Headcanon, fanwank, and other bullshit that doesn't belong in an information section. I guess I could have called this "essays" or something like that, but damn, that's so pretentious. These are just my random thoughts that are rooted in the game information, but kind of got way out of hand.

And also an explanation of why I'm bothering with this whole giant mess in the first place.

fandom is srs bsns

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Fangirl's Love Letter
I'm sure no one is wondering this, but here's my detailed explanation(s) of why Sakaki is my favorite character in GH2. It starts with his canon story and kind of gets a bit out there, but I feel like it all has a rather solid base in canon and some reasonable assumptions based on the story.
If Sakaki had one of those cute SD tarot cards, his would be Judgement. Why? Read and find out.
Chara Profile
My Sakaki is (probably) different from your Sakaki. This is a detailed character profile that I filled out with canon and personal headcanon answers for Ace of Hearts Sakaki.
Relationship Meme
Some crap I grabbed from Tumblr. I knew no one would ever actually ask me this shit, so I decided to just answer them all on my own, haha.