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June 22 (continued)

Yuki: Is it this hotel-looking building?
Joker: Right.
Yuki: But there's a sign saying the building's going to be demolished, is Sonoda-san really here...?
Joker: It's fine, it's fine, come with me.
Yuki: Joker-san!!

(old hotel)
Yuki: Is it really okay to come in like this? It says entry forbidden.
Yuki: The only electricity is for the emergency lights...
Yuki: Oh, but the innermost elevator looks like it's working.
Joker: ...I knew it.
Yuki: What?
Joker: This elevator stops at the top floor. Eiji is definitely here.
Yuki: Top floor... that's the restaurant floor.
Yuki: Let's go!

(old restaurant floor)
Yuki: Sonoda-san!!
Sonoda: Ace-kun and Kiyo... what are you doing here?
Yuki: We followed you!
Sonoda: ...I'm surprised you guessed this place.
Joker: You're one to talk. You wanted us to follow you.
Joker: Coming to make that ridiculous food, and then getting on a bus, it was too obvious...
Sonoda: ...Ridiculous food, how dare you!
Joker: What part of that was not ridiculous!?
Yuki: Agh, you two, stop, stop!!!!
Yuki: Please stop, that's enough!
Yuki: We didn't come here to fight!!
Yuki: Come on, Joker-san, do like we planned in the taxi.
Joker: ...Do I really have to?
Yuki: Of course!
Joker: I don't want to...
Yuki: Joker-san, who won the game?
Joker: Yeah, yeah, I get it.
Sonoda: A letter?
Joker: Um... *ahem*
Joker: Sonoda-kun, I am sorry for hitting you before.[note!]Joker reads this letter in an shameless, 100% NOT-apologetic singsong. 8D
Joker: Without you, my school life is boring, so please come back.
Joker: And please be in Durak with me.
Sonoda: ...Wha?
Joker: *siiigh* ...Yuki-kun, is this enough?
Yuki: Yes! Good job!
Sonoda: Ahahahahaha!!
Sonoda: Ahahaha, Kiyo listening to someone else's orders, this is the first time I've ever seen it!!
Sonoda: Could it be that Yuki-kun made you say that just now?
Yuki: Yes!
Joker: I lost in a match with Yuki-kun.
Joker: The loser has to obey the winner, so it can't be helped.
Sonoda: So that's why you obediently read that scrap of paper.
Joker: That's right. I was really unwilling, but those are the rules.
Sonoda: Ha... ahaha... ahahahahaha!! Yuki-kun, you're the best!
Yuki: ...Sonoda-san, you're laughing too much.
Joker: ...Tch.
Yuki: Sonoda-san!
Sonoda: Hm?
Yuki: I don't know what circumstances you're wrapped up in...
Yuki: Somehow I know it's probably a situation that you can't explain easily...
Yuki: And that you didn't just half-heartedly betray us...
Sonoda: ...
Yuki: Back then, you said that you didn't consider Joker-san a friend.
Yuki: But I don't think that's true!!
Sonoda: ...What's your basis for that?
Yuki: Because you knew that Joker-san's sense of taste was abnormal, and you made food for him.
Yuki: You purposefully made it so that he would find it delicious...
Yuki: That's not that simple to do, is it?
Sonoda: Well... it was pretty tough.
Yuki: Normally, you absolutely wouldn't do something that hard for someone you hated.
Sonoda: That's just your guess...
Yuki: Is it...?
Yuki: Making delicious food, I think anyone could do it if they practiced enough.
Yuki: But you don't just make delicious food, you make it so it's delicious to the person eating it.
Yuki: I think you couldn't do it without without affection for the person you're cooking for!
Yuki: I'm not a cook so I may be speaking arrogantly...
Yuki: What I said just now was second-hand from my father who runs a bakery...
Yuki: When I see you, I really feel the truth of those words!
Yuki: That's why I want you to come back to the school.
Sonoda: Huh...? What are you saying?
Sonoda: I betrayed you guys. Coming back now would be...
Yuki: The school is where you belong!
Yuki: If you feel even a little bit that you want to make amends, then you have to cook for everyone at the school.
Yuki: Everyone is waiting for you to come back!
Yuki: And more than anything, I want to eat your cooking!
Yuki: So, will you come back? To the school?
Sonoda: ...*sigh*
Sonoda: I give up.
Yuki: Sonoda-san?
Sonoda: You telling me to come back with that innocent face, I can't be the bad guy...
Yuki: Then will you come back!?
Sonoda: ...
Joker: Agh, you really are annoying.
Joker: The Ace-kun is the one who should want revenge on you, yet he's going this far.
Joker: So cut it out and be obedient.
Joker: You lost to him in the Bell One. The loser should obey the winner without complaint.
Sonoda: ...Okay, I'll obey him. Fine with me.
Yuki: Sonoda-san!
Sonoda: Hearing Kiyo's priceless plea, it's a little refreshing.
Sonoda: ...Only, I want a little time.
Yuki: Huh...?
Sonoda: I betrayed everyone...
Sonoda: I'm not shameless enough to come back so easily...
Yuki: Huh? Sonoda-san?
Joker: Let him go.
Yuki: But!!
Yuki: ...He left.
Yuki: Sonoda-san... Is he really going to come back?
Joker: It'll be fine.
Yuki: Really?
Joker: He's probably going on ahead because he didn't want us to see him cry.
Yuki: Oh...
Joker: Since he couldn't stand how much he wanted attention, with you saying such kind words to him, it moved him to tears.
Joker: Eiji must know that sulking like that doesn't help anything.
Joker: Our coming here gave him an opportunity to stop his sulking.
Joker: The rest is a matter of his pride.
Yuki: I see.
Yuki: By the way, Joker-san, how did you know that Sonoda-san was here?
Joker: It's just that I've been with him a long time and know more about him than you.
Joker: This building originally had a famous high-class hotel.
Joker: The entire top floor was a French restaurant called Cuisine du Sonoda.
Yuki: Even I know the name of that place! It was a super famous top-class restaurant.
Joker: It seems like it closed before this hotel moved.
Yuki: Oh, that's right...
Yuki: But it must have been an amazing place. Just looking at the remaining interior, I can tell it's extremely high-class...
Joker: And the manager and head chef was Eiji's previous father.
Yuki: His previous father?
Joker: His parents are divorced.
Joker: His mother got custody, but even now, Eiji goes by his real father's last name.
Yuki: Why?
Joker: He's fixated on his last name. He wants to be a cook, aspiring to be like his father, who was a chef.
Joker: Since he was little, this was the place he aspired to. It was his starting point as a cook.
Joker: A little while ago, he saw on the news that the hotel was moving and this building was being demolished.
Joker: That's why I guessed this place.
Yuki: I see...
Joker: Anyway, that's as much as I can say.
Joker: Why this restaurant closed, why Eiji betrayed BL School,
Joker: You ought to hear those things from Eiji himself, not me.
Joker: I think that's something other people shouldn't say.
Yuki: ...I understand. I think I'll try asking him when he comes back to school.
Joker: Probably, he'd tell you now.[note!]A clear message to the player indicating that Sonoda's route is now unlocked. This conversation may be slightly different if you haven't also finished Tomo's route, since you need to complete Tomo and Joker to unlock Sonoda. Will update when possible!
Joker: Yuki-kun.
Joker: Eiji has his own convictions.
Joker: He did that in order to protect something that he can't give up.
Joker: So, forgive him.
Joker: Even though he's like that, he's still my subordinate.
Joker: As the head of Durak, I apologize in his stead.
Yuki: You don't have to apologize.
Yuki: Anyway, I don't hate Sonoda-san.
Yuki: It'll be enough for me if he comes back.
Yuki: Besides, you apologizing in his place, that means you're reviving Durak, right?
Joker: I guess. In return, I'll have you help me waste time.
Yuki: Of course!
Joker: ...Well then. With this, have I fulfilled my obligation to the winner?
Yuki: Yes, you have.
Joker: Then let's go back to school.
Joker: If I don't report back to Hayato, he'll be worried.
Yuki: That's right.

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