gakuen heaven 2

Professor Ito's Special Someone translation

Key #9: Taki Shunsuke

Keita: Hey, Shunsuke. How many takoyaki is that?
Shunsuke: Um... *munch* One pack o' eight, two trays o' six, an' one pack o' ten, so...
* Keita: No, I don't need the exact number.
Shunsuke: What? Ya asked.
Keita: I'm trying to say something else.
Keita: We haven't been on a date in so long, so what are you doing just eating by yourself?
Shunsuke: Hm? Ya wanna have some too?
Keita: No. Geez... you haven't matured at all.
Shunsuke: That's not true. Actually, Ah'm still growin'. Taller.
Keita: Huh...?
Keita: Whaaaaaa!!!!!!
Shunsuke: Moron. Don't yell.
Keita: But Shunsuke, you just said you're still growing.
Shunsuke: Is it that surprisin'?
Keita: It is! How old are you? That's not possible.
Shunsuke: Don't be silly, don't be silly. Ah'm not the same as you. Ah earn money with part-time jobs an' bike trials. Ah work out an' go all over the place, both here an' overseas. Ya became a school teacher an' take it easy every day, so yer not fit like Ah am.
Keita: Being fit, that doesn't have anything to do with height!
Keita: (Urrrgh. It's true that Shunsuke got taller in high school, unlike me, who hardly grew.)
Keita: (But I was supposed to be one centimeter taller.)
Keita: (This sucks. I don't want Shunsuke to surpass me. He's still cute even if he's taller, but after all, my pride as a man...)
Shunsuke: Hehe. When we met up two months ago, we were 'bout equal. But this time...
Keita: Ugh...
Keita: Hm?
Keita: Oh, you haven't grown.
Shunsuke: Huh!?
Keita: Look. You're shorter.
Shunsuke: Sh, sh, shorter!
Shunsuke: Uwah! It's true. Dammit! Ah was so close!!
Keita: Ah. That was a shock. I thought it was weird you said you were still growing.
Shunsuke: This can't be! Ah grew! Ah measured an' everythin'!
Keita: Maybe your height scale is broken.
Shunsuke: What the heck? This is crazy! Are ya wearin' those elevator shoe things?
Keita: Why do you say that? I'm not you, I don't do stuff like that.
Shunsuke: Ugh... How'd ya figure it out?
Keita: You really are wearing elevator shoes!?
Shunsuke: J, just a little, a bit.
Keita: That's why you thought you'd win...
Shunsuke: But yer wearin' dress shoes! They've got heels. Heels!
Keita: And your sneakers have thick soles, don't they?
Shunsuke: Dammit! Ah thought Ah'd surpassed ya this time.
Keita: Hehe. Too bad.
Shunsuke: Ah. Yer no fun.
Shunsuke: Still, Keita, ya've changed.
Keita: Really?
Shunsuke: Ya have, ya have. With a necktie on, ya look like a regular old fart.
Keita: I've been wearing neckties since I was a BL School student.
Keita: Besides, I'm a teacher.
Shunsuke: Yer a teacher.
Shunsuke: How's it goin'? Are the students makin' ya cry?
Keita: Not at all. They're all good boys.
Shunsuke: Ah see.
Keita: Speaking of which, you're the crybaby.
Shunsuke: What!?
Keita: You can't say I'm wrong.
Keita: I think crying with frustration when you lose is proof of how serious you are, though.
Shunsuke: Ah did not cry! ...This time.
Keita: If you say so.
Keita: Well? Can you stay over again tonight?
Shunsuke: 'Course. Where else would Ah stay apart from yer place?
Shunsuke: Ah'll be in Japan fer a while. It takes funds ta be in tournaments. Anyway, Ah gotta look fer my next part time job.
Keita: Sounds rough.
Shunsuke: Seriously. Ah don't make a lick of money from trials. It'd be a different story if Ah found a sponsor though.
Keita: Haha...
Keita: Well, if you lived at my place, you'd save the cost of room and board and you could take your time looking.
Shunsuke: Huh? Can Ah?
Keita: It's only natural, isn't it? I don't think you'd accept money from your lover.
Keita: I'll help you look for a good paying part time job too.
Shunsuke: Woohoo! After all, it's important ta have a lover ya can rely on.
Keita: Right?
Shunsuke: How 'bout it? Speaking o' reliable, can Ah use the BL School cafeteria? Fer free, of course.
Keita: Free?
Shunsuke: As a perk fer graduates, how 'bout it?
Keita: There's no way I can do that.
Shunsuke: Ya can't?
Keita: No means no.
Keita: You can't use the school cafeteria, so cook at my place instead. I'll pay for the food.
Shunsuke: For real!?
Keita: Yeah. So let's eat breakfast and dinner together.
Shunsuke: Woohoo, woohoo. School teachers are so generous!
Shunsuke: Ah'll pay the cost of my food with my body.
Keita: Yeah.
Keita: Well, I'll accept your body as payment in another sense.
Shunsuke: M, moron!! Ya pervert!
Keita: But Shunsuke, you were into it last night.
Shunsuke: W, well! We were doin' THAT last night! It's been a long time!
Keita: Yeah.
Shunsuke: Ugh...
Shunsuke: A, a, anyway, leave it ta me! Ya'll be eatin' the most delicious meals ya've ever had every day!
Keita: You cook really well, Shunsuke. I'm looking forward to it.
Shunsuke: Yeah!
Keita: Morning and night.
Shunsuke: Knock it off!!

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