gakuen heaven: okawari!

the ring of bad luck

About a month after the MVP Battle, Professor Umino's cat, Tonosama, brings a mysterious silver ring to Keita. The ring gets stuck on his finger and won't come off, we soon learn that the ring is one of the seven wonders of BL School - the fabled ring of bad luck! What will Keita do without his special skill of good luck?

Gakuen Heaven: Okawari! is the fandisc for Gakuen Heaven, originally released on PS2 on February 27, 2005 and ported to PSP in 2011. Okawari is what you'd say in Japanese if you wanted more food during dinner, so the fandisc title is something like "Gakuen Heaven: another helping!" :3

Like many fandiscs, it contains short character routes that are less complex than the ones found in the original game, plus some minigames and other goodies. It also assumes that the player is familiar with GH, and if you have save data from the previous game, you will get extra dialogue and a few bonus CGs while playing Okawari.

I'll cover the prologue here, and you can click through the characters at the bottom to see their routes.

okawari prologue

Keita's walking back to the dorm after school and meets up with Tonosama, Professor Umino's crazy cat. He stops to pet Tonosama and offer him a snack, and Tonosama gives him a silver ring in return. Somehow, the ring gets onto Keita's left ring finger and won't come off. Iwai happens by and suggests that they go back to the dorm to see if they can get it unstuck with some soap in the dorm cafeteria.

protip: never accept gifts from Tonosama

Once Keita gets there, Kazuki and Naruse notice that he's wearing a ring on his, er, ring finger, and they flip out, demanding to know who gave it to him. When Keita insists that he's not wearing it by choice, they flip out even more, demanding to know who forced it on him. Ahaha. It takes Shinomiya butting in to get them to calm down, and they try all sorts of things to get the ring off... but no luck.

enjoy watching Naruse and Kazuki fight over Keita... again

By this time, all the other main characters are drawn in by the fuss everyone's making over Keita, and Omi recognizes it as one of the "seven wonders" of BL school - the ring of bad luck! A few of the more practical characters, like Nakajima and Saionji, think it's ridiculous, so Niwa proposes a test... Russian roulette!

Ahaha, not like that. Instead, Professor Umino busts out a special diet drink he's been working on - it's super spicy, with 100x the capsaicin of the leading competitors! And who here hates spicy things? Yup, it's Keita. There's four glasses, three with tomato juice and one with Umino's spicy drink.

So Niwa, Umino, Keita, and Shunsuke all pick one glass and pound it like Real Men(tm). Note that while you do get to choose Keita's glass, it doesn't matter at all - he always gets the spicy one. Ahahaha. Too bad you can't hear him squeaking and whining about it, because it's adorable. :p

Keita probably won't be able to taste anything for a week

And with that, Omi's like, yup, told you so! And Keita is totally depressed. Poor kid.

character routes

Choose a character below to read the details of his route. It is strongly recommended that you are at least somewhat familiar with the character's original GH route, as the stories in Okawari assume that you have completed GH.

All character routes are complete and available for your reading pleasure!
Kazuki, Niwa, and Shinomiya are the routes with the game plot, but all are worth a read. :3