gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #6: Naruse Yukihiko

Keita: ...Um, Naruse-san.
Naruse: What is it, honey?
Keita: ...Just as I thought, aren't we drawing too much attention here? It's an open cafe with a lot of people passing by.
Naruse: Really?
Keita: Yes, really. Those kids that have been standing around for a while, I'm sure they're fans of yours. I could hear the sound of them taking cell phone pics before.
Naruse: Looks like it. The kid behind you has been recording a movie. I wonder where they're posting it.
Keita: Are you okay with that!?
Naruse: Umm. It's not very good manners, but... I don't really mind?
Naruse: But if you don't like it, I'll ask them to stop...
Keita: No, aren't you the one being bothered, Naruse-san!?
Naruse: Me?
Keita: That's right. Please be more aware that you're famous, Naruse-san.
Keita: Look at the billboard that's clearly visible from this spot. That's a picture of you, right? Everyone can tell there's a famous person here.
Naruse: Oh, that billboard. It's an ad for a summer collection of shoes. I had my biggest smile since I was thinking of you, honey, when they took the picture.
Keita: Naruse-san...
Keita: You broke the records of Japanese tennis players, so you're the current record holder. Please be more self-aware.
Naruse: Oh no, you're exaggerating.
Keita: I'm not exaggerating! Right now, you're in the top ten in the world rankings!
Keita: You've even won the Grand Slam once, and you're not just a powerful player, but everyone wants you for commercials and magazines, too...
Naruse: Sorry, honey. Have I been making you uncomfortable?
Keita: No, I'm not trying to blame you, Naruse-san. It's just that compared to how super famous you are, I'm just an ordinary teacher, so I wonder if it's okay to draw so much attention...
Naruse: Honey.
Keita: Yes...?
Naruse: I've just won one US Open title so far. And that was because I got a good draw. Besides, this year's French Open ended early for me, so it's no big deal.
Keita: You were so close in the third match...
Naruse: Still, a loss is a loss. But I plan to get much, much stronger, win more titles, and get more famous. So this much is nothing.
Naruse: Besides, Japanese fans keep their distance like this, so they're not directly bothering us. It's better than the foreign fans.
Keita: (Umm... If this is better, how bad is it abroad...?)
Naruse: So you don't have anything to worry about, honey.
Keita: But...
Naruse: But?
Keita: I worry about you. Wimbledon is about to start soon, so it's an important time for you, right? Still, you came back to Japan and you're going on dates with me and stuff. Is that okay?
Naruse: Are you not happy to see me?
Keita: No way! Of course I'm happy!!
Naruse: Yeah. Then, I'm glad. I'm really happy to see you.
Naruse: Hey, honey.
Keita: Yes...?
Naruse: Being able to see you like this is my driving force. Meeting you, seeing your face, hearing your voice, touching you like this, those give me a lot of strength.
Keita: Naruse-san...
Naruse: Daily training and bodybuilding and mental training are all important, but to me, seeing you, honey, is an essential factor for winning my next match.
Keita: Is that true?
Naruse: Actually, you know, I got really depressed with my loss in the French Open before, and I got nervous. But seeing your smile today has driven all my worry away.
Keita: Really?
Naruse: Yeah. I'm so recharged by your smile, I feel like I can't lose anymore. So next time, I'll win for you.
Keita: Yes... I'll be looking forward to it.
Naruse: It's precisely because it's before an important match that I wanted to see you. Of course, even when it's not, I always want to see you.
Keita: It's the same for me.
Keita: I'm really happy I can see you like this.
Naruse: I'm happy, my honey. I love you.
Keita: Me too, Naruse-san...
Naruse: Besides, I want you to be famous too.
Keita: Huh...? Oh, that's...
Naruse: As my precious lover.
Keita: Why?
Naruse: Well, I'm going to be spending about a year abroad on tour.
Naruse: So I'll only be able to see you every once in a while. So when we're together, I want as many people to see us as possible.
Keita: Is that what this is...?
Naruse: Yeah. You may just feel like like you're being watched, but for me, it's like showing you off. I want to announce to the whole world that the really cute Ito Keita sitting next to me is my precious lover.
Keita: N, Naruse-san...
Naruse: That way, I can avoid any creeps going after you, right?
Keita: Oh no, creeps... You're worrying too much.
Naruse: Do you really think so?
Keita: I do. Well, thanks to you, I'm already famous too, you know?
Keita: In university, people were oddly distant and I was never invited even once to any mixers. And recently, students who've heard rumors have even been coming to me for advice because they're worried they like people of the same sex and stuff.
Naruse: Honey...
Keita: So it's nothing you have to worry about, Naruse-san.
Keita: I just like you, it's not really because you're the same sex...
Naruse: Argh! Geez!!
Keita: Naruse-san?
Naruse: After all, I AM worried! You're so cute, it's way too dangerous for you to be parading that golden smile in front of hot-blooded male students!!
Keita: ...Um, Naruse-san?
Naruse: I really should have done this sooner! Yeah, now's the time. Keita!!
Keita: Y, yes!
Naruse: Let's get married!!
Keita: M, married!?
Naruse: That's right! This world has plenty of countries that allow same-sex marriage! We can move there and get married officially!
Keita: Huh? But, Naruse-san? This is so sudden...
Naruse: It's not sudden. I've been thinking about it for a long time and I'm serious. I love you so much I want to marry you officially, honey.
Keita: Naruse-san...
Naruse: It doesn't have to be right away. Even if our situations change even more than now, I want you to know that my feelings for you will never change.
Keita: I know. I know that you love me. And I really love you a lot too, just as much as you love me.
Naruse: Ah! I love you, honey!! Let's really get married someday.
Keita: Yes, Naruse-san!

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