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Hi there! Adults Always Lie is Rahenna's overly detailed character shrine and fic archive for Sakaki Sojiro, badass math teacher and assistant school director from Gakuen Heaven 2. ♥

This site is full of unmarked spoilers. If you ever want to play GH2, proceed with caution.
In short, if you don't know why this site is called Adults Always Lie, you're going to be spoiled. :3

And honestly, this site is hugely spoiler-tastic because Sakaki is a pivotal character in the hidden/back/true story of GH2, so pretty much anything I say about him will be a spoiler. However! You can check out my Let's Play for all the GH2 plot details you need. All the plot-heavy character routes and Sakaki's route are complete and ready to watch!


Here's the basic story of the GH universe:

Bell Liberty is an elite private high school for exceptional young men. Only the most intelligent, most athletic, and most talented students in Japan receive the fabled Platinum Paper, the official papers that allow entry to the school. One day, a perfectly average boy receives a letter from Bell Liberty. But why?

If you're unfamiliar with Gakuen Heaven, I suggest checking out our (er, that's me and my wife) translation site, Welcome to Heaven, for game scripts, story translations, Twitter events, character profiles, galleries, and more. Then head over to my Tumblr for fun times and random bullshit posts. :p

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May 22, 2017 ~ Reorganized the fanfiction page - it now has summaries of each series and links to AO3 instead of listing individual stories and descriptions. Now it will never be out of date again!

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