minase arata

the swim team's hope

When I'm snuggled with Maro is when I'm happiest.
Arata is a talented diver, but the first things the player will notice are his odd way of speaking and the fact that he's always carrying around his pet ferret, Maro. Arata is cheery but strange, laughing at everything and acting evasive if someone tries to get close.

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basic information
name 水無瀬新 (Minase Arata)
birthplace Shiga
birthdate & age March 12, 2001 (16 years old)
zodiac Pisces
blood type AB
height 168cm (5ft 6in)
personal pronoun アラタ (Arata), 俺 (ore)
stats (scale of 0-5) luck 3 / intelligence 2 / popularity 2 / special ability 4 / physical strength 5 / influence 1
voice actor Nojima Kenji (野島健児) ~ other roles
fitting in at Bell Liberty
special skill diving
year second year student
role/affiliation swim club member
class sorting mostly regular
best subject PE
closest friend Yagami Reon
favorites & other personal info
family father, mother
interests playing with his ferret
favorite things being in the water
favorite foods cheese, yogurt, fermented foods
dislikes being too hot or too cold, tight fitting clothes
favorite underwear boxer briefs

story intro

As a diver, Arata is considered 'the swim team’s hope' and is so talented that he’s been interviewed by magazines. From the start, Yuki is captivated by the beauty and ease of his diving, which Arata finds a little embarrassing. In fact, Arata doesn’t like being the center of attention. He'd rather focus on others, enjoying the antics of those around him without getting deeply involved.

Arata is an only child who spent much of his time alone, since both of his parents work demanding jobs that require a lot of overtime. He was never allowed to have a pet, but in middle school, he found and took in an injured ferret, naming him Maro. Arata seems to have an affinity with animals, and he claims to have learned how to speak with cats from a cute boy with glasses (Professor Umino). He handles the chore of cleaning the litter box, wanting the cats to have a clean place to go, and also because he doesn’t want them to be chased away by people who find them dirty or annoying.


I think everyone knew a weird kid in high school who was kind of an outsider, but managed to get along with everyone because they were so out there, no one quite knew what to make of them. That's Arata. He doesn't wear the normal school uniform, preferring the warm comfort of a tracksuit instead. As a bonus, his jacket is a great place for his pet ferret, Maro, to hide and sleep - which is good, because Arata carries Maro everywhere. And finally, Arata usually refers to himself in the third person.

All this, plus his spacey, almost out of touch personality makes him seem like a weird and shallow kid. Arata's closest friend is Yagami Reon, and the two are often seen together - though Yagami is always yelling at Arata for calling him silly nicknames.


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Sagimori Kuya - friend
Kuya and Arata get along well because their outward personalities are very similar - overly cheerful, a bit weird, and fond of animals. It's hard to say for sure, but it seems like they may each suspect that there is something more beneath the surface that's also similar. They don't spend a lot of time together, but they're friendly and use cute nicknames for each other.

Yagami Reon - friend
Arata and Yagami knew each other because they were a lot of the same classes in the previous school year - Yagami got held back while Arata moved on to become a second year. Arata wasn't very friendly with Yagami until later in the year, and they got to know each other after *spoiler bleep for Yagami's route*. Arata is always using the nickname 'Reo-Reo' for Yagami, which drives him crazy. They like to antagonize each other.

character data sheet

The following information is a translation of the character data sheet that was provided on the preorder bonus CD. These character sheets are more like lists of random notes than a detailed character profile, so don't expect this to be terribly coherent. :3

Please be aware that these are early development notes and information may differ slightly from the finished game.


strong point: Sociable, good at listening, doesn't like fighting, reads the mood (but purposefully breaks it). Has a spirit of volunteering, not balking at doing work others dislike and find bothersome. He sees things as calm observer.
weak point: Doesn't show his feelings. somewhat stubborn and self-absorbed.

His personality is friendly, but he's fickle and that can suddenly disappear. Sensitive to heat and cold. He wants to hear about people, but doesn't really talk about himself. He likes to poke his nose when there is fun and tease, but basically stays a spectator. Normally even tempered and frivolous. He doesn't get very surprised or angry or sad. Doesn't like fighting and wants to be laid-back. Sometimes gets sharp. Tends to lose his cellphone and doesn't make calls from his phone much. He seems delicate to other people and is focused on doing things his own way.

special remarks

About Maro: He found him abandoned and injured in middle school. Because his parents found pets too troublesome to take care of, it was his first time having a pet. He doesn't particularly like animals, but animals really like him. He's never killed a plant or animal he raised for a school research project. Because both parents are often out of the house with work, he brought Maro with him when he entered BL School. He was taught how to talk to cats by a cute boy with glasses he met at the school.

personal history

About swimming: He started in the upper years of primary school. He's been diving since the beginning. He's so-so at swimming. There are seven members in the BL School swim club. There are four competitive swimmers and three divers, including Arata. They're all aiming to go to the Olympics. Arata hasn't really thought about it too deeply, but he's been chosen to participate in joint practice overseas, in places like China.

additional information (revealed in-game)

It's a nuclear family with both parents working and an only child. He's been in day care since he was born. They're a middle class family. Both parents are busy with work, but they get along okay. Their motto is, you do your own thing, so if was hungry, he made food himself. (Just foods where you only mix or heat.)

When he was a child, he was left at his grandparent's house in a neighboring prefecture over long breaks. He felt lonely at that, but since it was unavoidable, he didn't express his dissatisfaction. Only, he always felt as if there was no place he belonged.

additional information (not revealed in-game)

Personal relations: He doesn't like people who show negative emotions like anger, jealousy, and contempt. He doesn't want other people to have expectations of him, or to be disappointed by them. If someone gets too close to him, he'll poke fun, and keep his distance. He likes serious people and those who do their best. If he doesn't want to be at the center, he likes to be on the sidelines of a crowd.

He's very concerned about what others think of him. He's easily influenced by others' feelings, and he actually dislikes keeping a proper distance. Since he has a stubborn and excessive personality, he's either at zero or a hundred. He lives by controlling himself well, to have his current composure.