joker's birthday

twitter short story (2016)

This is so sappy and adorable. :D

happy birthday, Joker!

Yuki: Joker-san, happy birthday!

Joker: Thanks♥

Yuki: Um, are you free now? There's somewhere I want us to go together.

Joker: Are you inviting me on a birthday date? What a coincidence. I was just thinking of going out with you.

Yuki: Really!?

Joker: It's my birthday. Did you think I had nothing planned? It's about time for that to arrive. Look, it's coming over the bridge.

Yuki: That? ...Wait, you mean that really long car!?

Joker: Yeah, it's a limousine date. I tried renting one because it seemed the most ridiculously fun. Come on, let's go♥

Yuki: Uwah, it's like the world of a music video... I feel like we should be rapping or something.

Joker: Ahaha. so, Yuki-kun, where did you want to go?

Yuki: First, this is a present from me! Since you arranged this amazing vehicle, it might not be a good surprise for you though...

Joker: Thanks♥ Is this a picture frame?

Yuki: Yes. And I was thinking, let's go take a picture at a photo studio to put in it.

Joker: I see.

Yuki: When I went to your house, I remembered there were lots of pictures when you were little, taken at a photo studio. Since they seemed like they were taken every year on your birthday, I wanted to take a picture with you.

Joker: What a wonderful idea.

Yuki: And, if possible, it would be nice to take pictures together every year from now on. Of course, that's only if you want to.

Joker: Of course♥
You say the cutest things, I just have to hug you.
And... *smooch*

Joker: If we're going to do it, let's not just take one picture at the photo studio, let's take as many pictures as we possibly can. I don't want to waste even one moment spent with you, my dearest.

Yuki: That's a great idea!

Joker: Alright, we'll add the on-site photographer and photo book options!

Yuki: Huh, um, well, isn't that expensive?

Joker: Nevermind, nevermind. Since tomorrow is a day off, why don't we go to a Japanese inn at a hot spring, like we're on a honeymoon♥ Or should we go to a chapel?

Yuki: Huh, wait, wait a minute, Joker-san!

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