming.
I enjoyed the excitement even though I kind of didn't get it!

Yuki: Aaaah!
I had so much fun I forgot, but I brought a birthday present for you, Joker-san!

Yuki: I'm glad I wrapped it properly.

Joker: What's inside?

Yuki: Um, a knit hat! Since I got a fur hat from you before, I thought I wanted to give you one too. Although, it wasn't finished last night, so I ended up kicking you out....

Joker: Does that mean, you knitted it?

Yuki: I wanted to at first, but after all, there's a limit to my skill....
Because it was starting to look kind of weird, I just embroidered the name JOKER with yarn on a ready-made item.

Joker: I'm very happy. That I got something made with love from you, my dearest.

Yuki: Ehehehe///// (blushing)

Joker: I want to unwrap it and wear it right away, but I don't want it to get dirty, so I'll do it after I take a bath.

Yuki: Oh, that's true. Let's ask Dora-chan so we can use the big bath!

Sonoda: Oh, then, I want a bath too...

Joker: Huh? Eiji, you can't possibly mean to get into the bath with us when our love is growing to its climax. Read the mood and take a shower in your own room.

Joker: And, have some food prepared for when we get out of the bath.

Yuki: Uwah, Sonoda-san's food, I can't wait!!

Sonoda: Seriously...?


1:00pm, Nov 22

Yuki: Uwah!!
Amazing food!

Yuki: Preparing this much while we were in the bath and Joker-san was making me happy, after all, you are a genius, Sonoda-san!!

Sonoda: ...Well, I already know I'm a genius.
Oh, the ones with the mint leaves are for Kiyo, so be careful.

Yuki: Uhaaah!
I got hungry from moving around so much, so it's more delicious than usual!

Yuki: Joker-san, when we finish eating this, let's clean Sonoda-san's room.

Joker: Huh, we're going to clean?

Yuki: Well, he let us have fun, so we have to clean up.

Sonoda: Yuki-kun, you're uber-nice.
Preach it.
By the way, Kiyo. I know you want to show off, but don't eat wearing the knit hat.

Joker: I don't want to, but if Yuki-kun says so, it can't be helped.
Then, afterward, let's continue from the bath in my room

Yuki: Yes

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