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tennis star

Unfortunately, Naruse's route is one of the shortest ones in Okawari, and it doesn't place Keita in any danger. But it's super sweet and Naruse is so gentle with Keita, so it's well worth playing and enjoying!

Naruse has two endings. The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content.

Love ending:
(first choice can be whatever) → テニス部、大変なんですね → この指輪が... → こんな大切なもの受け取れません → テニスコートの方 → 何とかしてカラスを助けたい

Regular ending:
(first choice can be whatever) → テニス部、大変なんですね → この指輪が... → from here, choose the opposite answers from the love ending

character route

Keita's been having a bad day in general, getting called on in class to answer questions, forgetting stuff, and all sorts of small problems that add up to a crappy day. Naruse is upset about this and offers to let Keita borrow his good luck charm, a pendant that he received as a gift from one of his pro-level tennis coaches. It seems to be a legit good luck charm, as Naruse rarely loses when he has it, and has hardly ever been injured. In fact, the last time he got hurt, it was a day when he forgot to wear the pendant during his match.

Thus begins a string of misfortunes regarding the pendant. First, it gets stolen by a crow, and Keita and Naruse have to chase it down. Then Shunsuke snatches it because he needs something to use on a scratch card, and miraculously, he ends up winning a prize by using the pendant. Woohoo!

he'll never get to hand it over, just so you know

After that, Keita and Naruse head out behind the school building so Naruse can give it to him in peace, but then Keita gets a bucket of water tossed on his head! Turns out it was Shinomiya emptying out the rain buckets (there was a sudden heavy rain earlier), and when he first looked, no one was there so he thought it was fine to dump it.

They head back to the courtyard, where it seems like a bunch of new trees are being planted, so there's holes all over. On the way, they run into Umino and Iwai, who are trying to rescue a crow that's become trapped in one of the holes. The hole is too narrow for the crow to fly out of, and because of the rain, it's too muddy for the crow to climb out.

Somehow Keita can tell that it's the crow that stole the pendant before, and he wants to help rescue it. The crow's mate is sitting in a nearby tree, crying, and Keita gets depressed, feeling like he's the trapped crow, all useless while Naruse is so concerned about him.

They end up using the pendant to lure the crow - it bites onto it when it's lowered into the hole, and they pull the crow out. The two birds fly away into the sunset, finally together again.

the lucky necklace saves the crow

By this time, both boys are a total mess and Naruse offers to let Keita come to his room and shower together. Ahaha. :3

Later, Keita is still sad about being useless and needing to be helped all the time, but Naruse tells him that it doesn't matter. Keita doesn't need to do anything for him; just being there and loving him is more than enough. (I really love Naruse - he seems cheesy at first but he's 100% genuine and serious about Keita... sigh.)

Naruse pledges to love Keita forever, and they kiss. <3

a sweet kiss

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