shinomiya koji

world-class archer

Shinomiya's route is long and rather complex, because his is the one with the true story of the game! His route will explain who made the ring and why, and gives you the chance to return it to its rightful owner.

Shinomiya has two endings. The regular ending does not add any extra CGs, but you will get an extra entry in the scene list, and you need to fill the list to access the bonus content.

Love ending:
(choose either) → 嘘はいけない (only available if you chose 1年生の階から the first time) → みんなは手伝ってくれたんです → 篠宮さんと調べます → (do all three) → (choose either) → お願いします → (do both) → 向坂さんに連絡を取りたい

Regular ending:
play the same as the love ending, but when you can choose between お願いします or 平気です, choose 平気です

character route

Shinomiya's Okawari route is the one that contains the true story of the ring of bad luck. :3

We start in the bath with Shinomiya washing Keita's hair. Keita almost got hit by a car earlier that day, and Shinomiya pulled him out of the way, but he was a bit rough and hurt Keita's hand... so now he's fussing over him and not wanting him to use his hand. Keita's embarrassed, but happy. :3

oh my god stop being so cute

After the bath, they go to do the roll call together. They split up, and you can choose to do the 1st floor (1st year students) or 3rd floor (3rd years) but the 3rd floor is funnier because you get a scene with Niwa being hassled by Nakajima. 1st floor, you just find out that Kazuki is out again so you don't even get to meet him, boo. Anyway, Keita finishes and heads to the 2nd floor to continue, and all the 2nd years start following him around to "help" with roll call. By the time he gets to Saionji's room, he has Naruse, Shunsuke, and Omi with him. XD

Everyone discusses the ring and it's mentioned that it's one of the "seven wonders" of BL. Everyone wants to help research the ring by checking the school history (correct choice is to only research with Shinomiya, though the others will do it on their own anyway).

Next day, at the library, Keita and Shinomiya check old issues of the school newspaper for clues. Here's where we find out what the seven wonders of the school are:

1. the ring of bad luck
2. the hanging bridge - if you cross the bridge at gate closing time, you'll see the ghost of a hanged student, but if you ever tell anyone about it, you yourself will die
3. Taro-kun in the bathroom - in the innermost stall of the 4th floor dorm bathroom is a ghost, and if you take the toilet paper he offers you, you'll never get married XD
4. the super lucky boy who won rock-paper-scissors 100 times in a row (hey, that sounds familiar...)
5. the talking plush (ahem)
6. the cat that understands human speech
7. and the fact that Professor Umino looks like THAT but is 24 years old!

Haha, as you can see, they're mostly bullshit. There's also some fake into about how a love confession will make the ring of bad luck come off, and the game starts playing the ~romantic~ music, then the two are like WAIT this is not the time for that and they find out that it's just a rumor anyway, ahaha.

So next they have the idea to check and see if anyone ever died while attending school. No one ever died AT the school, but when they check the rosters, they find that only five students have ever NOT graduated, and one of them died in a plane crash during the summer of his third year. One of the four dropout students quit school soon after the other student's death. Hmm.

They head over to the finance room to ask Omi for more info, since he can get into the student data. They learn that the student who died, Kawarai Tokiya, was a famous jewelry designer even though he was so young. Omi's actually a fan of his work, which is creepy and morbid... but the ring is so pretty, it doesn't seem like something he'd made. The other student, Kousaka Haruki, was the head of the biology club.

Since Kawarai was in the art club, they head over to talk to Iwai. Turns out that all his sketchbooks are still in the art room because no one collected them after his death (implying that his parents died in the crash as well). They look through and there's a TON of creepy stuff, and it isn't until the very end that Keita finds the design sketches for the ring that's on his finger. After it, there are many sketches of a student, all dated just a couple of weeks before the plane crash. The student looks like Kousaka (they saw his picture in a yearbook).

They try heading to the biology room, but Umino is out, so Shinomiya heads over to the archery dojo, and Keita tags along. There, they meet one of the gardeners who's been working on the tree transplant project, but he runs away when questioned. (I mean, who plants trees on an archery range, right?)

Back to Keita's room... he's thinking about how nothing unlucky happened that day, but after all, he'll sleep with the light on since he's still worried. Shinomiya offers to stay the night with him. :3 It's really cute because they're both so embarrassed, and Shinomiya actually marked himself as absent for not being in his own room. Keita's a bit upset by that, so they decide to take turns sleeping in each other's room. :D

look at these cute embarrassed dorks

The next day, they do meet Umino, who gives them the papers from the old biology club to look through. Umino also knows Kousaka - he was his sempai in college! He was actually the one selected to be a researcher at Bell Labs, but declined and recommended Umino instead. Kousaka didn't want to go near the school because a dear friend had died while he was there...

While Umino tries calling the school to find out where Kousaka is, Shinomiya and Keita check out the papers. In the back of a notebook, they find a sealed letter for Kousaka, and Shinomiya opens it. It says something like:

What I made for you, I hid in a place you'd know. When you find it, come to me, there's something I need to tell you.

After this, Keita and Shinomiya are at a bit of a loss - their clues point to the archery range because the greenhouse Kousaka used to tend was originally on that spot. When they go back, the gardener is there again, and Shinomiya grabs him before he can flee. With his hat off, Keita recognizes his face - it's Kousaka.

He's come looking for the gift that Kawarai left for him - even though he never got the letter, he heard about it at a class reunion. (Apparently someone saw Kawarai hiding something and was made to promise he wouldn't tell Kousaka about it.) Kousaka joined the transplant project so he could search, but he's despairing because the greenhouse is gone, so whatever the gift was, it must be gone now too.

Except... Keita takes the ring from his finger (with no trouble) and gives it to him. He wonders why Kawarai made his friend a ring of bad luck, though, and Kousaka just laughs. The writing on the ring says "fuun" which means "bad luck" ... but it's also a way to write "hmm" which was an annoying speech habit Kousaka had back then. He'd do that to avoid answering questions and stuff like that.

So yes. It's a ring of HMM not a ring of bad luck. :p

Kousaka leaves, and if you have complete GH data on the memory card, Keita gets hungry and Shinomiya offers to cook for him. Keita requests tempura, and they consider going fishing to get a fresh catch, but it turns out that Keita is too hungry to wait, so they head back.(And that's it for the extra scene, kind of boring right?)

The next day... Keita meets Shinomiya in his classroom at lunchtime, and they talk about the ring a little. They wonder why it caused bad luck, and why it wouldn't come off, and think maybe it was caused by Kawarai's frustration at not telling his feelings directly to Kousaka. (Cuz seriously, he was totally gearing up for a love confession, right?) Keita disagrees, remembering how Iwai said it was made with pure feelings. He agrees that Kawarai should have said things clearly instead of choosing to do it in a roundabout way, though.

This prompts Shinomiya to say some things directly... like that he's annoyed that everyone else calls Keita by his given name. He says he knows he could do it too, but there's never a good opportunity, since he's been calling him Ito all along. He's bothered by Naruse calling him "honey" and all the other guys who are overly familiar with Keita.

Keita gets a bit flustered and promises that Shinomiya is the only one he loves. Shinomiya answers that he knows, and he's just being unreasonable. He uses Keita's name several times between kisses, which makes Keita really happy... as well as this: The person I love loves me back... I'm so happy...

I love these two :3

SOOOO that's where the super cute GH2 scene with Keita and Shinomiya trying to use each other's given names AND FAILING MISERABLY comes from. :D

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