kasahara tomo

100% normal classmate

Normal is best for everything. Normal is awesome.
Tomo is a slacker who's obsessed with being ordinary. He typically sleeps through his classes, or cuts them if he can get away with it, and he doesn't participate in track club despite being a member. Early on, Yuki finds out that Tomo actually is talented, and is only pretending to be average. But why?

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basic information
name 笠原智友 (Kasahara Tomo)
birthplace Tokyo
birthdate & age June 20, 2001 (15 years old)
zodiac Gemini
blood type A
height 178cm (5ft 10in)
personal pronoun 俺 (ore)
stats (scale of 0-5) luck 3 / intelligence 3 / popularity 3 / special ability 3 / physical strength 3 / influence 3
voice actor Eguchi Takuya (江口拓也) ~ other roles
fitting in at Bell Liberty
special skill sprinting
year first year student
role/affiliation track club (but doesn't participate)
class sorting all regular, except hard PE
best subject math
closest friend Yuki
favorites & other personal info
family I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you
interests skipping class, napping
favorite things naps, normality
favorite food hard candy
dislikes annoying things, enthusiasm
favorite underwear boxer briefs

story intro

Tomo is first year classmate, and is introduced when Professor Sakaki asks him to show Yuki the ropes on his first day of school. They quickly become friends, with Tomo warning Yuki not to get caught up in the weirdness of the school and to stay normal. This obsession with being average means Tomo barely makes an effort in class, which amuses Yuki at first. Later, he worries about Tomo's apathy, wondering why he has such a bad attitude. (protip: depression, yo)

A major part of Tomo's backstory is revealed in the common route, so it's difficult to talk about him much without getting into spoilers.


No matter how lazy and apathetic you are, Tomo's got you beat. He doesn't make an effort to do anything, despite getting into the school by setting a national track record. He doesn't practice with the track club, he's smart but purposely does only enough work to get average grades, he cuts class and sleeps in the nurse's office, and when he does go to class, he sleeps there too! It's all part of his obsession with being normal and average, though Yuki points out that his fixation on being ordinary is anything but normal...

Despite his laziness, Tomo is a surprisingly polite boy, always using honorifics and speaking politely to adults and older students.


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Suzubishi Nao - older brother
Tomo's sickly older brother. Their parents died when Tomo was very young, so Nao is the only family Tomo ever knew. Because of Nao's illness, no one wanted to adopt the two brothers together. Nao urged Tomo to agree to a separate adoption, not wanting to hold his brother back from having a 'real family.' After Tomo was adopted, it was discovered that the brothers were distant relatives of the Suzubishi family, and Nao was adopted by them. He eventually became director of Bell Liberty and summoned Tomo to the school, but died soon after. His final wish was for Tomo to accept the position of director, which he did.

Asahina Yuki - childhood friend
Tomo and Yuki were good friends as children, though neither one remembers their shared past. Yuki used to live near a public park and often went to play there. He and Tomo got to know each other after Tomo's older brother, Nao, collapsed from heatstroke at the park and was helped by Yuki's dad. After that, the two boys became good friends. They lost contact when Yuki's family moved away from the area near the park.

Sakaki Sojiro - coworker & teacher
Despite Sakaki's official opposition of the director, he is sympathetic to Tomo's issues and privately encourages him to take action. However, he feels that Tomo must make his own decisions and stand up for himself, so he's not willing to bail him out of his situation. Sakaki is also Tomo's math teacher, and Tomo's inattention in class has made him the target of Sakaki's chalk throw more than once... :3

character data sheet

The following information is a translation of the character data sheet that was provided on the preorder bonus CD. These character sheets are more like lists of random notes than a detailed character profile, so don't expect this to be terribly coherent. :3

Please be aware that these are early development notes and information may differ slightly from the finished game.


strong point: Runs fast, programming ability.
weak point: Not honest with his feelings, pessimistic, has no dreams for the future.

- Even though he finds everything bothersome, he can unconsciously end up being helpful and caring.
- The type to be annoyed by everything except his love interest.
- A person who has a sense of normality even within BL School.
- Makes the witty remarks for Yuki in the jokes where Yuki doesn't, but seems annoyed.
- He explains about the school, but he doesn't talk about himself much. Normal. Easygoing.

special remarks

- He cuts corners randomly, he makes his parameters average on purpose.
- He is the school's director. (Technically hiding that he's the director. At the start of the game, only Sakaki, Keita, and Matsuoka know.)
- His older brother was the school's previous director (successor to Kazuki). But, following his brother's wishes, he took office as director in spring.
- In the course of the common route, the student council and Durak find out that he's the director.
- Actually, he has a high IQ, and he excels at computer hacking, but he's hiding it.

personal history

Came from an orphanage. Both brothers had high IQs, but because his older brother was sickly, Tomo was adopted first. Afterward, his older brother was adopted by a Suzubishi family, and he became the director of BL School as the successor to Kazuki.

The family that adopted Tomo used him as an accomplice in their corporate spying. Since his adoptive parents were arrested when he was in the third year of middle school, he was released into his older brother's custody, but soon after, his brother died of his illness. Tomo followed his brother's wishes and became director.

additional information (revealed in-game)

Raised in an orphanage. His older brother was a gentle and talented person, and was rather sickly, and Tomo was cheerful. Tomo was adopted first, but his adoptive family made him help with corporate spying.

Soon after his adoptive parents were arrested, he was contacted by his older brother, who he hadn't heard from in all that time. (His older brother sent frequent letters, but his adoptive parents threw them all away. The platinum paper had been sent from BL School earlier.) But, on his deathbed, his brother told him he wanted Tomo go to BL School and assume the office of director in his stead, and he became director. Kazuki supported Tomo, but since Kazuki had to be away from Japan, he asked Keita to help the new director in his stead. At the start of the game, he's only been director for a month.

additional information (not revealed in-game)

- He used to play with Yuki when they were little.
- He likes lollipops because Yuki gave him one a long time ago.
- Rebelling against his fate of having others decide things for him, he's tried taking an attitude of having nothing to do with other people since coming to BL School.
- Since he feels he's not someone who belongs there, he especially feels a sense of kinship with Yuki who has no special talents.
- He finds everything annoying, skips class, and pretends to have no interest in things, but he's actually lonely inside.
- Since he tries to put on a brave face, he really dislikes other people intruding on his personal space.