gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #3: Suzubishi Kazuki

Keita: Kazuki.
Keita: I was lonely. I wanted to see you so much.
Kazuki: Me too, Keita.
Kazuki: I'm sorry, always just calling you on the phone.
Keita: I know you're busy. It makes me really happy that you just even call during breaks at work.
Keita: ... But it makes me even happier that I can see you face-to-face.
Kazuki: Yeah, that's right. Every time I hear your voice on the phone, I can't stand how much I want to touch you like this.
Keita: Yeah, me too.
Kazuki: While I was away from Japan, your frequent updates about the situation at the school were a big help.
Keita: I was helpful to you?
Kazuki: Of course. But I'm sorry I couldn't be with you at such a terrible time.
Keita: You don't have to apologize. I didn't do anything much, so.... The ones who had it terrible were Kasahara-kun and the student council president who supported him and the students at the school.
Kazuki: You're right. Really, I wish I could have gotten a little more directly involved, but...
Keita: It can't be helped. You had important business in America. But, they did really well using their own strength. Besides, Professor Sakaki was on the side of the school.
Kazuki: I see, so he was....
Keita: He may seem cold, but Professor Sakaki really looks after the students, so I'm sure he helped Kasahara-kun.
Kazuki: That's right. If it's him, he might become a support for Kasahara-kun. Besides, he has you too.
Kazuki: Keita, even though you just became a teacher, weren't you worried about the uproar of the school closing so soon after you started the job?
Keita: Well, a little. But, I had faith that everyone at the school could get through it. Besides, a teacher can't show they're worried to the students.
Kazuki: Oh, that's a very teacher-like statement.
Keita: Not teacher-like, I am a teacher. Oh, that's right, Kazuki. As his guardian, did you come to see Kasahara-kun today? Is it ok not to go?
Kazuki: I can meet him later. Right now, they're having some sort of event in the cafeteria.
Keita: Yeah, under the pretext of a congratulations party, the students are all celebrating Kasahara-kun's birthday.
Kazuki: Then I shouldn't interfere unnecessarily. Because the burden of being the director is so great, I think I want him to properly enjoy the things he can only enjoy while he's a student.
Keita: That's right. I hope the time he spends with friends his own age at this school heals his heart at least a little bit....
Kazuki: It will be fine. I have experience. The time I spent at this school with you and everyone is really irreplaceable to me.
Keita: Although in your case, you were a student who was falsifying his age a little bit.
Kazuki: Don't say that. It's all I could do then.
Keita: I think you could have also been a teacher....
Kazuki: If I had done that, I might not have this relationship with you now.
Keita: That would be bad!
Kazuki: Haha, I'm kidding. Nevertheless, being with you like this at this school, I remember all sorts of things from seven years ago.
Keita: You're right. Back then, there was a disaster too, but thinking about it now, it feels small.
Kazuki: It wasn't small. But, that time, I was there, and this time Kasahara-kun was made to bear the burden. It must have been really terrible for him.
Keita: It's not your fault. Besides, he became director because it was his older brother's dying wish. I think Kasahara-kun has grown a lot during this incident.
Kazuki: I see.
Keita: ... Besides, you're not the director of this school anymore. You've been entrusted with important work for the Suzubishi Group, so it can't be helped.
Kazuki: Can't be helped, huh.
Keita: Yeah.
Kazuki: I became director of this school because I inherited my grandfather's will. He had faith I could protect the ideals of the school and entrusted it to me. Similarly, I had faith in Nao-kun and entrusted the future of the school to him.
Kazuki: Because to me, this is a very important place.
Keita: It is to me too.
Kazuki: So, if anything happened to Nao-kun, I intended to come back here, no matter how forced.
Kazuki: But, he stopped me while on his sickbed. He wanted me to entrust this school to his little brother Kasahara-kun and Assistant Director Sakaki, without me coming back. That's what he asked.
Keita: So that's what happened....
Kazuki: Though when I told him, Assistant Director Sakaki denied it....
Keita: But, in the end, he became an ally....
Kazuki: Maybe Nao-kun saw this result.
Keita: Maybe.
Kazuki: Even that Kasahara-kun would get over his older brother's death by becoming the director, and Assistant Director Sakaki would change sides to protect this school, and the students would unite to stand against the danger to the school.
Keita: He was an amazing person, the previous director.
Kazuki: Yeah..., because I anticipated he was someone I could entrust the school to.
Keita: Oh, Kasahara-kun is by the window.
Kazuki: He's with a friend he seems close to.
Keita: Oh, that might be Asahina-kun. As student council president, he's the boy who protected the school along with Kasahara-kun. He has really good luck like me.
Kazuki: Wow... so there's someone else besides you with good luck.
Keita: Yeah.
Kazuki: Those two. Somehow, it's like looking at us from a long time ago.
Keita: Right.
Kazuki: Back then, I was really saved thanks to you being there.
Keita: Kazuki....
Kazuki: Not just when I was at this school. From the moment I met you, you always, always saved me.
Keita: I didn't realize it back then though. But, now, I feel like I understand. We really help each other.
Keita: I hope Asahina-kun and Kasahara-kun can be what we are to each other.
Kazuki: Yes.
Keita: Like you are to me....
Kazuki: Like you are to me... irreplaceable....
Keita: Yeah.
Kazuki: I love you, Keita. No matter how many years pass, my feelings will never change.
Keita: Yeah. Kazuki, from now on, I'll always, always love you.
Kazuki: Yeah.
Keita: Mm..., Kazuki.
Kazuki: ... Mm... Keita.

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