gakuen heaven 2

script translation: prologues

Some general notes about the prologue:

prologue #1 - Durak

Joker: Ahh, I'm so bored... I could die. Isn't there anything interesting?
Sonoda: If that's how you feel, then why don't you plan something yourself?
Joker: Then I would know the result, and that's boring.
Chiba: Then, do practice swings with myself...
Joker: Rejected.
Chiba: Then, let's sing the school song.
Joker: Rejected.
Chiba: Play word chain...
Joker: All rejected.
Chiba: ...
Joker: I guess nothing big's going to happen that would involve the whole school.
Joker: Oh.
Sonoda: Is something outside?
Joker: There's something I've never seen before.
Joker: Hehehehehehe... I found something interestiiing!
Joker: Come along, pooch!
Chiba: Yes, as you wish.
Joker: Well, then, I wonder if that will entertain me?

prologue #2 - Tomo & Okaken

Okaken: Did you hear? Why, today that much talked about person is going to be starting school!
Tomo: Who's that much talked about person?
Okaken: It's him, him! It's the student from our class who hasn't come to the school yet, even though he's enrolled in the school!
Tomo: Was there someone like that...?
Okaken: There's that room next to yours in the dorm where his luggage was delivered!!
Tomo: ...Oh, now that I think about it...
Okaken: Ah, I wonder if he'll be interested in my hobbies. What do you think he's like?
Tomo: *yaaawn* I don't really care who comes. It has nothing to do with me.

prologue #3 - Arata & Yagami

Arata: Oh, Reo-Reo, you have a guitar.
Yagami: Tch. Arata. You got a problem?
Arata: I'm still not used to seeing you with a guitar. So you really are playing it.
Yagami: I joined the light music appreciation group, so of course.
Arata: Appreciation group? You're not doing a club?
Yagami: Nope. They got a club room, so that's plenty.
Yagami: Besides, it seems like they changed the criteria for being promoted to a club from how the student council used to do it. It's a pain in the ass.
Arata: Oh, you mean how it depends on Joker's mood? The school really has changed a little now that it's Durak.
Yagami: Really? Doesn't seem to have changed much.
Yagami: I don't care what Durak's trying to do, replacing the student council. It has nothing to do with us.
Yagami: This is a place where you can do what you want, the way you want.

prologue #4 - Nao & Yuki

(director's office)
Nao: Hello, this is Bell Liberty School.
Yuki: Um, hello. I'm a third year middle school student who goes to a school in town.
Yuki: Actually, it seems like I got a letter from your school at my house by mistake.
Yuki: The address was wrong, and I thought it might cause trouble for that person.
Yuki: So I tried calling the phone number that was printed on the envelope, but...
Nao: Thank you for taking the time to contact us.
Nao: I'm the director of this school, so receiving your phone call like this must be some sort of fate. Will you come to this school too?
Yuki: Whaa! Really!? I want to enroll!
Nao: What is your name?
Yuki: My name is...

prologue #5 - Kuya & Takato

(behind the school building)
Kuya: There, there. Is that good?
Wakasama: Meow.
Takato: Kuya. So here you are. I was looking for you.
Kuya: Masatsugu...
Takato: It's about time. Let's go pick up the new student.
Kuya: ...Just us?
Takato: Yes. The two of us.
Kuya: ...
Takato: Alright, Kuya? He's not here right now. He went off somewhere.
Takato: Without any explanation to us.
Takato: It's possible he may not come back. I understand that you're depressed...
Kuya: I'm not depressed.
Kuya: ...Only. I was just thinking I'd rather the three of us go pick him up.
Takato: Kuya...
Kuya: It can't be helped! I'll welcome him lots, on his behalf too!
Kuya: I want the new student who's coming to feel that it doesn't matter much that he's a little late, and to be glad he came to the school.
Takato: Let's do that.
Kuya: Then, Masatsugu! Let's go meet the cute, late new student-kun!

prologue #6 - Keita & Sakaki

(staff room)
Keita: Professor, it seems he's coming to school today.
Sakaki: Yeah, he's finally coming.
Keita: I'm sure he must be really nervous. Since I came to the school late too, I remember what it was like for me back then.
Sakaki: Come to think of it, you're from this school.
Keita: Yes, I transferred in midway.
Keita: So I kind of feel an affinity for this student.
Sakaki: It is true, you may be similiar in that you both have no special talents.
Sakaki: So he's a student via special enrollment...

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