gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #2: Saionji Kaoru

Keita: Saionji-saaan.
Saionji: ...What?
Keita: Um, I... have work to do...
Saionji: What did you say?
Keita: Ugh... You don't have to be so angry...
Saionji: Who made me angry?
Keita: ...Me.
Saionji: That's right, you did, Keita.
Saionji: Two weeks ago, when I called and said I was coming home, didn't you say 'I'll definitely come pick you up from the airport. I'll be marking every day on the calendar, counting down the days. I can't wait!'?
Keita: Y, yes...
Saionji: And yet, you didn't come to pick me up, but went to meet another man... is that how little a promise to me means?
Keita: B, but, as a teacher at BL School, I had to inform Kazuki... And Kazuki said today was the only day he had time...
Saionji: I don't care.
Keita: Ugh...
Keita: S, still, Saionji-san, I'm surprised you got into this party...
Saionji: I begged an acquaintance so I could see you as soon as possible. Be grateful.
Keita: Ah...
Keita: (I have the feeling he didn't beg. Probably, since it's Kaoru...)
Saionji: What?
Keita: N, no! It's nothing!!
Keita: Well... I wish you had waited at the hotel... I was going to come see you as soon as I told Kazuki. That way, we could have talked in a nicer atmosphere...
Saionji: Are you trying to say that my bad mood is my own fault?
Keita: No, that's not it at all. Not at all!
Keita: (Ah... Why did it turn out like this!? The timing sucks!!)
Keita: (I don't want to be doing work when Kaoru is finally coming back after so long... You're supposed to be working hard a time like this, my luck!)
Saionji: What's with that face? Does it bother you to be with me like this?
Keita: Of course not!! Of course I'm happy!! Since I haven't seen you in two months. Two months.
Saionji: ...That's right.
Keita: I was lonely, wondering if I wouldn't be able to see you until summer break...
Saionji: You complained about that on the phone over and over, so I came all the way from France to see you.
Keita: Huh...? On the phone you said there was a conference in Shanghai, so you might as well stop by on the way, didn't you?
Saionji: Hmph... That was to hide my embarrassment.
Keita: Ah...
Keita: (...I don't think hiding embarrassment is something to boast about, but that's just like Kaoru...)
Keita: (--Soon it will be a whole year since Kaoru decided to go get a second graduate degree in France.)
Keita: (It took a while before I got a job, and I spent that time with Kaoru in his apartment in France. It was like we had moved in together, and I was really happy.)
Keita: (We made little meals together and went on dates in Paris. And on the weekends, we went on short trips to various places in Italy and France.)
Keita: (And now the best we can do is video chat. And because of the time difference, I can't call him as much as I want to.)
Keita: (So I was really happy when I learned he would visit me, whether it's on the way to a conference or not...)
Keita: That reminds me, how did the conference go? Did you present something too?
Saionji: No, since I was a professor's assistant this time. I participated in several discussions, but I didn't present a thesis.
Keita: Um, what was it again? Econo...
Saionji: Econophysics.
Keita: Right! Economics with physics... wasn't it? That's what you're studying in graduate school! So just what were your discussions about...?
Saionji: ...Keita.
Keita: Y, yes...?
Saionji: If you're not interested, you don't have to force yourself to talk about it.
Keita: I, I am interested. Only, it's a bit too advanced for me... I mean, I don't really get what you're saying...
Saionji: Then you don't need to force yourself to try to understand it.
Keita: But...
Saionji: I say it over and over, every time. My research is just out of personal curiosity. I know that analyzing economics with the methods of quantum mechanics has no effect on your life. For me, this is just one test of acquiring a new vantage point in order to get a high level view of the world, but ultimately, it's nothing more than achieving a means to...
Keita: .........
Saionji: ...I quit.
Keita: Huuuh!? Why?
Saionji: I don't like that face you're making. It says 'I'm completely lost and honestly, I'm not interested, but I'll listen respectfully because there's a good chance his mood will improve when he's talking about the things that interest him.'
Keita: (That's 100% accurate!)
Keita: W, well... um...
Saionji: Am I wrong?
Keita: ...You're not wrong...
Saionji: That just now made my displeasure index go up twenty points.
Keita: Wh, what are you talking about?
Saionji: I'm at 96 now. If I get to 100, I'm leaving you here and going back to graduate school.
Keita: Wha!? There's only four points left. That's not fair.
Saionji: It just went up one more.
Keita: Uuugh...
Saionji: What will you do? You're already out of time.
Keita: Out of time...
Saionji: You should do what you want before I go back.
Keita: What... I want...?
Saionji: Yes. If you want to continue this ridiculous conversation here, I don't mind.
Keita: Th, then... um... can I kiss you?
Saionji: Wha!?
Keita: Um, I... I was thinking I've wanted to kiss you the whole time since we met, I mean, it's been so long, I don't want to fight like this...
Saionji: .........
Keita: Then, um... a kiss...
Saionji: ...Then do it. I am your lover, after all...
Keita: R, right.
Keita: Kaoru... I love you.
*smooch* Saionji: Hmph... You should have done that from the beginning...
Keita: Sorry...
Saionji: Don't apologize.
Keita: But...
Saionji: It's my fault. I was sulking like a child.
Keita: Kaoru...
Saionji: Whether it's work or not, I don't want to keep you from doing what you want to do.
Saionji: But...
Saionji: I was looking forward to seeing you after so long too.
Keita: Kaoru...
Saionji: ...You're grinning.
Keita: Because I'm happy.
Saionji: I see...
Keita: Can I kiss you again?
Saionji: ...Then why don't you? Think about how many years we've been together. Are we still at the point where you have to ask permission to kiss me?
Keita: But, after all... I don't want it to bother you, even a little.
Saionji: Then will you quit being a teacher and come with me?
Keita: That's...
Saionji: Heh, it was a joke. Don't look so upset.
Saionji: Teaching is the job you chose. You should keep doing it until you're satisfied.
Keita: I'll do my best.
Saionji: Yes. You should do what you desire without hesitation.
Keita: Like you do?
Saionji: That's right.
Keita: ...But I think you go overboard a little doing what you want.
Saionji: But that's why you love me, isn't it?
Keita: Of course it is.
Keita: You're selfish and do as you please, but you're more honest with yourself than anyone. You never lie about your feelings and I love you like that.
Saionji: You really do indulge me. What if I push your indulgence too far?
Keita: Hehe, more than this?
Saionji: Of course. See...?
Keita: Uwah, Kaoru. Don't suddenly go limp!
Saionji: I'll fall if you let go. You can, if you want.
Keita: I won't let go.
Saionji: You don't have to force yourself.
Keita: ...I won't let go. Absolutely not, no matter what, I won't let go.
Saionji: Hehe, Keita, you really are cute.
Keita: Are you back... in a good mood?
Saionji: Yes. Anyway, I'll at least allow Suzubishi to come over here.
Keita: Wha!? No, I'll just go and talk to him. He can't leave the party...
Saionji: He stole my time with you. So I'll have him spare some time for me.
Keita: No, but, see. Anyway, he's like my boss... I mean, maybe his time is more important, I think...
Saionji: Don't sound like a boring salaryman. If you won't call, I will. Give me the phone.
Keita: Um, please wait a minute. In this position?
Saionji: Yes. If he sees this, he won't want to talk long, will he? Then he won't lose any time from work, two birds with one stone.
Keita: Kaoru...
Keita: (Aaah... he's smiling...)
Saionji: Keita, give me the phone.
Keita: Yes...
Keita: (Sorry, Kazuki. Now that it's come to this, I don't feel like defying Kaoru...)
Keita: (Well, I think I love that Kaoru's this way.)

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