yagami reon

musical genius

If there's guys making a ruckus, you should shut them up with your own strength.
Yagami lives for music, specifically death metal, and plays electric guitar in the ironically named 'Light Music Appreciation Group.' His entire family is musically gifted, though they play classical music instead. He has a foul mouth and little tolerance for people who are annoying.

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basic information
name 八神礼音 (Yagami Reon)
birthplace Chiba
birthdate & age September 12, 2000 (16 years old)
zodiac Virgo
blood type B
height 172cm (5ft 7.5in)
personal pronoun 俺 (ore)
stats (scale of 0-5) luck 3 / intelligence 3 / popularity 2 / special ability 5 / physical strength 2 / influence 1
voice actor Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本信彦) ~ other roles
fitting in at Bell Liberty
special skill perfect pitch
year first year student (repeating)
role/affiliation light music appreciation group
class sorting ultimate: music / others: regular
best subject music
closest friend Minase Arata
favorites & other personal info
family father, mother, older brother, older sister, younger sister (possibly more siblings)
interests electric guitar
favorite things music
favorite food meat (beef)
dislikes being forced into something
favorite underwear boxer briefs

story intro

Yagami makes a strong impression from the very start. He shows up late to class, sasses Sakaki a bit, and plops down with his feet up on the desk, then promptly falls asleep. Yuki’s honestly a bit afraid to talk to Yagami at first, but as he gets to know his rough-seeming classmate, he gets more comfortable. Yagami, we quickly learn, is all bark and hardly any bite - the worst he manages is kicking people who annoy him, especially Arata when he calls him Reo-Reo.

Despite being a musical genius, Yagami isn't an active member of the school's music club. Instead, he's in the 'light music appreciation group' with a few other students who play for fun, not because it's their special talent. The light music group is at odds with the music club, who considers their hard rock and death metal worthless noise.


Yagami is a tough guy who projects a tough guy image. He has a foul mouth and seems intimidating, with a bad attitude and zero interest in being friendly with others. But once you get to know him, he's surprisingly kind and considerate. He's willing to work hard if he's genuinely interested in something, and he'll invest a lot of time in sharing his interests with others. His interactions with the members of the light music association is where his kindness shines through, as he'll defer to their preferences in order to make sure everyone is enjoying the music.


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Minase Arata - friend
Arata and Yagami knew each other because they were a lot of the same classes in the previous school year - Yagami got held back while Arata moved on to become a second year. Arata wasn't very friendly with Yagami until later in the year, and they got to know each other after *spoiler bleep for Yagami's route*. Arata is always using the nickname 'Reo-Reo' for Yagami, which drives him crazy. They like to antagonize each other.

character data sheet

The following information is a translation of the character data sheet that was provided on the preorder bonus CD. These character sheets are more like lists of random notes than a detailed character profile, so don't expect this to be terribly coherent. :3

Please be aware that these are early development notes and information may differ slightly from the finished game.


strong point: hardworking, focused, strong sense of duty, sensitive, sincere
weak point: foul-mouthed, aggressive, can't choose words with consideration for others

Tough guy. Stoic. Expresses his opinions bluntly. Focused, can't do moderation, obsessive. Hates losing. He dislikes and doesn't forgive not going on all in, and thinks it's uncool. Not afraid of the effort to put in lots of practice and master the basics. Has no patience for things he isn't interested in and pays no attention. Because of his fanboy disposition, his impression of people goes up if they like the things he likes.

Not considerate of people. Foul-mouthed. Says what he thinks frankly. Doesn't speak indirectly when it comes to people's weak points and worries (he thinks being clear is for their own good). Since he thinks worries are one's own problem, no one asks him for advice, and he's the type who doesn't ask advice of others. Not friendly. He's the type who can make many enemies, but he doesn't think he's bad at personal relations.

special remarks

Because most of his siblings are daring and unconventional, Reon as the youngest had a tough time. He is reluctant to admit it, but he's surprisingly accommodating and sensible. He treasures those he accepts like his family and band members. Because he was raised in a family with an authoritative mother and elder sister, he's aware he's not good with women.

personal history

He plays in a death metal band in the light music appreciation association. He can speak English at the conversational level. His grades in school are average, and depending on the class, he squeaks by.

additional information (revealed in-game)

There are four members of the light music appreciation association: third years on vocals/guitar and drums, a second year on bass, and the first year, Yagami. As a death metal band, they periodically have shows at live venues, but apart from Yagami, who got into the school for his musical talent, the band is at a decent level. The vocalist and guitarist older student who was leader of the association left in the middle, so it changed to a hard rock band.

additional information (not revealed in-game)

Since they do live shows periodically, they're moderately famous in the amateur band neighborhood. He also helps out playing guitar with indie bands he knows. He has female fans and is actually popular. He's not happy talking to girls and takes a tough attitude. There is a rumor among the girls wondering if he might be gay.