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In which I prove that I have very deep thoughts about inconsequential bullshit. XD

Probably spoilers, mostly bullshit observations and stupid headcanon, so it's not important anyway. :p

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blood type

In Japan, blood type is srs bsns, even in real life. People have been discriminated for or against based on blood type, affecting their ability to enter certain schools, land jobs, or maintain relationships with others. Daytime TV shows often include blood type horoscopes, and there are even special drinks marketed toward people of a specific blood type!

Sakaki's blood type is A. Different resources have all sorts of traits listed, so I'll cherry-pick the relevant ones. :p

positive traits:
  • introverted (always a plus - introvert pride yo!)
  • punctual
  • responsible
  • calm (VERY evident in his ending)
  • neat/tidy
  • perfectionist (ehhh, kind of negative too!)
negative traits:
  • stubborn
  • uptight
  • reluctant to express feelings
  • anxious

Seems like a pretty good fit, actually...

zodiac sign

It seems like zodiac signs are less important than blood type in Japan, but it's still interesting to consider them when discussing a character. After all, that particular birthday was selected for a reason, and maybe the sign has something to do with it! (Either that or it was someone's girlfriend's birthday or whatever. XD)

Sakaki's sign is Capricorn. As before, I'll list the revelant traits found when nosing around the internet.

positive traits:
  • hard-working
  • ambitious
  • determined
  • organized
  • efficient
  • mature
  • disciplined
negative traits:
  • pessimistic
  • materialistic
  • stubborn
  • detached

An even closer fit than blood type. Seems like the people in charge chose this carefully.

relationship with Sonoda

I fucking LOVE Sakaki's relationship with Sonoda. In case you forgot (or didn't care haha), they're step-cousins - Sonoda's parents are divorced, and his mother remarried Sakaki's uncle (his father's younger brother). They've only known each other for three years but we still get amazing scenes like this:

I know you can't read this so PLZ ENLARGE

Sigh. This is definitely one of my favorite scenes of the game. :3

This is a scene you can only see if you have Yuki visit the cafeteria during the Sunday when you're free to explore Bell Liberty as you see fit. When Yuki goes there, he overhears Sakaki and Sonoda talking about something that seems vaguely inappropriate (and is obviously meant to make the player think they're boning each other, haha) and Sakaki slips Sonoda a wad of cash to pay for the upcoming evening. Ahaha. After Sakaki leaves, Sonoda finds Yuki hiding in the bushes and tells him to come to the cafeteria that night if he's curious about what he just witnessed.

It turns out that Sonoda sometimes uses the cafeteria at night as a private bar just for Sakaki. Because the school is sponsored by Suzubishi, Sonoda has access to super high quality ingredients, including some amazing sake that's not available to the general public. Sakaki is apparently a booze connoisseur extraordinaire (for real, his favorite "food" is sake) and likes to meet up for drinks and snacks. Sonoda isn't drinking, by the way, he's just doing the cooking/serving.

So Yuki shows up at "Bar Sonoda" after hours and the three get to chatting. He's surprised that someone as strict as Sakaki would be the type to go drinking in the school cafeteria (which is obviously forbidden) and Sonoda remarks that he's a corrupt teacher. Yuki picks up on their familiarity and the player is presented with the hilarious choice pictured above.

The "correct" choice is the second one, but if you choose the first, their reaction is awesome. The best part is how easily the two slip into teasing Yuki if you have him ask if they're dating. They barely miss a beat before Sakaki is all, shit, we've been found out, and Sonoda just rolls with it from there. Yuki freaks out and promises not to tell anyone, but Sonoda says he won't be satisfied with promises (I only believe in money!) and the two say that Yuki will have to become a participant in their little game so he won't go tattling...

Just as Yuki's head is about to explode, they reveal that they're just kidding. But it's kind of amazing that Sakaki and Sonoda not only know each other well enough to pick up on each other's jokes so easily, but that they'll even go so far as to pretend to be dating just for the lulz... well, I think it shows that there's a lot of trust in their relationship. So much so that Sonoda doesn't seem to hold a grudge after Sakaki betrays him in the Bell One, because the reason is that he was trying to save Sonoda from himself. Even in Sakaki's character route, Sonoda is still teasing him and asking him to come to the Bell One celebration... even if it's just so he's not the only "villain" there.

I think they'd make a cute couple cuz I'm dirty like that, but I also adore them as friends. :3

a familiar face?

In the GH1 manga Calling You (post-GH1 Kazuki/Keita story), a new assistant director named Kagami Munehiro is assigned to Bell Liberty by Kazuki's father. The intention is that this guy will eventually take Kazuki's place as director once Kazuki stops dragging his feet and gives up his position in order to do higher-level Suzubishi corp work. (Banking, if anyone cares.)

Anyway, check this guy out.

left: Sakaki (game CG) ... center: Kagami (manga) ... right: Sakaki (manga)

At a quick glance, can you tell that all three are NOT the same character? I'll admit that I mirrored Kagami's image because his hair is parted on the opposite side from Sakaki's, but other than that, they look VERY similar when their expressions are the same. (Kagami smiles A LOT so it's kind of weird since I'm so used to Sakaki's perma-bitchface. XD) Honestly, I think the image of Kagami here looks more like Sakaki than the actual manga art of Sakaki!

Compare with Sakaki's actual brother. Yes, I know this image is too small, sigh, I'll have to get a better one eventually!

seriously, do these two look like brothers to you? (correct answer: NO)

So we have a random assistant director from a manga that is not really official (since there are multiple dude x Keita manga they can't ALL be the "real" one, right? though I will totally argue that Kazuki is canon and fight anyone who disagrees, ahaha) who looks almost exactly like the canon future assistant director.

I don't really know what to conclude... should I be kind of pissed that my favorite GH2 character appears to be recycled from a one-shot manga character, or happy that hey, surprise Sakaki twin in this hot comic featuring my favorite GH1 character? Maybe it's just a coincidence but MAN the resemblance is eerie.

right- or left-handed?

Sakaki is probably right-handed, but there's evidence for left-handedness too. In most of the CGs where he's doing something with his hands, it appears that his right hand is dominant, but there are also a few where he's using his left hand.

It's probably not something Spray even thought about. The CGs are probably drawn the way they are because that's what looked best and/or fit everyone in the scene nicely, not because of any attempt to be consistent.

evidence for right-handedness:
~ In both CGs where he's drinking, the tokkuri is near or actually in his right hand, so he's pouring with his right.
~ In the CG where he pats Yuki's head, he's using his right hand.
~ In the soccer win CG, his arms are crossed right-over-left. I'm right-handed and this is what feels natural to me too.
~ In the omake CG, he's holding the cigarette in his left hand, suggesting that the right is kept free to do other things while smoking.

evidence for left-handedness:
~ Orrr maybe he's holding the cig in his left hand because it's his dominant hand. Seems like each person has their own preference.
~ In the tutoring CG, he's pointing to Yuki's paper with his left hand.
~ In the CG where he actually kisses Yuki, he has his left hand on Yuki's head.
~ His arms are crossed left-over-right in the "vs Ace" CG.

evidence for Rahenna being a nerd:
~ See this entire section.

other sakakis

Because I'm a super nerd, I had to go prowling the internet for information about Sakaki being used as a name (how common or uncommon is it, etc) and I ran across a couple of other fictional characters with the name. Interestingly enough, they are both villains, which is how our Sakaki is originally portrayed as well.

Sakaki Takaya ~ Persona 3
Affectionately known as "creepy Jesus" in my house, he's one of the antagonists in the game. [ more info ]

Sakaki (aka Giovanni) ~ Pokemon series
While his name only appears in katakana, which makes it impossible to be 100% certain that the kanji 榊 was intended for his name, it seems like a reasonable assumption. [ more info | even more ]