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June 14 (continued)

(behind the school building)
Yuki: Um...
(Yuki: I ended up skipping two hours...)
(Yuki: I'm not in the mood for class...)
(Yuki: He said to try asking Kuya-san...)
(Yuki: Can I really ask him now...?)
(Yuki: He's already hurting about Hattori-san, and asking him this...)
Yuki: ...No, I'll ask.
Yuki: I'll hear it directly from Kuya-san!
(Yuki: That's right, self. What are you doing worrying about this?)
(Yuki: If I want to know the truth, I have to ask the person himself.)
(Yuki: After all, even Takato-san said to do that.)
Yuki: That would be best. Alright!
Ninosuke: Hey.
Yuki: Yes?
Yuki: You!?
Ninosuke: That's not a proper way of speaking, first year.
Yuki: What! They way I spoke is plenty good for you!!
Yuki: Why did you say that garbage yesterday!?
Ninosuke: Let's start with you!
Ninosuke: I challenge you to a match!
Yuki: A match?
Ninosuke: That's right!
Ninosuke: A one-on-one match with me as the final round of the Bell One!
Ninosuke: If you win, I'll give you back this armband.
Yuki: The armband...!
Ninosuke: Instead, if you lose, I will make a comeback as this school's Ace!
Ninosuke: And I will be the the messiah of this school!
Yuki: Idiot, what are you saying...! If I lose, that'll be the end of the Bell One, won't it?
Yuki: Messiah of what, the school will close!
Ninosuke: Don't worry about that.
Ninosuke: Because I am the legitimate student council president who maintained the business of the student council for nearly a year!
Ninosuke: Because unlike you, I'm the real student council president who doesn't need questions of qualification answered by something like the Bell One!
Ninosuke: Even Professor Sakaki accepts it.
Yuki: Professor Sakaki...
Yuki: Are you a pawn of the board?!
Ninosuke: Ha! Think about what you're saying. Have you lost it because you've been cornered?
Ninosuke: I'd never join the board!
Yuki: How could I trust you?!
Yuki: Even though you had no problem lying about me stealing it!
Ninosuke: S, shut up...!
Yuki: And more importantly...
Yuki: Give back the armband!!
Ninosuke: Weak!
Ninosuke: Too slow, Asahina Yuki!
Yuki: Why youuu...
Yuki: Give it back!!
Ninosuke: Hahahahahaha! You really are slow!
Ninosuke: This proves that I am superior in speed.
Yuki: Urk...
Yuki: ...Alright.
Yuki: Fine! I accept your challenge as the final round of the Bell One!
Ninosuke: Well said! Be prepared to be embarrassed in front of everyone.
Yuki: You're the one who's going to be embarrassed! Unlike you, I won against Joker-san!
Ninosuke: W, well... urrrrg...
Ninosuke: That doesn't matter! Between you and me, I'm the one who is superior, by far!!
Ninosuke: The winner will definitely be me!!
Ninosuke: Farewell!!
Yuki: Oh! Wait!!
Yuki: ...He's already gone.
Yuki: He really disgusts me...
Yuki: Why is he talking about who's superior at a time like this...?
Yuki: This isn't the time for that, right!? The school might close. Does he not get that?
Yuki: ...Well, I got carried away too.
(Yuki: Kuya-san is hurting because of someone like that...)
(Yuki: Kuya-san...)
Yuki: I won't lose.
Yuki: There's no way I'll lose to someone like you.
*rustling bushes*
Yuki: ...! Again...
Kuya: Hm?
Yuki: Kuya-san...
Kuya: Hey!
Kuya: What are you doing here?
Yuki: Same to you...
Kuya: I was feeding the cats.
Yuki: You were cutting class?
Kuya: I guess. I didn't feel like showing up to class.
Yuki: ...Then, it was the same as me.
Kuya: You cut too?
Yuki: Yeah.
Yuki: Even though we're in the student council.
Kuya: Seriously!
Yuki: But I'm glad I met you. There was something I wanted to ask you.
Kuya: Me? What is it?
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: It kind of a weird thing to ask, so is it okay?
Kuya: Ask away!
Yuki: Hey...
Yuki: Is it true that you were caught sneaking into the director's office?
Yuki: I heard a rumor about that. That there were a lot of people second year and up who know about it.
Yuki: Well, I thought it was just a rumor, but...
Kuya: Yeah. I did sneak in.
Kuya: And I was caught.
Yuki: Why did you do that!?
Kuya: I can't say.
Yuki: Why?
Kuya: Because I promised I wouldn't tell anyone.
Yuki: Promised who?
Kuya: I can't say that either.
Kuya: ...You're awfully nosy about this, aren't you?
Yuki: Well...
(Yuki: The person Kuya-san promised...)
(Yuki: He snuck in when the previous director was here.)
(Yuki: In that case, was it the director?)
(Yuki: But I feel like Kuya-san's covering for someone...)
Yuki: Could it be... the person you made the promise to was Hattori-san?
Kuya: ...
Yuki: I knew it.
Kuya: I said I can't tell you.
Yuki: But that attitude is the same as telling me.
Kuya: ...
Yuki: I won't tell anyone.
Yuki: So I want you to tell me what happened.
Kuya: Even if I say no?
Yuki: Yeah.
Kuya: Why?
Yuki: Because I think you're not the kind of person who would sneak into the director's office and steal something without a reason.
Yuki: You must have had a reason.
Kuya: ...I guess.
Yuki: Besides, it's kind of strange that you'd leave that weird rumor to spread like that.
Kuya: Really?
Yuki: I can really understand that you don't want to say because you made a promise.
Yuki: I think it would be just like you to do something like that.
Yuki: But... I want you to tell me.
Yuki: Why you let that rumor stay like that.
Kuya: What a mess...
Yuki: Besides... it might just be my imagination, but...
Yuki: Kuya-san, you look like you want to tell me.
Kuya: ...I do?
Yuki: Am I wrong?
Kuya: Haha, I see...
Kuya: ...I give up.
Yuki: Then...
Kuya: In exchange, you can't say a word to anyone.
Yuki: Of course!
Kuya: ...It all started with the legendary student council president called King.
Yuki: King?
Yuki: Oh, is that the person you were talking about during the Gourmand Cup?
Yuki: If I remember correctly, you said he became student council president as a first year...
Kuya: That's right. You remembered.
Yuki: It had an impact on me.
Yuki: Besides, I'm a first year too, I thought 'I won't lose to him.'
Kuya: Won't lose to him, huh...
Kuya: Ninosuke said the same thing as you.
Yuki: Hattori-san did?
Kuya: Ninosuke aspired to become a student council president like him.
Kuya: It went well at first. Ninosuke was eager, and everyone was supportive.
Kuya: But just assuming the title of student council president was a long way from becoming a legend.
Kuya: Thinking that, Ninosuke tried to follow one of the exploits of the legendary student council president.
Yuki: Exploits, what did he try to do?
Kuya: Infiltrating the director's office.
Yuki: Infiltrate?
Kuya: One of the stories about the legendary student council president was that he infiltrated the director's office.
Kuya: As you know, the director's office is in the server building with the strongest security in the school.
Kuya: It's not easy to infiltrate.
Kuya: But he slipped in and took the director's lucky item... it seems.
Kuya: Ninosuke, following his lead, snuck into the server building and tried to look for the 'lucky bear' in the director's office.
Yuki: Lucky bear? Was that the lucky item?
Kuya: That's right.
Kuya: I went with Ninosuke.
Yuki: Why?
Kuya: Because I thought it seemed like fun.
Yuki: ...I see.
Kuya: We planned our strategy for the server building, and first, we looked for a way to break the security.
Kuya: The security in the server building is completely controlled by computer.
Kuya: To get in through the entrance, you have to release the lock by hacking the program.
Kuya: But that protection is strong, and we absolutely couldn't make a dent.
Kuya: So we took a simpler approach.
Yuki: How?
Kuya: The server building is in the middle of the school island.
Kuya: The island itself is guarded so that suspicious people can't get in, but because of that, there's no guards around the buildings.
Kuya: And we're students. No one would find us that suspicious even if we're wandering near the server building.
Kuya: So we thoroughly explored the server building.
Kuya: And we found a weak point in the building.
Kuya: In the end, under cover of night, we climbed a tree near the building.
Kuya: From there, using a rope we'd prepared earlier and Ninosuke's secret items, we succeeded in reaching the roof.
Kuya: And from the roof, we removed a ventilation grate that was on the outside wall of the building and infiltrated...
Kuya: At last, we were able to reach the director's office.
Yuki: That's incredible! It's like a spy movie!!
Kuya: Yeah. At that time, Ninosuke and I were elated and convinced that our strategy worked.
Kuya: But...
Yuki: What happened?
Kuya: We found what we were looking for on the director's desk.
Kuya: The lucky bear. It was a blue bear plush.
Yuki: It was really there.
Kuya: That's right.
Kuya: But when Ninosuke picked it up, it suddenly talked.
Yuki: It talked? What?
Kuya: 'All you good boys! How are you? Introducing everyone's idol, Kuma-chan-sama!'
Kuya: Like that.
Yuki: ...That's kind of annoying.
Kuya: But it was cute.
Kuya: Anyway, we were surprised at the unexpected event.
Kuya: An ear-splitting alarm rang out from it.
Kuya: And out of the corner of my eye...
Kuya: I saw Ninosuke flying out of the window holding the plush.
Yuki: Huh?
Yuki: Out the window of the director's office? But from there to the ground...
Kuya: It's 20 meters.
Yuki: Was he okay!?
Kuya: Yeah. I didn't see him after he jumped, but it's Ninosuke. He managed it somehow.
Kuya: When I saw him again, he didn't have a single injury.
Yuki: Just like a ninja...
Yuki: And what happened to you?
Kuya: I couldn't pull a stunt like that.
Kuya: Before I knew it, I was captured.
Kuya: The director, who happened to be in the server building, immediately came in and confronted me.
Yuki: So what happened was...
Yuki: Only Hattori-san ran away!? He left you alone!?
Kuya: That's how it turned out.
Yuki: But isn't that terrible?
Kuya: Well, I wouldn't say that.
Kuya: When you think about getting caught, it can't be helped, it's a ninja's nature to run away as a conditioned reflex.
Yuki: Come on... he's not a cat.
Kuya: Besides, the plush was gone.
Kuya: The director figured out that it wasn't just me who infiltrated.
Yuki: Still...
Yuki: It's wrong that he only got mad at you.
Kuya: No, the director didn't accuse us of a crime.
Yuki: He wasn't mad?
Kuya: Right. As a matter of fact, he didn't even ask who the other infiltrator was.
Yuki: He should have asked.
Kuya: That was probably because he realized who the other person was.
Kuya: He just told me this:
Kuya: Please tell the boy who stole Kuma-chan,
Kuya: It's a good luck charm I got from someone dear to me. I'm not angry, so please give it back.
Kuya: I'll always be waiting, he said.
Yuki: Did you tell Hattori-san?
Kuya: Of course, I told him right away.
Yuki: So then he went to give it back, didn't he?
Kuya: Unfortunately, his answer was no.
Yuki: Huuuuh?
Kuya: Of course, Ninosuke intended to give it back.
Kuya: You know, because he wanted to be a better student council president than anyone.
Kuya: So because of that, he couldn't go return it right away.
Kuya: Then he would have been the same as a petty thief, just sneaking into the director's office. That wouldn't make a story.
Yuki: That's terrible...
Kuya: When he became an excellent student council president who would remain in the history of the school, and was able to face the director again...
Kuya: He wanted to return the plush to the director, and express his appreciation that it was thanks to it that he became so excellent.
Kuya: That's why he wanted me to stay quiet about who stole the plush until then.
Kuya: He begged me.
Kuya: That's why I promised him I wouldn't tell anyone.
Kuya: That's why Ninosuke isn't part of that rumor.
Yuki: Ummm...
Yuki: Isn't that just convenient for Hattori-san?
Yuki: He dragged you into it, and didn't give the plush back to the director.
Kuya: But Ninosuke really worked hard toward that goal.
Kuya: I know since I was right there.
Kuya: That's why Ninosuke didn't run away from Joker's challenges and kept fighting.
Yuki: But he kept losing.
Kuya: Yeah...
Kuya: As the losses piled up, people began to say that he should run away and not take up Joker's challenges.
Kuya: But Ninosuke couldn't do that.
Kuya: If he did that, he would never reach becoming a legendary student council president, which was his goal.
Kuya: For Ninosuke, that was something he absolutely had to avoid.
Yuki: I get that, but...
Kuya: But the previous director died before Ninosuke could become a student council president worthy of being called legendary.
Kuya: I think that was probably the cause of his disappearance.
Yuki: Oh...
Kuya: I don't know the truth, since Ninosuke didn't say anything.
Kuya: But probably he lost the willpower to continue fighting Joker after continuing to lose over and over.
(Yuki: ...Oh, I see. That's why Kuya-san is so worried.)
(Yuki: It's a rude way of putting it, but... Hattori-san failed.)
(Yuki: Even though he'd worked so desperately the whole time, his effort wasn't rewarded.)
(Yuki: And so he disappeared, and when he finally showed up again, he said something weird.)
(Yuki: Well, I wondered 'is this guy okay?' a bit...)
(Yuki: But...)

(decision #13)
I understand how Hattori-san feels.
Hattori-san is wrong.
[Note: Translations for both are below, but the 'right' one for Kuya's love route is option B.]

(decision #13a: I understand how Hattori-san feels.)
Yuki: I understand how Hattori-san feels... I think.
Kuya: I see.
Yuki: Yeah...
Yuki: It must have been depressing to have a promise he couldn't fulfill.
Kuya: Yeah.
Yuki: He must have regretted it.
Kuya: Probably.
Yuki: He didn't give it back because of things like stubbornness and pride, but it turned out like this...
Yuki: Even though he didn't want to throw everything away, he probably couldn't help it.
Kuya: Yeah...
(Yuki: If I lost the Bell One... I might do the same thing as Hattori-san.)
(Yuki: ...But I don't know.)
Kuya: I wish I had told him to hurry and give it back more firmly.
Kuya: If I had done that, I could have lightened Ninosuke's guilt at having stolen something precious to the director, at least a little.
Yuki: That wasn't your fault, Kuya-san.
Kuya: But there was no one else in a position to say it...
Kuya: Only me...
Kuya: ...
Kuya: I was a coward...
Yuki: Kuya-san?
Kuya: Even though he's my friend, I didn't do anything...

(decision #13b: Hattori-san is wrong.)
Yuki: ...He's wrong.
Kuya: Yuki?
Yuki: It's weird. Somehow... I can't put it well, but it makes me antsy!
Kuya: Antsy...?
Yuki: Yeah!
Yuki: I think it's good that he did his best. Even losing repeatedly to Joker-san, he absolutely never gave up.
Yuki: Whether he's provoked or whatever, I think it's really good to continue facing the challenge.
Yuki: But...
Yuki: When you steal someone's things, the very first thing you do is return it and say sorry.
Yuki: Making an effort can come after that.
Kuya: That's...
Kuya: ...I'm sure you're right.
Kuya: But he worked hard. He was sure a day would come when he could apologize properly.
Kuya: What would I do if I didn't believe that?
Kuya: Ninosuke is my friend!
Yuki: Even though you knew he was wrong?
Kuya: ...
Yuki: Anyway, that's the reason why there's the weird rumor that you broke in, isn't it?
Yuki: Are you okay with that?
Kuya: It doesn't matter about me.
Yuki: But Hattori-san let there be a bad rumor about you, didn't he!?
Yuki: You can still call him your friend!? I don't think so!!
Kuya: What do you know?!!
Yuki: ...
Kuya: You don't know...
Yuki: Besides, you're acting weird.
Kuya: What's that mean?
Yuki: Doesn't it bother you?
Kuya: Bother? The rumor? That sort of thing doesn't matter to me...
Yuki: Even though your friend did something bad, it doesn't bother you?
Kuya: Well...
Yuki: Taking someone else's things and even though they said they wanted it back, and keeping it for his own convenience...
Yuki: Something like that would bother me.
Yuki: If my friend did something like that, I'd think, 'give it back right away.'
Yuki: And it was an important item that was given to that person by someone dear, right?
Yuki: So, it wasn't the time to be talking about ideals.
Yuki: You think so too, don't you?
Kuya: ...
Yuki: ...
Kuya: ...You're right.
Kuya: I was too easy on Ninosuke.
Kuya: I was a coward...
Yuki: Kuya-san?
Kuya: You're right, no matter the reason, first, I should have made him return what he stole right away.
Kuya: I should have scolded him for dragging his feet.
Kuya: Since he's my friend, there was more I could have done...

Yuki: No, you don't have to be so depressed...
Kuya: Over and over, I tried to face Joker's challenges with Ninosuke, but he said...
Kuya: 'I can do it myself. I'll fight Joker and I'll definitely win. So don't get involved.' ...That's what he said.
Kuya: As a result, I didn't give Ninosuke any help, I just watched.
Kuya: Because I thought that was having faith in him.
Kuya: ...But that may have been wrong.
Kuya: Yesterday, Ninosuke told me. He said I abandoned him.
Kuya: He said, you're fighting with him, so why didn't you help when it was me?
Yuki: What is that?
Yuki: Didn't he say not to get involved? He brought it on himself.
Kuya: Probably... Ninosuke actually wanted me to fight with him.
Kuya: But I took his words at face value...
Yuki: Well, it can't be helped, Hattori-san was too unrealistic.
Kuya: But...
Kuya: If I had handled it better, maybe Ninosuke wouldn't have ended up doing something to insult you.
Kuya: If he had come back sooner, maybe we could have all fought the board.
Kuya: In fact... maybe Ninosuke would have never disappeared.
Kuya: I was completely useless.
Yuki: That's not true.
(Yuki: He's depressed...)
(Yuki: After all, I think Kuya-san didn't do anything wrong.)
(Yuki: I guess I have to encourage him somehow...)
Kuya: No... I don't need consolation.
Kuya: I think I'm being useful to you now.
Kuya: But if I wasn't, you might not think of me as a friend.
Yuki: ...Huh? What are you saying?
Yuki: ...Get a grip!!
Kuya: ...!?
Yuki: Why are you being so wishy washy!? This isn't like you at all!
Yuki: Stop being negative!
Yuki: Don't stay so depressed just because you had a fight with your friend!
Kuya: ...Fight?
Yuki: That's right.
Yuki: You abandoned me, and you didn't help me, that's the kind of stuff that's always said in a fight.
Yuki: I know it's hard to hear, but right now you can't just be going on and on about it all depressed.
Yuki: You're even saying it about me...
Yuki: I don't care whether you're useful to me or not.
Kuya: What do you mean you don't care?!
Yuki: I don't care!
Yuki: Well, I like you even if you're not useful!
Kuya: Yuki...
Yuki: Oh! But I'm not really trying to say that you're not useful.
Yuki: Of course you've helped me lots.
Yuki: I think I absolutely can't thank you enough.
Yuki: But that's not why you're my friend.
Yuki: It's not because you did something for me.
Yuki: It's because you're a nice guy, I like you the way you are, that's why you're my friend.
Yuki: That's the basis.
Kuya: Basis...
Yuki: You didn't become my friend because I was useful, right?
Kuya: Of course not!
Kuya: It's because I like you...
Kuya: I see... Like...
Kuya: That's right. That's the basis.
Yuki: Isn't it?
Yuki: I'm sure that's it even for Hattori-san.
Yuki: Well, he's not a bad guy, is he?
Kuya: Yeah, he's not a bad guy.
Yuki: Even though he said all sorts of things to you, taking his anger out on you, I'm sure he regrets it.
Kuya: I see...
Kuya: I hope so...
Yuki: Actually, I saw him here a while ago.
Kuya: Eh!?
Yuki: He challenged me.
Kuya: What do you mean?
Yuki: He said, let's have a one-on-one match for the Ace armband as the final round of the Bell One.
Yuki: I replied that I accepted.
Kuya: You two... having a showdown...
Yuki: I'll win and take back the armband.
Yuki: And I'll make Hattori-san apologize.
Yuki: Since Hattori-san is the one who's wrong, next time, definitely.
Yuki: If you have regrets, then you should tell Hattori-san.
Yuki: That way, you can make up.
Yuki: You and Hattori-san, and me and Hattori-san!
Kuya: That's right...
Kuya: Apologize and make up.
Kuya: That's great.
Yuki: Isn't it?
Kuya: Yeah, it's great!
Kuya: You're exactly right!
Yuki: Thank goodness... you're finally back to normal.
Kuya: Thanks to you, my eyes are opened!
Kuya: What was I doing, being hesitant?
Kuya: I'm so embarrassed!
Kuya: I whined at you and was shameful. I'm sorry!
Yuki: You weren't shameful.
Yuki: Me too, I was bossy... I'm sorry.
Yuki: But I'm glad we're even.
Kuya: Yuki. You...
Yuki: Yes?
Kuya: ...Thank you.

CG: Kuya pats Yuki's head (closeup)
Kuya: You really are nice...
Yuki: Huh...
Yuki: I, I guess...
Kuya: You're my comrade in arms. A kindred spirit, and my dear student council president.
Kuya: And more than anything, my esteemed partner.
Yuki: No, esteemed...
Kuya: Yes, I respect you.
Kuya: I... really like you.
Yuki: Oh...
(Yuki: S... somehow, the mood is different than usual...)
(Yuki: Is it because he's so close?)
(Yuki: Oh no... my face is getting red...)
(Yuki: This is bad. If I don't calm down and say something, he'll think I'm weird...)
Yuki: No, um... me too, you've helped me...
Yuki: Besides, I have to do what I can, um...
Yuki: Because we're friends...
Kuya: ...Friends.
Yuki: Yeah, that's right! We're friends!
Yuki: You're my dear, dear friend!
(Yuki: What is this? I...)
(Yuki: I'm really shaken.)
(Yuki: Why is my heart pounding... talking to Kuya-san...?)
Kuya: ...Thank you. Yuki.
Kuya: But I...
Yuki: U... Um...
Kuya: I...
end CG

Kuya: No...
(Yuki: Oh...)

CG: Kuya kisses Yuki's forehead
Kuya: Don't look so upset.
Yuki: Huh...?
(Yuki: It's soft...)
(Yuki: His breath is brushing my face. And...)
(Yuki: He... smells kind of nice...)
Kuya: It's okay.
Kuya: ...You're my friend.
Kuya: My lifelong friend.
Kuya: No matter what happens, I'll always be on your side.
Kuya: From now on, always, always...
Yuki: R, right...
end CG

Kuya: We should go back now.
Kuya: Masatsugu's waiting in the student council room, I'm sure.

(CG: Yuki touches his forehead)
Yuki: Um...
Yuki: Uhhhh...
Yuki: W, what was that just now...?
Yuki: It was too sudden, too spontaneous... I couldn't avoid it...
Yuki: Wait, I didn't really mean I wanted to avoid it... but...
Yuki: But...
Yuki: Uuuugh...
(Yuki: Oh no, my face is too red, I'm too embarrassed...)
(Yuki: I'm super ashamed.)
(Yuki: I'm way too upset by this, aren't I!?)
end CG

Kuya: Yuki?
(Yuki: Oh no... oh no... I...)
(Yuki: This is bad. If he sees me looking like this, he'll think I'm weird.)
(Yuki: If he asks me why I'm blushing, I...)
(Yuki: ...I'll run.)
*Yuki runs off*
Kuya: Huh, hey!?
(Yuki: I'm sorry, Kuya-san!)
(Yuki: But, but...)
(Yuki: Even I don't get it. Why I'm running.)
(Yuki: What's with me...?)

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