umino satoshi

childish biology teacher

It’s probably not a secret that I thought Umino’s route in GH was kind of crap (except for the part where Keita was protecting him, I like selfless heroic Keita waaay more than whiny idiot Keita) but his Okawari route is super cute and I enjoyed it a lot!

Umino has two endings. The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content.

Love ending:
この気持ちがうれしい → 俺が海野先生を → トノサマを探しに行こう → 海野先生にかけちゃダメだたい

Regular ending:
choose the opposite of everything you did the first time (previous choices are highlighted yellow for convenience)

character route

It starts with Keita worrying about the ring as always, and Umino’s thought is that they can ask Tonosama about the ring since that’s who originally gave it to Keita. Thing is, Tonosama’s been missing during the day for the past couple of weeks, so they have to find him first. They check the courtyard and see a fluffy tail in a tree, but it’s too high up, so Umino rides on Keita’s shoulders to try and reach it. Cue Keita being all nervous about Umino’s thighs pressing against his cheeks, ahaha.

mmm, legal jailbait thighs

Umino grabs at the tail in the tree and Keita loses his balance. They fall and Umino hurts his butt, aww. And it turns out that the tail is actually just a fluffy keychain that a crow stole! Bummer. Then it starts pouring! Double bummer, haha. So they go back to the biology room. Umino’s idea is to try and find or make a chemical that will melt off the ring but NOT melt Keita’s hand off as well. He’s actually really jealous about the ring being on Keita’s left ring finger, but he couldn’t say anything about it in the prologue because their ~forbidden student/teacher love~ is a secret.

Keita goes back to his room and thinks about how he wants Umino to rely on him more. He decides to try and find Tonosama himself at night, but while he’s out searching, he finds that Umino has fallen into a hole! Keita tries to pull him out and falls in himself. Whoops. They get out without any further mishap, but as Keita heads back to the dorm, a car drives by and splashes water on him. Sigh.

NEXT DAY, Umino is experimenting with chemicals but unfortunately all of them are melting the sausages he’s using as stand-ins for fingers, hee hee. Keita can’t help with anything so he decides to make some cocoa (I love how they’re constantly drinking stuff in the bio lab - one day someone is gonna take a sip of sulfuric acid or something) but as he brings it over, he trips and spills it all over the experiment! The stuff starts smoking and sets off the alarm, but Umino tosses water on the mess and that dilutes it.

you probably shouldn't inhale this crap

Omi and Saionji stop by (Omi has some sort of computer program for Umino) and end up helping with the cleanup. Okay, Omi does and Saionji watches, haha. We find out that the cup Keita broke was one of a set - Umino got them after they became a couple, which is one of the small, safe ways they can show their affection for each other without being discovered. :(

Keita is being a mess and fretting about how he’s just causing Umino problems, and Saionji lectures him a bit, but he doesn’t get it. Umino and Omi come back from taking out the garbage, and Omi and Saionji leave. Tonosama comes in and Keita tries asking him about the ring, but he gets too forceful and Tonosama gets scared.

Keita gets really frustrated and tells Umino that he’ll figure out how to get rid of the ring himself, and they shouldn’t see each other until the ring is gone. Umino feels like it’s his fault for being too clumsy and not able to figure out how to get the ring off, and Keita keeps being stubborn and ends up making Umino cry.

Umino finally gets through to him by saying that the most unlucky thing isn’t failed experiments or falling in holes, it’s being separated from Keita - so don’t tell me you’re going to keep away from me for my own good. And Keita finally gets a clue and realized that he’s causing his own bad luck... the unluckiest thing that could ever happen to him is making Umino cry.

Tonosama leaves as they start getting ~romantic~ and Keita promises he’ll never talk about leaving Umino again. He ends up taking off the professor’s glasses and makes him promise not to let anyone else see his face without them. <3

probably the cutest CG in the entire game (except for the secret ones :p)

Finally, we cut to Tonosama outside thinking... this is embarrassing and I don’t want to see it. Ahaha. XD

In the friendship ending, we learn that Tonosama is actually visiting a girl cat on the island... he has a girlfriend. (Likely Hime-chan, who is also mentioned in GH2 - she and Tonosama are the parents of Wakasama, leader of the pack of stray cats on the school island.)

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