gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #5: Shichijo Omi

Keita: Here, say ah.
Omi: Hehe. It's delicious.
Keita: Is it really, after all? I'm glad. A student told me the ice cream here was delicious.
Omi: ...Oh, is that so?
Omi: But if you feed it to me, Ito-kun, even convenience store ice cream becomes a wonderful dessert.
Keita: Sh, Shichijo-san...
Omi: Hehe.
Omi: Come to think of it, Ito-kun. I finally got the terms set for the project I mentioned. I'll be leaving for a bit starting next week.
Keita: I see...
Keita: This time it's Luxembourg... you told me.
Omi: That's right.
Keita: You're helping with a new social networkng service... as I recall.
Omi: Yes, something like that.
Keita: I read it on your news group before. 'Who knew the growth hacker who started that rapidly growing net service was a hot half-Japanese, half-French man!?'
Omi: I'm flattered.
Keita: It's amazing, you've become the subject of news.
Omi: I'm sure it's just that they happened to run out of topics.
Keita: That's not true! They were really singing your praises in the article.
Omi: You didn't have to take the trouble to read it.
Keita: But it was about you...
Keita: So people who do a job like yours are called growth hackers. It's the first I've heard of it.
Omi: It's nothing more than a convenient name.
Omi: My job is more like a handyman on a network.
Omi: I help people who have an idea or goal, but don't have the skill or vision to make it a reality. That's the extent of my job.
Omi: I think you're much more wonderful, becoming a teacher because you wanted to repay the school.
Keita: Oh no, I'm not...
Keita: You're the one who's amazing. It's not something you should be so modest about!
Omi: Really?
Keita: It's true. It's not something just anyone could do.
Omi: Hehe. I'm happy you're praising me, Ito-kun.
Keita: Shichijo-san...
Omi: Really. It makes me happier than being praised by anyone else.
*smooch* Keita: Wait, Shichijo-san. We're out in public!
Omi: Ito-kun, you're as shy as ever.
Keita: That's not the point...
Omi: Then, what about this?
Keita: Wh, what are you going to do with that?
Omi: It's the game where you eat a pretzel from both ends. Are you familiar with it?
Keita: I am, but... Where did that pretzel come from?
Omi: I always have sweets hidden on me. Come on, have some.
Keita: Sh, Shichijo-san...
Keita: (The kiss was embarrassing, but this might even top it!)
Keita: A, anyway, let's talk about it first!
Omi: Talk?
Keita: About your new job!
Omi: Ah...
Keita: You're leaving next week, so are you okay with preparations and stuff?
Omi: Yes. I didn't have to make very many preparations.
Keita: But it's work that might take several years, isn't it?
Omi: That's right. Anyway, I signed a contract for two years to start with.
Keita: Two years...
Keita: (So I'm going to be apart from Shichijo-san for two years...)
Keita: (Well, there is the internet, so I think we'll be able to talk every day. That's what we did during university and stuff.)
Keita: (But not being able to see him in person, after all, that's...)
Keita: ...That's really far, Luxembourg. It's over twelve hours by plane, isn't it?
Omi: That's right.
Omi: The long commute is a bit of a problem, but to make up for it, I've set my working hours to be shorter than usual, so don't worry.
Keita: Right...
Keita: (...Hm? I feel like I just heard an odd word...)
Keita: ...Commute?
Omi: Yes. Well, basically we could manage as long as we have the internet, but after all, there's cases when it's better to talk in person.
Keita: N, no, not that part!
Omi: Excuse me?
Keita: Shichijo-san, you said commute... are you going to travel back and forth!?
Omi: Of course.
Keita: From Japan to Luxembourg?
Omi: Yes. I couldn't really leave my cute Ito-kun by himself, now could I?
Omi: And you're dealing with that reckless pack of male high school students every day, aren't you? I worry and worry...
Keita: No, please wait a minute! But, it's over twelve hours by plane, isn't it!?
Omi: Oh, they're going to be paying my travel expenses for the round trip. And in business class.
Keita: That's not what I'm talking about.
Omi: Is there a problem?
Keita: A problem... Well, it's not normal...
Omi: Hehe. That they're going so far means that they really want my help, so I have no choice. That precious time I should be spending with you is being squandered in a plane, so I have to get it back from them in cash.
Keita: (He's a devil...)
Keita: (It's been a long time, but I have the feeling I can see devil wings on Shichijo-san's back...)
Keita: You did say the negotiations were dragging on...
Omi: Yes. At first, of course they didn't like that I would be in the office just once a month while still living in Japan.
Keita: Well, that's right...
Omi: But in the end, they agreed.
Keita: Shichijo-san...
Keita: (Of course...)
Omi: So, Ito-kun. I'm sorry, but I'll be leaving Japan for a week once each month...
Omi: To make up for it, I've taken a lot of vacation days during your summer break, so let's go on vacation somewhere, just the two of us.
Keita: With those terms, you still have vacation days!?
Omi: Of course. There's always room for vacation.
Keita: .........
Omi: What's the matter?
Keita: No... that's way too much just like you, I was just a bit surprised.
Omi: This isn't the half of it.
Keita: Huh!?
Omi: No, no. The details of the contract are no big deal.
Keita: .........
Keita: (Shichijo-san's smile is scary...)
Keita: (I have the feeling I shouldn't ask any more...)
Omi: Well, for vacation, where would be good?
Keita: Where...? I don't care where it is as long as I'm with you.
Omi: Hehe. You say such cute things.
Omi: Then, I'll give you the most wonderful vacation.
Keita: Um...
Omi: Yes?
Keita: Shichijo-san. I'm saying this just in case... No making it too incredible, okay?
Omi: Yes. Of course.
Keita: Ugh...
Keita: (I don't trust this smile...)
Omi: It's true. I'll make it a wonderful vacation that will sur... that you'll love.
Keita: Just now, you were about to say surprise, weren't you!?
Omi: Excuse me?
Keita: (Ugh... He's definitely going to make it too incredible... I'll have to be prepared...)
Omi: Well, then.
Omi: Shall we continue from before?
Keita: Huh? Why?
Omi: I won't be able to see you for a week, so I want to make a memory.
Omi: So that when I'm lonely, when I see a chocolate covered pretzel like this, I'll remember our fun date.
Keita: You don't need that...
Omi: Come on.
Keita: But... it's embarrassing...
Omi: No one's looking.
Keita: They are. There's a ton of people all around.
Omi: Then, let's hide it from everyone.
Keita: In that case...
Keita: Wah, Shichijo-san. It's not a game where you eat it so quickly...
Keita: Mm...

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