Gakuen Heaven 2 translations

various translations

If it didn't fit in any other category, it's here! There's a variety of stuff here, including information found only on promo CDs and some small web-based stories and events. :3

from various media

Gakuen Heaven 2 FAQ from the official materials collection CD
GH2 QR Code Secrets originally from scanning QR codes found at Animate!
Fanbook Q&A (Twitter) the results from the special Twitter Q&A event in 2015!
Fanbook Q&A (profiles) general questions included in each main character's profile
Tamaru Atsushi interview interview with Yuki's voice actor from Girls' Style magazine

official newsletters

PSP/Vita release stories two mini "stories" celebrating the release of GH2 on PSP/Vita!
New Year's emails (2017) emails from the GH2 characters wishing a happy new year!
Spray Email Newsletters a collection of mini stories from the official Spray newsletter


Intro to BL School from the GH/GH2 official materials collection CDs
ハッピ→GO☆ラッキ→ the GH2 opening song, ハッピ→GO☆ラッキ→ (Happy→GO☆Lucky→)
Colorful Miracle the GH2 ending song, Colorful Miracle