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Shunsuke was my surprise super-loved boy from the original GH, so I'm happy to report that his Okawari route is really good... and a lot happier than his GH story, though it does contain quite a bit of danger!

Shunsuke has two endings. The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content.

Love ending:
売れたらどうする? → でも、ケガはなかったんだから → よし、やってみよう

Regular ending:
choose the opposite of everything you did the first time (previous choices are highlighted yellow for convenience)

character route

Keita's been having a bad day because of the ring... getting called on in class, having to run extra laps in gym, and when he tried to buy a cold drink, he instead got canned oden. (Look it up, it's kind of amazing!)

Shunsuke is interested in the ring, but it's nothing like Omi's occult obsession... instead, he thinks it might be valuable! It's off to the finance room to see if Saionji can help figure out the value and maybe help locate a buyer, too.

So then we get THIS conversation about how, since the ring is stuck on Keita's finger at the moment, they'd have to be sold together. And Omi is all I'D BUY THAT. Even Saionji says that there would be a LOT of interested buyers if that was the case.

Shunsuke gets pissed and says NO, Keita is MY partner!

Anyway, it seems like the ring IS valuable, so of course Shunsuke wants to sell it. But how can they get it off Keita's finger? Obviously the answer is for Keita to lose a bunch of weight so it will slip off! (uh what if he gets any skinnier he might die)

So the two head out for some intensive training on the bridge. Shunsuke does a hundred 100-meter dashes... Keita's nearly dead after completing only twenty, haha. While Keita tries to catch his breath, Shunsuke decides to practice on his bike, but while he's riding, there's a minor earthquake and he gets thrown into the street just as a car's coming his way! He barely gets out of the way in time and we meet...

Well, Keita doesn't know because this is Shunsuke's route, but if you've played GH you'll recognize Kawamoto, the art dealer from Iwai's route. Turns out he's a graduate of BL and knows about the ring! He tells the boys that he's heard how to break the curse... by a mutual pledge of love between two people who love each other the most in the world.


So back in Keita's room, these two idiots are trying to pledge their love to each other and just keep getting flustered. Finally Shunsuke tells Keita that he has to do it right, like getting married! Keita needs to hold Shunsuke and declare his love, then kiss him. Ahaha. Unfortunately, Keita is a total weakling and can barely even pick Shunsuke up.

either Shunsuke is really heavy, or Keita is really weak XD

Since that didn't work, later the two head up to the roof with a megaphone and declare their love to the entire school (think Yuki in Arata's ending, bahaha). The other students think it's a joke at first and all applaud, haha.

But the ring still doesn't come off, and Shunsuke and Keita accuse each other of not being serious enough about it. Somehow Keita ends up bumping against or getting pushed into the railing, and it breaks! He goes over the edge, but Shunsuke grabs his arm and tries to pull him back up. It seems hopeless and Keita tries to tell him to just let him fall (even though he will obviously be killed by the fall) but Shunsuke refuses. In the good ending, Shunsuke pulls Keita up by himself, and in the blah ending, he has help from a few other characters.

whatever you do, don't look down

The good ending continues with an additional scene, with Keita training with Shunsuke - he needs to be stronger so he can save Shunsuke if there's ever a need. Shunsuke has sold the ring in order to pay for repairs on his bike (it was trashed by Kawamoto's car) and all is well.

Keita needs more intense training than just sitting on the ground

In the blah ending, the ring ends up on Shunsuke's finger and we don't get the training scene. Haha, poor Shunsuke.

Unfortunately, there is no kiss CG for this route. I WAS ROBBED :(

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