A small but hopefully growing selection of images. :D All scanned/captured/sourced by me, but feel free to use them for whatever you want because moar Sakaki = moar better. ^^b

100x100 icons

Because I have nowhere to put this crap, have a couple of icons.

game cgs

This section doesn't include every single variation of each CG, just the ones showing Sakaki's different poses/expressions.

character sprites

A few of the 48(!) different "sprites" available in the game data. I honestly don't think the ones of him blushing were EVER used anywhere in the game, but I included a couple of those here because, well, they're cute.

Full set of 48 sprites (transparent PNG, ~10mb): download!

rough sketches

These are from the preorder bonus CD you could get by buying the first edition of GH2 directly from Spray. The first five show Sakaki's finished design, while the final full-body one (rough05) was a proposed design that was scrapped. Fun to see him with glasses because I like to think he wears them for driving. :3

The last image (rough07) is actually an error! It was supposed to be the CG where Kazuki introduces Tomo to Sakaki, but instead, Sakaki is drawn in Tomo's place. Oops! But hey, my two favorite characters together, what are the chances of a) that happening at all and b) this rough being on the CD? :D

manga scans

Pretty much every non-microscopic pic of Sakaki from the entire Tomo manga... haha.

official wallpapers

All the same, obviously, and the first three look identical, but they're all different sizes. The widths from left to right are 1024, 1280, 1600, and 1920.


Stuff that didn't fit anywhere else. :p