takato's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

A short but sweet story posted on February 2, 2015. :D

happy birthday, Takato!

Yuki: Alright, the preparations are finally done!

Kuya:: Since Ninosuke is working on the scheme to detain Masatsugu, it will be fine!

Yuki: Roger! Then, I'll go fetch Takato-san.

Yuki: Takato-san, happy birthday! Then, this is sudden, but let's go the student council room!

Takato: Oh, just what is the matter?

Yuki: Just go and look forward to it. Come on, hurry, hurry.

Yuki: One, two.

Yuki: Takato-san, happy birthday!

Kuya:: Masatsugu, happy birthday!

Takato: Just... what is this?

Yuki: It's a ZombieChan character cake! I made the base in the rice cooker!

Kuya:: Yuki and I decorated it. How is it!? We did a pretty good job, didn't we!?

Takato: Rather than a character cake, this... is more a gore cake....

Yuki: We used the image from the third volume with the head getting cut off by a hatchet! Since that scene was really shocking.

Kuya:: I read it too, and that was an incredible scene. The description was so overly realistic, it made my hands sweaty.

Yuki: But, I thought it was very depictable. How is it?

Takato: Yes... very depictable, isn't it? With the gray matter hanging out, well....

Yuki: Right!?

Kuya:: We really worked hard on this!

Yuki: Come on, please eat it, Takato-san!

Takato: Eh.

Kuya:: These brains are starch mixed with fruit juice, so it's deliciously fruity!

Yuki: This may also look a little gross, but it's jam. So come on, dig in, please!

Takato: Thank you... I'll have some.

Takato: Oh. It really is delicous.

Yuki: That's because it's a present for you! I put my spirit into making it. And we got the ingredients from Sonoda-san.

Kuya:: The three of us, Yuki, Ninosuke, and I worked out the recipe, so we have confidence in it!

Yuki: Happy birthday, Takato-san. Thank you for always, always taking care of us.

Kuya:: The student council wouldn't be able to function without you, Masastugu. We're really grateful!

Yuki: I think we're still going to cause you lots of trouble, but we look forward to working with you from now on.

Takato: ... Same here.

Takato: Somehow... how should I put it....

Takato: Thank you. I'm glad.

Kuya:: Yeah! Alright! I'm satisfied we could make a it a good birthday! With this, the Student Council-sponsored Birthday Party for Takato Masatsugu is over. Then, later should be the lovers' birthday congratulations. Bye!

Yuki: Um... is, is it okay for that to be after we go back to the dorm, at night?

Takato: That would be wonderful.


Yuki: Takato-san. Here is the delivery of your birthday present.

Takato: I was waiting for it.

Yuki: This year's present is what you requested, um....

Takato: "I want you to show me the Asahina that I don't know."

Yuki: R, right, that....

Yuki: I devised several strategies. I'll absolutely make your heart pound!

Takato: I'm looking forward to it. Well then, Asahina, come into the room. Shall we begin our lovers' time?

Yuki: ... Yes.

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