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June 13

(Yuki's room)
??: ...kun. It's morning...
Yuki: Mm... mmm...
Yuki: ...Just a little longer...
??: It can't be helped...
??: Then, shall I wake you with a kiss?
(Yuki: A kiss...?)
??: Sleeping Beauty's lips are so cute...
??: Mmm...
Yuki: *gasp*!!
Yuki: ...Waaaaagh!!
Yuki: J, Joker-san!?
Joker: Morning, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: Huh? Huh? This is my room, isn't it? What are you doing here, Joker-san?
Joker: I came to give you a wake-up call.
Yuki: But my room was locked...
Joker: That doesn't matter.
Joker: Heh heh...
Yuki: ...
Joker: Well, are you getting up? Or do you want a kiss after all?
Yuki: No, I'm getting up, I'm getting up!
Joker: Well, what a shame.
Joker: I thought I'd give you a passionate one that would make your legs give out.
Yuki: I respectfully decline!!

Yuki: ...*sigh*
Joker: You look displeased. How upsetting, even though I came to wake you up.
Yuki: But you startled me. Just how did you unlock the door...?
Joker: Trade secret.
Yuki: Ugh...
(Yuki: Joker-san's attitude hasn't changed at all from yesterday...)
(Yuki: Because I was thinking about things last night, I kind of didn't sleep very well...)
(Yuki: Maybe I'm just worrying too much...)
Yuki: ...
Joker: What is it? You're looking at my face.
Joker: Are you regretting not kissing me after all?
Yuki: That's not it...

Joker: Well, we've arrived at the cafeteria.
Joker: Today I prepared you a special breakfast♪
Yuki: Special?
Joker: Yeah. Here you go.
Dora-chan: Good morning, Yuki-kun.
Dora-chan: This is a morning set for you.
Yuki: Uwaa, amazing... It's so luxurious and fancy, like a breakfast at a high class hotel...
Joker: Yeah, I asked him to recreate the breakfast at a certain famous hotel.
Dora-chan: Please have some tea.
Yuki: Y, yes! Thank you!!
Joker: You don't have to be so formal.
Yuki: Huh. Well, but I'm kind of nervous!
Yuki: It's the first time I've ever had such a celebrity-type breakfast!
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun. Please eat it before it gets cold.
Yuki: Here I go!!
Yuki: *munch* ...Mm...
Yuki: Delicious!!
Yuki: Uwah... This thick french toast, the outside is crispy and the inside is all custardy.
Yuki: And these pancakes!!
Yuki: The puffy pancakes are soaked with cream and maple syrup!
Yuki: It's happiness in my mouth!
Dora-chan: That's because they're full of ricotta cheese and buttermilk.
Yuki: And these scrambled eggs... they're completely different than any I'm familiar with!!
Yuki: Even though they're fully cooked, they're all custardy like a thick sauce.
Yuki: I even want to lick the plate!
Yuki: This salad and fruit and the tea, they're all the best!
Yuki: More than anything, I'm impressed that even though I'm eating at the dorm cafeteria, it doesn't taste like curry!
Dora-chan: Sonoda-kun showed me how to make it and I did my best.
Sonoda: I'm the one who did my best. I'm the one who lectured every last step, from one to ten.
Sonoda: I want you to hear all about the difficult route it took to get here.
Yuki: So you directed, Sonoda-san. That's why it's so authentic even though it's not curry.
Yuki: Both of you, thank you so much!!
Joker: I'm glad you're happy. It was worth it to ask.
Sonoda: I was fine accepting your request, Kiyo, but getting Dora-chan through to the end was really hard.
Sonoda: If I took my eyes off him for a moment, he immediately tried to add unnecessary spices.
Sonoda: I thought so many times that it would have been easier if I'd just done it myself...
Joker: Wow, so it was that hard.
Yuki: But why didn't you do it yourself, Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: To a cook, a kitchen is sacred. And this dorm kitchen is Dora-chan's domain.
Sonoda: I held back out of respect for him.
Joker: But it's clearly written on your face that you were reluctant, Eiji.
Sonoda: That's... well...
Yuki: Haha...
(Yuki: Sonoda-san probably got a big payment from Joker-san...)
Dora-chan: Sonoda-kun, thank you.
Dora-chan: Thanks to you, I've added to my repertoire.
(Yuki: ...Well, for today.)
Yuki: Yeah!! It's an awesome breakfast!
Joker: I'm glad you enjoyed it, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: Yes, thank you too, Joker-san!!
Joker: Hehe.
(Yuki: Today is the important second round, so is that why Joker-san is fussing over me?)
student 1: ...Good for him, I guess.
student 2: Seriously, we get the usual curry...
(Yuki: ...The glances from the others are kind of sharp, though.)
(Yuki: I'm going to enjoy this happy breakfast time!)
Dora-chan: Yuki-kun, would you like more tea?
Yuki: Yes! I would!!

-- time passes --

announcement: The second round of the Bell One Grand Prix is about to begin...

Sakaki: The second round will test your strength.
Yuki: Strength...
Sakaki: First, an explanation of the rules.
Panda-san: Which means, it's Panda-san's turn!
Panda-san: As Sakaki-han says, the second round is a contest of strength!
Panda-san: I want ya to show me so much of yer youth and strength that Ah'm blown away.
Panda-san: It's called "Run! Run run run-fest♪"!
Panda-san: These are the rules!
Panda-san: Now, various words will stream down the path in front of ya.
Panda-san: Which means ya continue forward if ya type quickly, before they disappear from the screen.
Panda-san: It's very simple.
Panda-san: The time limit is just one minute.
Panda-san: How many should ya type, ya ask?
Panda-san: Look forward to the results after ya finish.
Panda-san: Anyway, ya should just concentrate on typin' a lot.
Panda-san: What, what? Yer not confident at typin'?
Panda-san: Ya don't have to worry. Ya have a partner for times like this.
Panda-san: By askin' for yer partner's help, it becomes a teensy bit easier.
Panda-san: If yer confident in yer abilities, ya can try by yerself as an option.
Panda-san: So, what'll ya do?

Collaborate with your partner (recommended)
Try by yourself
[note: Choose whatever you like, but collaborating makes the game easier.]

(decision: Collaborate with your partner)
Panda-san: That's good!

Panda-san: And which input method will ya use?

Romaji input
Kana input
[note: Again, choose whatever you like, but unless you know how to input kana on a standard keyboard, you're gonna lose. :p]

(decision: Romaji input)
Panda-san: Ya want romaji input?


(decision: Yes)
Panda-san: Roger.

Panda-san: If you want to rest durin', press the escape key. Then ya'll pause.
Panda-san: So, are ya ready?
Kuya: Are you nervous?
Yuki: No! I'm excited!!
Kuya: I see. Me too!
Yuki: Let's do our best, Kuya-san!
Kuya: Yeah! I'm getting psyched.
Yuki: Right!!
Panda-san: Alrighty, start!

-- win Bell One, Round Two --

Panda-san: That was surprisin'ly good. Ya got through the second round!!!
Panda-san: Keep stayin' positive like this and do yer best.

Yuki: We got through the second round too!!!!
Yuki: We did it, Joker-san! Just as I expected!!
Joker: I guess. Though, no matter the contest, I couldn't lose.
Yuki: Yeah!
Joker: But I thought you were amazing.
Yuki: Huh, me?
Joker: The luck that you exhibited during the match was considerable.
Yuki: That's not true, today was completely because of your strength, Joker-san.
Joker: I don't think it was.
Yuki: What do you mean?
Joker: Actually, I thought I would test your luck today.
Joker: I messed up on purpose during the match.
Yuki: Whaa!!
Joker: But for some reason, I wasn't able to mess up.
Joker: No matter how I think about it, all I can say is that I was saved by coincidence.
Joker: So don't you think it was thanks to your good luck?
Yuki: Joker-san! What are you doing, this is an important match that will determine the fate of the school!!
Yuki: If we really messed up, the school would end up closing!
Joker: But we won, so it's fine.
Joker: Well, I just felt like I wanted to test you no matter what.
Yuki: Don't be all 'I just felt like it'!
Yuki: *sigh*... Please stop getting weird impulses during the Bell One.
Yuki: You can test me as much as you like another time.
Joker: Right, right.
Joker: But like this, I was able to verify your good luck again.
Joker: So don't you think you can win with no problem by yourself in the third round?
Joker: Even if I'm not there.
Yuki: That's not true! You have to be there!!
Joker: I wonder.
Yuki: I absolutely need you, Joker-san!
Joker: Hmm...
Joker: So Yuki-kun needs me.
Yuki: Ah, um... I didn't mean it like that! I meant as a partner!
Joker: Hehe.
Joker: Whatever happens, we should have a party to celebrate today's win.
Yuki: There's still the third round, so we don't need to do that.
Joker: Actually, it's already prepared♪
Yuki: Huh!?
Joker: You don't have to worry about the details. Next time you win, we'll have another party.
Joker: So, let's go, Yuki-kun.
Yuki: Huh? Wai...
Yuki: Joker-san!!
(Yuki: In the end, the party we had to celebrate the win that day continued until lights out.)
(Yuki: Everyone was in high spirits and it was a fun party, but...)
(Yuki: Is this really okay...?)

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