sonoda's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

An INCREDIBLY AWESOME mini-event for Sonoda's 2015 birthday!

happy birthday, Sonoda!

--- 10:33 am

Sonoda: .........He's not coming.

Sonoda: I wonder what's the matter.

--- an hour later

Sonoda: ............

Yuki: Sonoda-san! Happy Birthday!!

Sonoda: Thank you, Yuki-kun.
I'm glad it came from you. Since you didn't show up at lunch, I was sure you had forgotten... and I was starting to agonize about it.

Sonoda: If I sent you an email and let you know by hinting at it, you'd think it was annoying, and it's kind of like demanding a congratulations, and what would I do if you thought I was like a child begging persistently for attention......

Yuki: Oh, I'm sorry I made you worry! I was really annoyed that I couldn't eat lunch in the cafeteria, but actually, after my morning classes ended, I left the school to get this.
It's a present from me. Please accept it!

Sonoda: From the size and impression of the box, I guess it's a cake?
Which store did you buy it from?

Yuki: Ehehe, I haven't looked inside yet either, but it's probably the only cake in the world that can satisfy you, Sonoda-san.

Sonoda: This is...

Yuki: Uwah, it's a delicious-looking chocolate cake!!
It looks beautiful and the scent of the chocolate is very different.
Sonoda-san, hurry and eat it, and try guessing where it's from!

Sonoda: I don't have to eat it, I can tell just by looking.
The way the ganache, cream, and sponge cake are layered on this opera cake, and the way the glaçage (icing) is done, this is without a doubt my father's work.

Yuki: Amazing, Sonoda-san. You can tell just by looking!
Before, I was thinking of getting a cake from a different famous store. But, I thought a run of the mill cake wouldn't satisfy you, so I asked your father and he sent it by airmail so it would be in time today.

Sonoda: Thank you, Yuki-kun. It was an awesome choice.
Oh geez, I'm going to cry. I want to hold you so crazy tight right now.
But I also want to hurry and eat this.

Yuki: Then, how about you do everything you want to do after eating the cake?

Sonoda: Yeah, I will. Then, let's eat it together.

Yuki: Yes!

-- 3 hours later

Joker: Ah, I'm hungry.
I guess I'll go interrupt now★

Joker: Happy Birthday, Eiji♡

Sonoda: Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

Yuki: Huh! What was that sound!? An explosion!?
It's really sparkly in front of me.

Joker: Surprise success☆
This thing is amazing. It's an extra-large cracker bazooka, 30,000 yen per shot.
Eiji, since you're always complaining that your birthday is plain, I tried something outrageous.

Sonoda: Kiyo...... this isn't a congratulations, it's totally harassment.

Joker: It would be normal and boring for this special day of yours to end happy like this. So I guess you don't understand my kindness in adding a magnificent end.

Sonoda: I refuse that sort of kindness.

Joker: But, I was pissed that you were making out with Yuki-kun, even though I was hungry and waiting forever for you to bring my lunch☆
Well, that was plenty fun, so you two go ahead and do whatever you want now.

Yuki: .......

Sonoda: .......

Sonoda: ......What do you want to do, Yuki-kun? Continue? Or eat dinner?

Yuki: Dinner, I guess.......

Sonoda: Right.......

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