Hi, I'm Rahenna, and I have a fanfiction problem.

Please note:
~ These stories contain spoilers for ALL GH2 character routes. (especially Sakaki, Sonoda, and Tomo)
~ Teachers are addressed as Professor, -shi is rendered as Mr., all other honorifics are used exactly as they appear in-game.
~ All stories are posted on my AO3 account only. However, you do not need an account to read my stories. :3

the GH2 megaseries

These three series (Ace of Hearts, Becoming Suzubishi, and Spice) all take place in the same timeline and form one huge, intertwined story. I've separated them into three series, each focusing on a different relationship, to keep things from getting too confusing. Though maybe this makes everything more confusing, I dunno...

The relationships explored here are:
~ Ace of Hearts: Sakaki/Yuki (romance), Yuki/the entire planet (friendship)
~ Becoming Suzubishi: Tomo/Kazuki/Keita (family), Tomo/Yuki (bffs), Tomo/Sakaki (friendship)
~ Spice: Sonoda/Joker (romance), Sonoda/Sakaki (family)

ace of hearts

The main part of my GH2 fic megaseries, Ace of Hearts is the story of Sakaki and Yuki's relationship over many years. It starts immediately after Sakaki's love ending, and will continue on to explore the rest of their lives together.

Ace of Hearts @ AO3
How do you manage to make me feel so self-conscious every time?

An in-depth exploration of a positive, consensual teacher-student relationship. Sakaki and Yuki are complete opposites, and they learn to use their strengths to complement each other and build a stronger relationship. The main themes are self-discovery and self-acceptance with a healthy dose of sex positivity and navigation of complex family relationships. And some silly stuff too. :3

becoming suzubishi

Becoming Suzubishi explores Tomo's personal struggles as he tries to find a new place in the world after a lifetime of loss and disappointment. He must decide if he's willing to take on the Suzubishi name - and all the responsibilities that come with it.

Becoming Suzubishi @ AO3
When you're fighting an adult, you have to fight like an adult.

Alternately serious and silly, this is a collection of stories about Tomo's assimilation into the Suzubishi family through Kazuki. Will he push himself to achieve greatness or settle for the comfortable familiarity of normalcy? While Tomo tries to decide the direction of his future, Kazuki must find a way to officially bring Keita into his family as well.


In Spice, Sonoda struggles to accept the true nature of his relationship with Joker and how exploring those feelings could affect his place in the culinary world. Fortunately, Sakaki is there with practical advice and as a shoulder to cry on.

Spice @ AO3
Would it kill you to be decent for once?!

Despite endless denials from both, Sonoda and Joker are best friends - and more. What begins as harmless, no strings attached fun quickly grows serious, to Sonoda's dismay. His refusal to accept or reciprocate Joker's feelings threatens to destroy all aspects of their relationship. Sonoda must come to terms with his own feelings and what they mean for his future.

other stories

Because that wasn't enough writing, I have some other stories to share as well...

rahenna's oneshots

Rahenna's GH oneshots @ AO3

Highlights include:
~ Until the End (Nao/Sakaki tragedy)
You're My Idol (Takato/Yuki crossplay)
~ Pen Case (Nakajima/Keita gone hilariously wrong)
~ Double Lucky Summer (Yuki/Keita time travel)
~ The Happiest Birthday (Yuki/Kuya first time sweetness)

marfisa's oneshots

Marfisa's GH oneshots @ AO3

My wife writes fic too, though not as often as I wish she would!
~ Overheard (Sonoda & Sakaki family)
Mistletoe (Sakaki/Yuki @ Christmas)
~ Portrait of an Archer (Iwai/Shinomiya romance)