yuki's birthday

twitter short story (2015)

A surprisingly brief event for Yuki's 2015 birthday.

happy birthday, Yuki!

Chiba: Asahina. Today is your birthday, isn't it? Here.

Chiba: Yeah. It's a Hawaiian shirt. You seemed really interested in it, so I bought it. It has a red dragon pattern. It looks strong and cool. Please feel free to accept it.

Chiba: Sorry. I have to go back to practice, so I'm going now. Let me relax and celebrate your birthday after the tournament is over. Bye.

Kuya: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Yuki! My present is an electric shaved ice machine! With this, you can eat as much fluffy shaved ice as you want. Isn't that awesome! Of course I also got ice and syrup. Look, there's even compote to put on top, that's right. And there's also condensed milk. And ice cream, and fresh cream, and honey....

Kuya: I'm giving you too much? Of course not!
There's lots and lots of presents I want want to give you to make you happy. It makes me happiest when I do that and you smile.

Yagami: Hey, Asahina! So today's your birthday. Instead of a present I'll treat you to all-you-can-eat grilled meat. Because eating hot meat is the best when it's hot out!

Yagami: Wait, this isn't really a date or anything. It's just because you're always being annoying saying let's go out, let's go.... Sometimes it might be nice to make you happy with something besides a live show... is all I was thinking!

Tomo: Yuki, happy birthday. Since you celebrated mine, I thought about something to make you happy, but in the end I couldn't think of anything but the same thing as you.

Tomo: Which means, my present is basketball shoes. They're not for using for a club, but put them on and let's play basketball together again.

Arata: Yuki, happy birthdaaay. This isn't anything big, though. They're items to keep you cool? I guess they're called. Since you work so hard doing student council work under the blazing sun every day. Be careful not to get heatstroke.

Arata: Honestly, when I see you working hard, I fall in love all over... no, I mean, I see you in a different light. You get hungry quickly, but the fact that you persevere until the end... I honestly think it's cool.

Joker: S'Dnjom Razhdenija! (happy birthday in Russian) Since today is too hot even to celebrate your birthday, I tried having snow brought in to make the gymnasium a temporary skating rink for you. Let's skate while we have a snowball fight♪

Joker: Oh, since the the gymnasium has gotten as cold as the middle of winter, dress warm. Although if you do get cold, I'll warm you up.

Sonoda: Happy birthday. My present is a birthday cake, bolo de pudim! (flan cake), a creme caramel cake from Brazil, to which I tried adding my arrangement of birthday decorations. It's different than the creme caramel you're familiar with and it has the ideal flavor for this heat, so try it.

Sonoda: Oh, if you want another helping, call me anytime. It will cost though. Actually, since it's so hot, I thought about making a cake with an ice cream base, but it looks some some place is using a lot of electricity and it's making the freezer not work. Do you know the reason?

Takato: Asahina, happy birthday to you. Since you're popular, you must have gotten presents from a lot of people, haven't you? I'm a little jealous. Well, while you're at the school, since you're the student council president, I know I can't monopolize you.

Takato: This time, I thought about writing a story with you as the protagonist in order to show off my originality, but I dropped it, since honestly, it ended up being something I don't want to show to others.

Takato: And so, it's an innocuous smart phone charger. You're constantly running out of power, aren't you? It would be troublesome if we couldn't contact the president because of that.
Huh? You're interested in the story?
... Then, come to my room later.

Yuki: Wow! My birthday was fun this year!
I got a lot of presents, my stomach is full, it really was a good day.

Yuki: Even though it's summer break, because it was my birthday, everyone stayed at the dorm. That makes me kind of really happy.

Yuki: Alright, I'll work hard tomorrow! Then, good niiight.

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