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Oh, Saionji. I don't like you very much, but my wife does, haha. He's actually quite nice in this route, especially if you choose the Keita seme ending. This is one of the more badass routes that puts Keita in REAL danger, so it's very interesting!

Saionji has three endings. Two are love endings - and you get to choose if Keita is seme or uke, just like in the original GH! The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content.

Love ending (Keita seme):
じゃあ、どこが好きなんですか? → せめて少しでも拾う → 西園寺を信じて動かない → 西園寺さんを信じてますから

Love ending (Keita uke):
じゃあ、どこが好きなんですか? → せめて少しでも拾う → 西園寺を信じて動かない → 実は恐かったです

Regular ending:
わかりました → とにかく謝る → 犯人の隙をつく

character route

Saionji doesn't believe in this cursed ring garbage, even though Omi is really into it (he loved occult stuff back in GH as well). Saionji insists that all the bad luck Keita's been having has been mere coincidence. In the finance room after school, they're all going to have some tea together, and Saionji busts out this amazing tea that's usually only available to heads of state, but he used his connections to get some. He's wanted to try it for ages and was looking forward to sharing it with Keita.

Keita takes the porcelain canister and is about to brew the tea... but he sneezes and scatters the tea everywhere, PLUS he drops the canister, which shatters. Everyone frantically picks up as much of the tea as they can, but they can only recover half of it.

At that point, Saionji is like OKAY THAT'S IT and starts searching the web for ways to remove rings. They call a the nearest fire department to see if they can use the ring cutter, but of course, it's broken. So Saionji calls up a jewelry shop his family frequents, and he and Keita head over there to use the cutter and get rid of the ring.

Only... soon after they arrive, a robber shows up, grabs Keita, and puts a gun to his head! The owner (unknown to the player at the time) hits the emergency alarm, but Saionji still has to buy some time while the police are on the way. It turns out that the thief is kind of dumb and the gun still has the safety on, so Saionji is able to bluff quite a bit. There comes a moment where Keita could get away on his own, but for the best ending, you have to trust Saionji and let the thief hang on to Keita for a while longer.

The robber actually attempts to shoot Keita, but nothing happens since the gun has the safety on. There's a struggle, and Saionji gets the gun and mocks the thief a bit for not knowing how to use it. Apparently Saionji does, though, and he ends up taking a shot at the guy - missing on purpose, but he is SERIOUSLY PISSED that Keita was in danger, especially since he would have been killed if the robber hadn't been so damn incompetent. Keita begs Saionji not to kill the thief, and the police show up before shit can get even more real.

don't fuck with Saionji, bitches

Saionji refuses to give a statement and drags Keita to the back, where the ring cutter makes short work of the cursed ring. Oh, yeah, at this point you get a choice that determines if Keita is seme or uke.

So, okay, seme Keita - they talk about how horrible everything just was, and Saionji is a bit envious of how Keita is able to forgive the would-be thief, even though he could have been killed. Like in the original GH, you can tell that this is the Keita seme route because he spends a lot of time thinking about how cute Saionji is. Keita can understand Saionji's feelings of not wanting to forgive the man, but he himself isn't the type to hold a grudge (because he's a sucker).

In this ending, Saionji hauls Keita off to the hospital to have him checked out, because he hit his head hard during the struggle. (Checking for a concussion, obviously.) The kiss is outside the hospital after Keita's been cleared to go home, and they're talking more about being able to forgive and such.

aaaaa I love this scene!

If Keita's uke, the cursed ring gets clipped off and they go back to the school. A day or two later, Keita's in the finance room with Saionji, and Saionji mentions that he wants to get Keita an emerald ring, since that's his birthstone. Keita is surprised and doesn't want to accept something so expensive, but Saionji says it will be like "insect repellent" and help keep other guys away from him. Haha.

you can't escape from the queen :p

The stuff about forgiveness, etc, may actually be in both love endings, but since the skip function in this game is mighty and we did the seme ending first, my memory is a bit fuzzy from skipping too much. SORRY

The Keita seme ending is way better in my opinion, it's super sweet and really cute and soooo much better than the equivalent ending from GH which was horrifying... so I was really happy that this was so nice. :D

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