sakaki's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

AHEM. The most important Twitter event of the year, guys. ♥

happy birthday, Professor Sakaki!

Yuki: Professor Sakaki, happy birthday! I have a present for you....

Sakaki: Asahina. If this is a bribe because you want me to go easy on grading your test, I don’t need it. All morning, I’ve been receiving tributes one after another from guys who are flunking. Are you the same?

Yuki: I’m not. It’s not a bribe, I made it to celebrate your birthday!

Sakaki: Made it? Did you learn how to make some food from Sonoda?

Yuki: No. The present from me is this! Tada! “A test that Professor Sakaki absolutely can’t get 100% on!!”

Sakaki: I did say I like making tests that students can’t get 100% on, but I don’t remember saying I wanted to take one.

Yuki: Huh, really? I thought, certainly you’d like solving them too. Since it’s here, please try it.

Sakaki: “Question 1. Which of the following was the main ingredient in last Friday’s A set?”
"Question 2. Which of the following is always the first bread to sell out at the school store?"
This is...

Yuki: Hehe. This will be hard even for you to get 100% on.

Tomo: Yuki, that’s not really a present no matter how you look at it, is it?

Yuki: Huh, maybe. I thought of it when I couldn’t sleep last night. So did you prepare something then?

Tomo: Yeah, more or less, since he’s helped me. This is from me.

Sakaki: A portable ashtray.

Tomo: I think it’s better than Yuki’s.

Yuki: Tomo, that’s just something you bought at the nearby 100yen shop.

Tomo: It wasn’t 100yen, it was 300yen.

Sakaki: Both of you, thank you. Since I don’t have excessive expectations of what I get from students, I’m happy with whatever I get.

Yuki: Hehe. I’m glad.

Sakaki: After this, it seems Sonoda is going to make some food for me, but do you want to come too?

Yuki: I’ll go!!

Tomo: If it’s on you, anytime.

Sakaki: Since that’s the case, Sonoda, add two more.

Sonoda: Huh, seriously? I wish you’d say something like that earlier. Well, since it’s coming out of your wallet, Professor, it’s fine.

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